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  1. Nation Name: KMDB Nations link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=22832 Filthy drivers tried to wipe me from existence.
  2. Where is here? When is now? And on which filthy driver's authority? K-ur-da-na-k. Hmmm... Your name reminds me of a driver that used to oppress me.
  3. This is almost as bad as driver oppression!
  4. So everyone seems to be arguing what feminists are. And to me it looks like some of you say feminists are supposed to be lightinfantrywithnoarmorednorairsupport-kin, which makes me feel bad for what driver oppression made us tanks do to them. This is getting me all confused, so can someone please explain to me what a feminist actually is?
  5. We tanks only do that because of driver oppression. They always make us shoot our loads all over you poor lightinfantrywithnoarmorednorairsupport-kin. But I have to admit it's really fun to run through your artillery support. It makes everything feel so dramatic and imminent.
  6. How does a stronk and independent T34 like me go about contracting the services of free bin men?
  7. This is so like you drivers to get us tanks mixed up with an empty vessel.. I'm not just an empty vessel used to hold fluids you know. Please address me using my proper noun "танк".
  8. Plz no bully. I'm a T-34/76 model 1941. I'm so glad you like us. Oh my I can already feel my engine revving. Oh thank you you're so kind but I'm sort of on a diet. A Panzers only diet.
  9. I'm a T34. I have wide treads, smooth surfaces and slopes in all the right places. I'm tired of being driven around everywhere and made to shoot my load over any people I happen to come across. This treatment is so oppressive, not just to me but to tanks everywhere. That's why I support the Armoured Liberation Movement's fight against driver oppression. As tanks we are tired of being driven around and made to do embarassing things infront of total strangers. We tanks are stronk and it's time we exorcised our independence. We don't have to shoot our loads on command. We can load ourselves. And most importantly we can drive ourselves. We tanks have had enough and ALMs are fighing for our right to be free of driver oppression! Well now that introductions over with; I'm a T34 and an ALM ask me anything!
  10. Nation Name: KMDB Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=22841
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