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  1. Nah, I'm completely free to play. You'll be behind the meta on updates for sure, but if you play often you can catch up and get cards pretty fast. Probably not a full collection, but you should be able to get enough dust to craft most of the important cards anyway.
  2. Your DP reminds me of the Knife Juggler
  3. Ya Simcity 2013 was a disappointment as with anything that followed Simcity 4, other than C:S.
  4. I've played all of them back to classic, but I've really only started understanding anything with Simcity 4. Throwing tornadoes on my city in Simcity 3000 when I was what, 5 years old, didn't really count as playing to me. That being said, the modding community for SC4 is kind of small to begin with, so I'm not surprised at the lack of activity here...
  5. Robert Cahill

    Simcity 4?

    I'm wondering if anyone here still plays SimCity 4? I was way too young when the older Simcities came out, so my first real Simcity (and first real game) was Simcity 4. It's been maybe 3 years since I've played it but I'm thinking of going back to it. If anyone here is also on Simtropolis or sc4devotion that'd be pretty sick. I had over 3GB of custom content and mostly played the game for its "City Design" aspect rather than the simulation Anyone in the same shoes? EDIT: lot's of punctuation because phone
  6. o7 all. Mensa, enjoy your dollar.
  7. rip. Maybe someone at his server centre plays PnW and decided to change up server time
  8. Yup, we've gotten a bunch of free MAPs. I knew there was something wrong when a guy declares and 3 hours down the road he has 5 ground attacks done already. What's going on.
  9. Instead of gather intelligence, perhaps this could work with the different spy actions to keep it consistent. So sabotage tanks would have a small chance to reveal tank locations, countering the tank defensive. Sabotaging aircraft will have a small chance to reveal aircraft locations, countering the hide aircraft etc. With that in place, it might be better do as Phiny mentioned: to have one defensive action per military type. Really nifty idea though. I'd like to see where the game could head with these in place.
  10. Honestly, the only worthy mobile games are those puzzles or whatnot that actually make use of the touch feature well. All those BS social games that require you to pay real cash for in-game premium currency and invite friends to earn bonuses are so full of shit. Not saying they aren't fun or addicting for the first few days though. But after that you start to realize what you're wasting your time on.
  11. This was definitely brought up some time before, but I'd like to re-iterate it as it's a not too difficult of a change and will only make things easier to understand when we're throwing bombs at each other. Right now, whether your opponent has * superiority over you or you have * superiority over them, the same icon displays. I know you can hover your mouse over it, and it will tell you which is the case, but on touch-only devices this is not possible. So on my phone, I'm stuck looking at the thing and wondering what's up. As a simple fix, there should be a different set of icons for "your opponent has *something* over you." This can be as easy as mirroring the current icons or adding a "!" or something. Just please do something about this. Make this game-to-player communication better. What do you guys think?
  12. How bout that. Haven't played in a while. SZXT77 add me
  13. SZXT77#1119 add me for the giggles. I'm an amateur; I play once in a while.
  14. What about paying dividends as a percentage of the nation's net revenue?
  15. Actually, I can attest. Same goes for my sessions; maybe not 20-30 min, but certainly far under 2 hours. Could it be the fact that I have more than one tab open? The idea to make it extend from last activity sounds nice. Maybe not 2 hours. 30 min from last activity would do charms... EDIT: spelling
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