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  1. You could always get to the point where you can upbuild to declare on the guys who have 4k+ infra in each city and wait til someone wants to pay you to nuke em.
  2. After a couple month overwatch-league-travelling-uni fueled bender, Ragnarok is back to claim everything that is rightfully hers - Yours and your alliances banks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww5l5BAJ39A AJ39A
  3. No particular reason mate. I just don't feel like logging on nowadays, and I'm not going to force myself to. I enjoyed my time.
  4. Hey guys, I've decided to take my leave. There's about 1.25M food sitting on my account. Any and all requests for food will be considered. Try not to be greedy
  5. Yeah if anyone is contemplating recreating what I did 700-800 score is where it's at. Sit on 14 cities for 2 years if you can. I was making 30mil+ per day.
  6. I've finally realized the one weakness to my lone wolf strategy when it comes to playing this game... That is, when there are literally NO inactive nations to attack. If everyone could kindly do me a favor and stop playing for 7+ days and leave little to no military laying around to defend themselves that would be amazing. Thanks, guys!
  7. When an alliance gets hit at the start of a war, fortify would be totally useless to them if based on military counts. May as well revert to the old system. I don't hate this system myself. It's somewhat balanced out how much I earn but hasn't made it impossible to still make money doing what I do.
  8. Wasn't nation score already being addressed on the test server?
  9. I think the 10% infra lost at the end of a war needs to be removed. For any large player, say 3K infrastructure with 15+ cities, letting themselves lose the war is WAY too costly. in 5 days you can launch 15 airstrikes dealing however much damage, but if the opponent wins the war you're going to receive that much AND lose loot on top of it. Letting yourself lose a war simply isn't in the question for a lot of people and I think that's why fortify is/will be abused.
  10. Beats me, never heard about anyone moaning about the 10 commandments myself.
  11. Human beings love to give and receive. A day to celebrate friends and family doesn't need to be scrapped because it had religious context. In the same way I'll still say things like 'Jesus Christ' and 'God damn it'. I see no reason to scrap a day that celebrates good things.
  12. No, I'm referring to the money looted on the leaderboards. I'm just curious as to what this actually tracks. Does it only consider money from ground wars, or include money from beiging, or even include money calculated based off of resources that you steal when you beige someone?
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