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  1. polymer

    Turkey Downs Russian Warplane

    As always this situation has a lot of angles. Here is another one, less related to the populations in the area, more to the interests of the parts involved. Transnistria lesson applicated, version 3 (version 2 is Ukraine). Unstable zone in which a civil war is going and the rebel party controls part of the country. An outside party infiltrates the zone and claims parts of it for itself (except this time its not the russians themselves, but it doesn`t matter to them). Strategic part of the world for Russia: Transnistria as a method of keeping Moldova on their area of influence, Donbas & Crimeea in Ukraine as they`re right on their border and they don`t want NATO at borders etc etc. ; Syria, well, 2 military (semi)permanent bases to the Mediteranean Sea in exchange for helping Assad maintain power? What do you think, they`d pass such an opportunity? So russians send troops, arm the bases and go fight ISIS and the anti-Assad parties. Turkey suddenly has russian neighbours (again). The kind of neighbours that don`t go overboard on asking permissions to cross airspace and that assumingly bomb pro-turkish populations or in any case people that turkish have interests in (be it turkmen, anti-Allawits or not, or even ISIS and oil contrabandists). So the turks foolishly take down a russian airplane in order to: defend their airspace, defend friendly populations, defend economical interests in the area etc. The kind of incident the russians needed and probably counted on if not even forced it on. And now Putin can say that him, the great crusader of christianity was suddenly stabbed in the soft parts of his behind by those cruel muslim Turks allied with the foul americans. And claim concessions, upfront or behind closed doors or pure and simple just take them and don`t care. As before they were needed as 'peacekeepers' in TransNistria (and concessions were made there) and Donbas (concessions made there too), now they cannot leave the Syrian lands as they`re needed there to mantain peace of fight ISIS or whatever reason they can be bothered to find next (want to bet they`ll get what they want there too??). Cause on the geopolitical chess match they`re masters. And the rest of the world plays by rules the russians don`t feel they have to respect.
  2. polymer

    General ES thread

    Well yea, graphics were outdated but some of those downloadable player add-ons for graphics improved the experience.
  3. polymer

    General ES thread

    Played Morrowin, Oblivion and Skyrim, liked all 3, I think I like more Oblivion (possibly due to the fact its the first of the series I played, it made me look for and play Morrowind and then Skyrim when it was released).
  4. Tried today to play from a Lenovo A5500 tablet as the laptop had other user for a while. I could somewhat play but only cause I knew where to look. The left side menu wasn`t visible, only had 3 blue rectangles showing up with nothing wrote on them and when I pushed the first one it did finally show menu, just browsing into game pages made it dissapear again so had to use the blue rectangle and so on. Had Adblock for Android installed on the tablet in case that helps in any way.
  5. polymer

    Buying Military Units

    Are you using Google Chrome? Think its an issue with how browser loads fast using old info (or cookies and images) already stored on your computer and stuff (not tech guy but maybe ss23 understands what I mean). Maybe its rather a browser issue than a game issue there, so try using a different browser.
  6. polymer

    No MAP's at the turn

    Yes, they came in now for me.
  7. polymer

    No MAP's at the turn

    Congrats on the fastest implication of an admin in a game issue I`ve ever seen in an online game.
  8. polymer

    No MAP's at the turn

    Having same issue.
  9. Expected getting a new MAP few (17) minutes ago on turn change. It didn`t happen. Deleted browser cookies, it ain`t that.
  10. polymer

    Players who have lost it all.

    I created my account on the 25th and cause of timewarp and all the help I got from friends I was able to buy the 3rd city yesterday. Ohh well, I`ll rebuild the little I managed to build these few days, just the time lost it gets me angry...
  11. Nation Name: Meria Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=22665

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