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  1. What about our current cities? Would we need to check our entire nation's just to choose a static buff for each? It's not like enemies can choose which city to attack, as it does automatically and randomly.
  2. Regarding cities with high infra with populations over 300k, how can one know how many houses his city has? Are we supposed to build houses as improvements or as an already made part of infra?
  3. It's nice and all, but how can we do such an improvement if there's no such resources as wood, brick and concrete in the game?
  4. Have a reward. . . . To be honest, I recommend the OP to change something in his profile that will at least show that he replaced his former leader, otherwise people are going to get confused.
  5. Both so much until... Identical? Yeah, when I want to get myself fit, I pray to higher power... much more easier than lifting weighs and doing any other sport!
  6. Umm... It's nice and all, but should you be named Abu II? People might get confused with you and your former caliph.
  7. Well, that's disappointing. I actually liked the your entire religious RP in regard to Prodogism. Ah well. (You know our alliances are at war, right?)
  8. Wait, what about Prodigism? ah, well... with boredom comes new opportunities.
  9. *cough* Umm... we're in the same alliance ya know..
  10. The Entakuqese delegation cannot hold themselves anymore, and laugh in embarrassment.
  11. The Entakuqese delegate sits uncomfortably in their chairs as they hear the victim's rebellious and religious accusations. Some grin between themselves, some remain silent.
  12. Entakuq will send a delegate to observe the Arabian leader's sentence.
  13. Currently the State is satisfied. (OCC: What is the territory of Narvan, then?)
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