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  1. Cheers for the concern, Mad Max here in control of another alliance
  2. Damn and i thought i was apart of that core membership thingy.
  3. How is warhammer themed alliance going mad?
  4. Let me start by saying i call bull#@%$ on the reason for the forming of this League, wank circle or whatever you want to call it. War affects every nation, no matter how it's fought. From conventional warfare to nuclear- all nations get affected with rises in all goods trade prices. From steel to even yes food. Yet i hear it's affecting smaller nations, blah blah blah. If this your problem than you should start a league to turn everyone neutral, stop all wars- won't anyone think of the children. The fact these nation’s hide in the dark shows exactly who they are cowards, otherwise form your own alliance stand up for your beliefs and the orbis. You won’t, it's fine but please declare that your large nations with large infrastructure and own agendas who only want to farm and have been trying to nerf nukes due to the amount of damage they cause to your precious pixels. I am sorry Alex i love the game but hate the mechanics at the moment. This radiation effect seems to round-a-bout way of trying to nerf nukes without actually applying anything in game. If you want to nerf nukes fine, go ahead but fix the rest of the war mechanics beforehand. At present the current war system only benefits larger member alliances/ bocs. People will argue this point, but seriously guys pull your heads out of your backsides and understand if not apart of a top 10 alliance or large boc, war is just a lost cause as the game current stands.
  5. Fraggle- the part that states for NK- from all of us, refers to the NK Government who actually decided policy not every member.
  6. It goes both ways Fraggle - having each others back
  7. Thank you the spelling Mum correctly, I would of been lost if spelt it Mom
  8. My journey started around 400 days ago in alliance called Earth system alliance ran by this guy called The Speaker. I do not know if your leadership skills are at the same level as him. Please let me know when they are, unfortunately he left the game forever along with ESA. A moment's silence please.... Choke back tears O/ Tricell Inc
  9. ok that clears up your theme, your from Warhammer right? http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?688717-Warhammer-Lore-The-Empire
  10. K Rudd

    NK hugs

    So Prefontaine says stop posting and you obey wow... looks like a new leader of GPA has emerged. Congrats Prefontaine in your new role and good luck
  11. also alex maybe transcript of podcast for any deaf players?
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