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    Collecting rubbish, every wednesday for general waste, every other thursday for recycling tubs and green bins.
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  1. What does it matter you can't melt it, we just throw it in the ground anyway. SO please put it in the bins.
  2. well It seems that I might have to collect the rubbish with my special tool when I collect yours then. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Also make sure to put out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. He will try to nationalise the bin services again! such an evil man wants us to be ruled by council authorities!
  4. did you forget to put your bins out all this time?
  5. greetings, make sure to put your bins out on wednesday
  6. there are still stale memes here, did you forget to put your bins out?
  7. Can you add an article which allows bin men to operate freely and not be run by hideously inefficient council authorities?
  8. What are you saying about superior alliances? are you the sort who looks down upon bin ben because of our job?! you are the sort who defends the council authorities and their "budget cuts" I think these fellows are simply misunderstood!
  9. well that's strange. I have produced things before, my munitions factory was working but it stopped when I bought my steel factory, So I either had been gifted fuel after my mistral eor it bugged out and switched my plants. Strange, but this game did reset once from hackers so anything is possible.
  10. 500 infra exactly, 500.00 and I have no power for the cab. This is pretty piss poor; It's like it's organised by a council authority!
  11. looks like people are having trouble getting rid of all their rubbish, this is why we need a freely run bin serivce: not one run by council authorities!
  12. I feel you have an abundance of stale memes, you should put them in the general waste bin. We will be around on tuesday to collect.
  13. Can anyone recommend any animes with bin men or bin women in?
  14. Hello again! Nation: The Rubbish Truck Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=22845 Let's not do this a third time, eh?
  15. The Rubbish Revolution Continues, Now I simply need somewhere to park my truck.
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