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  1. Pergamon

    Abandonment of Avansies

    I find this amusing.
  2. Pergamon

    War Keeps Expanding (USU, Avansies, GCB, NPO)

    How is this even relevant? WTF is this?
  3. Pergamon

    Dear BK and NPO

    ^ Imperial fleet is delayed. We have to wait.
  4. Pergamon

    Dear BK and NPO

    ^ Okay, I have to admit. That piece is golden.
  5. Pergamon

    Dear BK and NPO

    Always serious. And I thought I could at least have some fun in here. But given your disappointing answer and your insult, I consider you as defeated. How boring.
  6. Pergamon

    Dear BK and NPO

    How am I mad about it? Have you seen my postings before?!? Hell, I even call my capital ship "Fortress of Arrogance". So be gone and think before you post.
  7. Pergamon

    Dear BK and NPO

    I find this answer interesting. I thought people would call us ignorant. While I admire the merits of this answer, it is pretty much ignorant. But seeing it from your point of view, I totally understand that. But I assure you, we are just the same. I do not care about your opinion of the NPO anyways. I go as far to state that I consider it irrelevant. Welcome to the club of the decadent ignorance. Please enjoy your stay.
  8. Pergamon

    Dear BK and NPO

    Nice to meet you as well. I already thought that in fact thoughtful and reasonable responses are a rarity in here, good to see that they are not. Although I think it is a bit over the top to claim that you would have been the NPO's last hope, actually I also find this amusing. This being said, I am no PnW NPO official, neither am I speaking for the whole of my alliance, still, from my point of view, I can only state: Your thoughts in honor, but no thank you. I doubt we will need you to deal with them, neither needing you "leading us" against them. I consider the general political landscape of this game as toxic and it is about time to weed it out. I fully embrace the ongoing war with all it's merits and consequences and the coalition against us can be sure that this war ain't going to end soon. You know, the toxicity of this world literally summoned me from the game I am originating from. It even made me rally the NS NPO to join in here. While most claim that we might be irrelevant and furthermore it would be irrelevant on who we are and where we came from and only PnW in particular counts, I have to admit that the general behavior of the players in here tells me the reverse. Our organization lasted for more than 13 years, we have been defining games like this for over a decade. I have to admit, the folks in PnW have made this a challenging setting for us. And that's even the fun fact about it: Without wanting to victimize the PnW NPO, some elements within this game have stood up against the NPO from the very beginning, bolstering up their efforts in keeping us "contained". This ain't working out. I am not even asking of what some people in here might be afraid of, because they have all right in the world to be. These alliances should even doubble and tripple their efforts, maybe even try to Zero Infra us 24/7 or make even more hilarious demands or keep on with the mockery. It won't help. What happened to (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways)'s Planet Bob is the same set fate for Orbis. I even admire BK and T$ and "friendz" in here for even trying to prove that wrong, but for how long? No matter how this ends, I am aware that my alliance will not receive any respect or credit for it. But we are not here to have our butts praised. We are here to succeed as one, as we did in other games before. Hail Pacifica!
  9. Pergamon

    Dear BK and NPO

    Incorrect. It is NationStates. But I already expected a hilariously stupid answer. Don't worry.
  10. Pergamon

    Dear BK and NPO

    Nothing of interest for you. Perhaps you should focus on not being owned instead of asking silly questions.
  11. Pergamon

    Dear BK and NPO

    Better stop owning yourself. Creating such an post is really a display of outstanding mental capabilities.
  12. Pergamon

    Dear BK and NPO

    This shouldn't be an issue. I just arrived in PnW from NS few weeks ago. Unfortunately other alliances doesn't seem able to bring in members of other games in here in large numbers, maybe they are still busy getting rekt by the NPO in there or have already given up and do not care at all anymore.
  13. Pergamon

    Dear BK and NPO

    According to your posts, you must be running 5 salt mines in each of your cities. The general frustration in PnW seems to be pretty high. Amusing. Cry me a river. Flaming ain't helping anyways. The "mediocre" side of this war might give you an advice: How about to just close your eyes and embrace the slow but inevitable destruction of what used to be this game before? For anyone's notice: This ain't ending quickly. Welcome to the long road of pain, misery and agony - Just like in (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways). The NPO is no fun. You seem to have forgotten about that. Now we just happened to come to this game and you have to deal with us. Like us, hate us, fight us, but you definitely have to deal with us.

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