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  1. you fail so hard you had to make a new alliance to cover up your failure and then posted about it in the forums for everyone to watch me wipe my ass with your bs stats
  2. i did, get over it the fact that you fail at this lol
  3. its time for some screen shots So you mean to tell me that those arent me running your alliance as vice president? i mean you can say what you want we already know your disability bud... id show more screenshots but i have too much evidence of me RUNNING YOUR ALLIANCE to gain score and shit so i dont wanna spam the forums with your incompetency lmao
  4. I will never get over me! lol thats kind of what i do dont ya know... oh wait we never talked you wouldnt lol First off i ran your alliance and it made great strides while i did so that nice little score jump, was strictly due to my workings in person with the members of Guinness you never did anything but deny me almost every step of the way giving other folks from other alliances and games credit for your backing... you guys removed gavin on some bullshit argument and told him to keep quiet about it literally every member that i worked with i can quote to saying "diomedes doenst seem to be in charge here" thats cuz you suck and it was on me and rob to get things to happen were talking economics, war threats raids the whole 100 yards bud... you can say what you need to make yourself feel better about how it all went down but the truth is your incompetent as a leader and barely have the skills to communicate with your newest members at any given time(at least as far as i can tell because YOU NEVER WERE TO BE SEEN OR HEARD BY YOUR OWN CHOICE) so lmao to you bud have fun failing again
  5. this is the only truth to this guy honestly i mean i ran his alliance for like 2 months and could barely get consideration for a majority of the workings so robbed em! and they disbanded. ^^ you see that, thats what i call leadershit lmao also isnt this like your 3rd try at alliance affairs? in this game alone? when do you stop and realise maybe your better off just playing the game and not running something into the ground lmao
  6. lol all im saying is that a missile warning can be a serious threat. other wise that shits hilarious we should throw more threats around if you ask me(im American) but concern for ones safety is... well its better to laugh than to let worry damage one i suppose
  7. how many fails is that now? try, try again i suppose....
  8. So.... i dont get it is this really in regards to a rl ballistic warning or was that a joke? not funny....
  9. somebody should make a going away colage...
  10. SEEKING EXPERIENCED IA STAFF That beers not frozen! its just an adult Slurpee! https://discord.gg/CKzMqDb
  11. hi guys! yes, it is the real el barto....
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