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  1. This is a really bad idea. Spies can get pretty expensive, in both upkeep and use, so your suggestion would basically ensure small-midsize nations have no idea what any nations around them have for a military since maintaining a decent number of spies and using them would be prohibitively expensive. In addition, you only get one spy use per day, and I can't think of anyone who would want to waste that use, and spend a good chunk of cash ($10,000 per spy at the most basic level) just to find out what another nations military is. If you wanted to keep an eye on someone for a couple days, you would never have any spare cash, just be spending it all on spies. To make it worse, your idea would only allow for partial army counts or a high chance of failure, ensuring you will never get a full picture. I mean, say you are in a war, and want to see your opponents army. You will send a spy raid over, and either see a random percentage of their troops, or fail completely. Either way, you will have no real idea of their strength, and will have wasted the money you could've used to support your military, leaving you with less than you started, and easily crushed. Of course, your opponent will have the exact same problem, meaning war will suck. To restate, this is a really bad idea, and shouldn't happen.
  2. Looks like you guys had the sense to get out before the commonwealth completely shatters. Good luck out there.
  3. Lambda was one of the people reset by Sheepy at the start of the speed round over the issue of having people send you their seed money considered cheating. Lamba then proceeded to make a big fuss on the forums and quit.
  4. Granted but..... Wait a second, no it isn't. Wait, yes it is. Is it? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Your brain melts under the strain of thinking about that wish. I wish for a mechagodzilla
  5. A really nice pair of binoculars so I can sit in my castle and watch all the people frantically trying to buy a second city. If there is any money left over, I'll give my people electricity.
  6. Don't worry about that, I fully intend to stick around, and I hope To contribute something to the community
  7. Well, since I finally bothered to make an account, and used my third post to get $50,000, I guess I should make one of these intro posts. I'm not exactly new here, I've had a nation since March, but until now have only trawled the forums from afar. P&W is my first nation sim game, so if you think you know me from somewhere else, you don't. I must admit I was a bit dubious about this at first, but kudos to Sheepy for making a great game that continues to keep me interested and entertained. (Although if you implemented my army customization idea, i would be one happy pigeon.) I suppose if there is anything else someone wants to know, feel free to ask away.
  8. Nation Name: The Terapin Federation Nation Link: http://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=1722
  9. One Idea I think would make the game more interesting would be military division and naming. To start, your military would be grouped into a series of units, for example 6,000 soldiers would form an infantry regiment, 3 regiments would form an infantry division, and divisions could be lumped together would form an army. 500 tanks would be an armor regiment, 3 regiments would be an armor division, and so on. There could also be hybrids like a mechanized division which would be 2 infantry and an armor regiment. Note that these numbers and names are completely arbitrary. When army units are recruited, they would be automatically put in an unfilled unit and when a unit is full, a new one is formed. When all the soldier in a unit are killed or dismissed, the unit simply goes away until more troops are purchased. There could be a units list page where you could organize all this, and when attacking you should see a list of your units, and be able to select all or some you wanted to send out. To make things simple for people who don't want to bother, the default option could be like it is now, one huge army, until someone decides to divide up their army. It would also be neat to allow players to name their units, you could have "1st light infantry regiment", "23rd armored division", "2nd army", or whatever you wanted, I think it would add a very neat personalization/rp element to your army, make war more interesting and get you even slightly invested in your soldiers.
  10. Hmm, might want to clean up that sentence. Also o/ Guardian, glad to see you guys back.
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