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  1. That sounds like a good idea. But why pay to have a currency that is already a real world currency? I think it'd just be cool to add the rest of the world currencies over time just to have them set up for anyone who wants the use them.
  2. I am a nation that would use the New Shekel for money in real life. Just wanted to make a suggestion to add it to the game for my enjoyment haha. Anyone else want added currencies? I noticed that there are many not added yet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli_new_shekel#/media/File:Nis_1_sheqel.png
  3. Quen


    http://nato-alliance.proboards.com/ Government officials: President: Quen Prime Minister: Vacant Cabinet: Secretary of Economics: Vacant Secretary of Defense: Vacant Secretary of State: Vacant Alliance Color Sphere: White Alliance HQ: Asian continent Overall goals and views: The NATO believes in the development and peaceful relations of all nations that adhere to being peaceful with the NATO. We strive to create the idea that NATO should be an independent alliance and that peaceful relations ensure for anyone who would have the pleasure of doing business with us. Anyone who would like to be in a free and prosperous alliance is welcome! Mercenary Protection contract: Arrgh We are recruiting and seeking experienced players who would like to join an alliance based on a democratic and fair NATO.
  4. Nation Name: New Israel Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=16106 Shalom
  5. Quen


    Am I the only one who would like the extra 250k from the recent bonus jump or no? I've donated money to this game a bit and I have submitted it for in game cash. I would just like to get that extra 250k per coin I've turned in? That would be awesome. If not, that's fine too. Haha
  6. Quen

    Login Bug?

    "You may have used the back page to try and login again. As an added security measure, we prevent you from logging in this way. Please refresh the page and try logging in again."
  7. National project name: Social Security Program Small description: Social Security benefits protect families financially by giving a small yearly payments to retired members of your nation. Project effect: 10% boost to taxes within your nation Resource cost: 300 Steel, 100 Aluminum Cash cost: $3 Million Yanno, something cheap to up your cash intake some.
  8. Quen

    Login Bug?

    Connect Error (1045) Access denied for user 'martiane_polwar'@'localhost' (using password: YES) ??? Encountered this earlier today while on my nation page and refreshed.
  9. I am lazy lol. Things done easier are usually done for the best of interest.
  10. I think the market would move a lot faster if there was a feature that allows you to adjust the PPU of your trades while they are currently being sold. More like a stock market-ey feeling. This would also allow you to compete with someone else who is trying to undercut you. Helpful feature, especially when you have a metric crap ton of resources.
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