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  1. I've mentioned it several times already and Kosmo did spell out the issue. It's the promotion of hate speech and Nazi propoganda. It's bigger than you because there are more people than just you doing it and it's been going on for years. At this point you are just being difficult, this shouldn't be hard to see and shouldn't need such heavy explanation. I also have said several times it's bigger than you referencing there are many in broad daylight. Nothing Orwellian about that. Another thing you seem to not understand in full.
  2. Again. It doesn't matter what Kosmo says. This has been going on for years, and it's much bigger than you.
  3. It's deeper than just you. It's been going on for a couple years now with several different individuals. I honestly don't even know the history about you on an individual level. All of my comments are meant generically.
  4. It doesn't matter what Kosmo says. The fact this behavior is allowed, regardless of him, is the problem. Attacking him in ad hominem instead of addressing the issue is a fallacy. Also, downvoting my respectful post just furthers the point.
  5. Most social networks or similar avenues (Facebook, Twitter, etc) have been banning this sort of behavior left and right wherever possible. Regardless of your IC dealings, it is sad that it is allowed to fester here. It's clear management is more concerned with player count. I don't think you understand what free speech is. The ability to post hate on an internet game is not free speech. Suggesting otherwise is ignorant and spits in the face of the people that have fought for it.
  6. Just curious, when you two type these out, do you think about what you are typing or do you just vomit the first words that pop in your head? Fark hit TCW in defense of their ally, then TKR after TKR hit Fark. If your defense is that you were defending your ally, you are using our defense as your own? It is awfully ironic that you imply Fark is dumb when their logic for entering was identical to your own and we did it first. You're literally just ignoring the 10min before you guys declared to fit your argument. It's embarrassing. I dunno, have a plan with what you're going to say next time, it might go better for you.
  7. Hey now, don't let facts get in the way of their fake news. EDIT: LOL at 5 downvotes at this. Nice job boys.
  8. Yeah, I think this makes sense. Gradual penalty and not permanent. Then the populace has to gradually get healthy so the disease has a cool down effect.
  9. Why? Food is generic and plenty of food doesn't require power to keep. I think you're missing the point a bit with trying to draw a parallelism to the real world. Instead, you're just searching for a like for like penalty without thought
  10. I'm a bit bias of course, but running out of food should have consequences to the population for sure.
  11. Was talking $ value, sorry, not quantity. I can pull our stuff after Easter, etc, to show what I mean.
  12. I get the limits to an extent. Hitting the API for this purpose is imperfect in the best of cases. He isn't just arbitrarily not including it. To be as accurate as possible, he would need to update the sample rate to at least once an hour and that's not very feasible. Or the War API specifically would need to just include more information. I'd much rather Sheepy offloaded to a replica read only DB that developers were able to access for stats/reporting. If Sheepy doesn't want to take the time for stats, fine, but let the users. The API isn't enough for overall stats. I understand this is a pipe dream though. I am not trying to call anyone out here, I just want accurate data for now and the future.
  13. 8-9B in damage dealt maybe. Here you go: Fark Total Value of Infrastructure Destroyed: 8,404,463,538.40 Value of Infrastructure Lost: 5,806,877,978.75 TBH, even if he used his own formula, it should be consistent throughout, and thus, relatively accurate AA to AA. When he has us losing more than we had to begin with though...hopefully he just forgot to carry a 1 somewhere.
  14. That's cute and all but I am literally basing my question off of the P&W stat tracker. Not making stuff up. The spreadsheet itself doesn't make sense as it claims we have lost more infra that we had ?
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