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  1. Nah, a civil war would only happen if commie lefty negro-lovers stole it from the great white hope. If it was old white conservative who took it from Trump, I don't think you'd see a civil war. Who would the kkk and neo-nazi's go shoot? old white guys? Don't think so. But I think its 100% untenable to even suggest HRC should get it through "faithless electors". That would lead to a civil war, or at the very least, massive civil unrest.
  2. What disturbed me most about RT, is how it took a progressive line on most USA internal political issues. As a progressive myself, believe me, I did seriously ask myself "Why are our enemies encouraging this line of thinking that I support?". And I'm still pretty uncomfortable with that.
  3. Actually I work with some Hindus, and they always [email protected]#$ about muslims being crazy, especially the ones from Pakistan. But they always get targeted by racist trump supporters because they "look" Muslim. Not to mention my poor Korean pastor, who is now being harassed every time she goes to the grocery store by Trump supporters telling her to go back to Japan.
  4. I suspect after TI disbanded due to Sheepy's rule changes, you'll see some fraying of the current structure. It was a brilliant move to unite a sphere in economic prosperity. With its impending demise, I mean, it isn't like everyone on side "We win" is happy with the politics either. But, again, as I said in my alliance's internal forums, being friends with winners is good, and being friends with losers is bad. Why set yourself up to fail like SK did with that Rose treaty? I'd expect to see more paperless going forward in general.
  5. If you want to know more about Jess....what happens on the island stays on the island Just sayin'.
  6. I'd say, if you find a huffpo article on something, find a foxnews article on same topic, read both, now you can find the truth yourself.
  7. I'm saying, when the EC differs from the popular vote, it should go Republican because of how Rural voters are more important in the EC then urban voters.. I'm saying, these elections have all been close and that's not a good reason to get rid of the EC. The EC is there to stop guys like Trump. Of course, our electors are probably too cowardly to do their duty and put in 2 dozen votes for Pence to send it to the House floor.
  8. What about hindu's? I mean, they look the same, right? And those Sikh's with turbans, them too. And those darker skinned people next door, they could be muslim. If this doesn't disturb the right, ask yourself, "how would you feel if they wanted to register all gun owners"
  9. Too bad there is no LiquidMercury here to lead the losers to their karmic promised land. Or is that who you think you are, Prefontaine?
  10. Never trust RT. Its essentially Russian government official news.
  11. Gosh, the way you describe it, Fascism doesn't sound so bad. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/11/09/behind-trumps-victory-divisions-by-race-gender-education/ I think its clear that "by large numbers" could mean 10% even. Its a meaningless term. Trump did well with whites of all education levels, but he underpeformed with white college educated people compared to non college educated.
  12. Yes, and the Electoral College is supposed to intervene when an unqualified person is supported by the people.
  13. You're right. Calling all Fascists Nazi's isn't entirely accurate. Although, the Trump crowd wanting a Muslim registry reminds me strongly of having Jews wear the star of David on their clothes in the Third Reich. Nazism was a branch of Fascism I'm sure there's books exploring the differences. For most purposes, I think its "close enough" to lump them together.
  14. Well, Republican voters in Utah, Alaska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho... All these teensy states whose population is really worth about 1 electoral vote...they get 3. So I think that favors Republicans. Looking at recent history, Hillary Clinton should win by nearly 1M popular votes, but the EC says Trump wins(unless they do the unthinkable). In 2000, Gore won by more then 500,000 votes, but the EC(and the Supreme Court) said Bush wins. So, twice in recent history, when the EC broke from the popular vote, it went to the Republican. Two times is not a compelling trend, to be sure. And these are close votes really. I don't have a problem if a close vote breaks one way or the other. I would have a HUGE PROBLEM with a 40/60 split going to the side that got 40 though.
  15. Hobby Lobby. Aren't they Ammonites or somethign like that? And their is, IMO, legitimate debate whether Plan B is birth control or abortion.
  16. You don't think parents feeding their 2 year old McDonalds get the evil eye from other parents? They do.
  17. As a HRC voter, I support the electoral college. It goes against my specific policies, in that it is more likely to enable Republicans to win then Democrats, but that is a temporary wind of the season. Our constitutional framework is a balance of democracy and checks on the power of the people. I advise everyone who wants it gone to read a few of the federalist papers and then rethink it.
  18. The people here saying "use inforwars as a legit source" don't deserve my best logic. It would be wasted on them. Of course you're getting a basic problem of "some Republicans are nazis, you're a Republican, so you're a nazi", is obviously untrue. But the "stench" of being associated with nazis is real. And the effective anti-globalist movement is being led by neo-nazis across Europe as well, so you aren't going to see the anti-globalist crowd get rid of the association quickly. There has been a left-wing anti-globalist movement for more then 3 decades, but it has largely been ineffective, and conservatives laughed and cheered when police cracked the skulls of anti-globalist protesters, so I don't see them coming together anytime soon.
  19. http://www.redstate.com/streiff/2016/04/30/donald-trump-wins-key-ku-klux-klan-endorsement-video/ http://www.dailystormer.com/the-daily-stormer-endorses-donald-trump-for-president/ Better? Trump's endorsements from the KKK and the American Neo-Nazi group Stormfront are easy to find. Call liberals Commies if you want, but Nazi's really sticks to the GOP types now. It'll be years before the GOP can get the stench of white supremacy off itself.
  20. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/9/7/1419159/-StormFront-Endorses-Trump https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/11/01/the-kkks-official-newspaper-has-endorsed-donald-trump-for-president/ Nope, Nazi's are strictly pro-Trump
  21. Actually, the electoral college is there so that "learned individuals" can override the votes of their lessors. From the Federalist Papers See, the role of the Electoral College is to prevent someone like Trump from being elected.
  22. What a gift that would be to President Trump.
  23. Abortion is a really complex issue with lots of facets. Anyone who makes it into a bumper sticker slogan is either a liar or fool. As long as birth control is available, and people are educated about it, and unwanted babies have good homes to go to, I am happy to say abortion should never be used as birth control and I'd support a rollback of Roe v Wade. Sadly, many so-called pro-lifers also want to eliminate birth control and keep people in the dark about how to prevent pregnancy. There are also untold numbers of unwanted (mostly brown skinned) children tied up in the "system" with no one to adopt them. So the conditional clause does not apply at present in many areas of the United States. I'd have to say "yes, abortion should be legal" because we haven't dealt with those other issues. Once those issues are resolved, I would happily embrace no elective abortions(moving to only legal for medical reasons). So, pro-lifers, consider that an offer. You can convert a pro-choicer if you change your approach to birth control and also start adopting like mad.
  24. I think France and the Netherlands have a strong rising extreme-right wing. I think Austria and Italy will not have much change in that direction. Austria is still too scarred by having happily joined the Third Reich to so freely re-embrace racialist politics. France has been mauled by jihadis lately, and that will probably give the right some serious points. Even if they don't win, they'll be strong enough to either be brought in as a partner with the center-right party or they'll be the main opposition party if the center right and center left form a coalition.
  25. Why not just send people to Stormfront or the KKK website?
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