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  1. So how did this all begin? Seems like quite the little dogpile on Arrgh.
  2. Oh no Not the alliance score
  3. "Is it time to export the Revolution again?"
  4. I don't know why you people keep running to other's coattails and refuse to fight for yourselves.
  5. lol, all right. We're content to keep this thing going as long as necessary.
  6. Which were initiated by SWF. If you guys were innocent we would have folded long ago. Or do you think just because Hitler shot himself Dönitz didn't have to sign a surrender. That's been your argument throughout the entirety of this conflict.
  7. Yep. Declared war on us, after months of being raided by them, after repeated attempts by us to stay friends with them. You can see the top of Page 4 for some backstory if you're interested. https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/9420-socialist-workers-front-sabotaging-war-against-upn/page-4
  8. Looks like Tuman had enough celebrations for one day. Looks like Menshevik Russia has too, lelel. Left on the big day. Doesn't seem like the Border Guards want to let him go.
  9. Happy Anniversary from International Revolution.
  10. I sent Kyoko the link to check out and see that SWF was dragging socialism's name through the mud by allying with Reichswehr, but Kyoko thought it was a new event. Sorry lel
  11. How many coups have you had? These raids began back in August after Reznikov was removed. We attempted to maintain good relations with you even after that yet you continued to attack us and completely ignore us, despite our previous friendly history. Your leaders never responded to us, and your attacks continued despite every attempt to reach out, as shown by the comms I just posted above. You continue to maintain innocence yet never made any attempt to address the issues we had with SWF, and instead decided to escalate to total war while claiming to be the victim. You complain us about reaching out to your allies to mediate, yet you never once responded to our requests for diplomacy, except to give me an ultimatum to join you or face destruction. Your lies are laid bare for everyone to see.
  12. Probably because after your coup you guys started raiding us willy-nilly and ignored our comms. Like all good little reactionaries, Socialist Workers Front has shown they are willing to blatantly lie and rewrite history according to their own interests. They've already admitted they see to purge us simply because they see us as competitors. Now they deny we ever treated them as friends. Anyone willing to enter future relations with SWF should keep in mind their tendency to lie and deny the facts, and turn on you at a moments notice, then claim to be the victims. Regardless of your position on the current war, they have shown they cannot be trusted to tell the truth. See below for all the times I have contacted SWF and been completely ignored, despite their claims that we never talked to them. Check the times of the comms. Most other alliances that we have fought have responded to diplomacy, but SWF is the only one aside from VE to completely ignore our attempts to reach out, and the only one to deny we ever attempted to do such a thing. Say what you will about International Revolution, but at least we haven't practiced perfidy or perpetrated lies like SWF has. We've done our best to represent the truth of every situation we've been a part of. Here we are reaching out to SWF under their new leadership to maintain ties after one of theirs attacked us without provocation. No response. Here we are reaching out to SWF after one of their members attacked us again, with an explanation. No response. We wrote to Cigaro, who continually raided us. No response. More raids from Cigaro against us, even after all this (there were more even before this date, but it appears his activity has erased them). Here we finally tire of Cigaro's continuous raids and SWF ignoring us for three months, and take action against him. A message from SWF, and me asking them to tell Cigaro to stop (notice this has bene going on since August, and this message is from 10 days before SWF declared a war of extermination against us). Instead of complying with the request, SWF refuses to acknowledge their, and particular;y Cigaro's history of raiding us, and instead issues a "join or die" ultimatum. Let is be known that any alliance interacting with SWF is subject to this treatment. They have shown that they are willing to deny facts, outright lie, and attempt to suppress history. SWF is truly the most vile of alliances. Not even VE was this bad.
  13. You could try fighting off the other alliances who attack you if you really want to stay independent. There are ways of doing it.
  14. You sure seem to spend a lot of time driving this meme...
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