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  1. Ah k lol thanks for that! Think I will suspend this raffle for now tho. War and stuffs. You know Oi! Refunds coming.
  2. Winner. Sending prize money shortly. Thanks for playing.
  3. No. Not until tickets sell. Ticket sales is what builds the pot.
  4. Game is over. Winner will be announced shortly.
  5. Very nice! I would distribute them stickers Very cool idea! Do tees and hats too! Give them out as a lottery prize in game
  6. 12 tickets available. Please buy so I can get this drawing done with lol
  7. Hello again y'all I think this is WAY overdo.... but here goes. Bonneville becomes a Variety Game Nation.... umm yeah. The nation of Bonneville, led by me, Naturella, would like to officially announce the launch of a variety game show/series (a little late I know) The people of Bonneville like to play some what challenging and unique games that keep us thinking and laughing at times, even if just at ourselves. Laughter is a beautiful thing So, once in a while I will host a game or two on the Orbis forums for everyone to play. Just for the fun of it. I'll offer some great prizes and hopefully make ya laugh or at least smile Here are a few of the games planned: Word Up! games: Includes various word games like boggle, hangman, and word scrambles. Maybe a crossword puzzle or two. You Guessed it! games: Guessing games involving jars and bags that I put a certain number of items in and you must guess how many. How many grapes fit in my mouth? etc. Predict This! games: I actually go out on the street and ask people questions and thru multiple choice you must guess what people answer. Hey! Where'd it go? games: Basically, like a shell game (only with solo cups) hehe High/Low games, memory, scavenger hunts and alphabet type games as well. Maybe throw in a little live music occasionally, and silly animal tricks too It's really just about having fun and laughing To help with funds towards prizes, Bonneville will host a 50/50 raffle. Where the winner receives 50% of total in ticket sales. Remaining 50% goes into prize fund for future games. There will be limited tickets available for these drawings and will include bonus prizes of resources as well. Here is the 1st 50/50 raffle posted: https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10710-5050-raffle-limited-tickets-available/#entry194811 Jackpot is at 10M now with 18 tickets left. I am working on a short video with clips of some of the games mentioned and introduction that I will post soon. In the mean time, I already launched a Word Up! Game here: https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10710-5050-raffle-limited-tickets-available/#entry194811 Deadline to submit a word list is February 1st so you have some time to study the grid and come up with a list (I have 70+ words on the master list) Good lux to everyone that participates and Bonneville wishes you well and happy
  8. Jackpot is at 10M. A ticket for 2M could win 11M
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