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  1. sparta had over 1k nukes well over a year ago and we were a complete pile of hot garbage. i applaud you for hitting this apparent milestone
  2. last i checked it was still there. anyone able to blockade me to test?
  3. just have him 'bet' it all away to a safer place using the baseball loophole i informed sheepy around 2 years ago
  4. "We are large nations that can take care of ourselves"
  5. Also wtf happened to the forums. Super weird now
  6. As fair a fight without going as far to tell them that. Our thought was they have the size advantage we will take the surprise advantage. Our blitz surprised even us how well it went and we were hearing gob was asking for help within 10 minutes . I think if our success was more in line with what we thought it would be it wouldnt seem so lopsided. We underestimated our strength since we've largely been dog shit our entire existence
  7. Gob was ultimately decided just because of numbers. Their city advantage we felt could turn the war in their favor and did not attack with spies first. We aimed to try and make it as fair a fight without going as far as saying "meet you in the school yard Thursday after school". Purely just a numbers matchup thing
  8. This is legitimate. Hoffa has been working very hard on maximizing his GDP and earlier this week he figured out the best way to get maximum production
  9. if you price it low enough with a small enough volume the undercutters will just buy it to flip it. all you will be doing is selling at a lower price point and shifting the supply from you to them. large scale purchasers will be going through the ladder of undercutters regardless if you create a ceiling 50 ppu above the now created undercut price point or if you create your own ladder. its simply just more rungs that these large scale purchases will need to get through with you having more rungs in the middle. undercutters dont care if you have 100 units listed or 10000 units listed at price x. they will price it x-(rand 1,5) unless the difference is large enough between the best offer and the second best offer that they would consider buying it just to make a trade. if youre touching on the psychology - like i said that is one thing. but the original post was rooted in a flawed mathematical reasoning because they simply just cut the supply in half to try and prove a point. and as for psychology argument - go back to my juice vs the squeeze. if a nation is in the position to sell a large enough volume of a resource to disrupt the market and create a ceiling than they probably arent going to want to put in 5x the effort to make another 10k give or take. im familiar with your line of thinking - again just because i disagree does not mean i do not understand. you still have not demonstrated how you make more money via this ladder method other than pretty much saying the exact same generalized statement. im not sure if youre a reroll or not but ive closely followed this market 10x longer than your nation has been around. in this game, undercutters will always undercut as long as there is some form of margin between the buy market and sell market. and it only realistically has to be 2% to start seeing action between traders. if the market is already within 2% your ladder method will just drive it closer to an even swap which at that point you might as well just sell it to the highest bidder. this doesn't even account for the people that simply just undercut their offer to be the lowest with their standard sale of their wares. creating more rungs of a ladder does not create more supply. if i post 1million steel at a gradation of 1 ppu and spread it out over 1000 price points (lets imagine the spread between the buy and sell would support this) all ive done is lower the price point at which 1) undercutters will undercut me - the market is now even worth 'less' 2) undercutters will buy me out to a price that is more reasonable - all i've done is sell my steel at a discount to someone that will just immediately undercut whatever price point they stopped buying at and try to flip it in scenario 1 when big buyers come in they would have to chew through all the undercutters to get to my discounted steel listings. in scenario 2 when big buyers come in they would have to chew through all the undercutters tot get to my discounted steel listings that haven't already been bought at discount. neither of those make me any more money. all they serve to do is increase the listing time/maintenance while lowering my personal income. if you dont think undercutters will always undercut just look at the first image posted. trade 7 had a reasonable 2720 units of steel listed. it was undercut by numars the next calendar day. this reasonable 2720 could easily be one of your 'ladders'. and guess what - it had undercut by 6 ppu a trade of 800 steel. im not even sure why im still typing at this point. i dont really care to be honest since i havent been active in the trading game for quite a few moons. perhaps im just captivated why anyone would want to increase their workload to make less money in quite possibly the simplest case of an econ 101 example of supply and demand. i suppose some people just like to over-engineer things to a fault from my own personal experience as a big buyer on these sell markets - i actually will go out and seek large volume sellers so i dont get hit with annoying captchas every time i want to flip my food for some gas or whatever. politics and war...more like politics and click the 3rd world stores
  10. please explain to me how 5k units priced at an average price of 2000 (in one lump sum) lowers the price of steel compared to 5k units priced at an average of 1950 based on your gradation 1000 @ 2000 1000 @ 1975 1000 @ 1950 1000 @ 1925 1000 @ 1900 vs 5000 @ 2000 also: tell me how the undercutters that will come in after this 1900 price will help raise the price compared to undercutters at a 2000 price. the only reason the math worked in jp's example above was he cut the supply from 95k units to 50k units while keeping the demand (20k) units the same. like i said - he artificially reduced supply. thats not how this market works especially when you consider that undercutters will always undercut. all of the offers above placentica were on a completely newer calendar day. no amount of gradation would have given placentica more sales. if 20k units were bought lowest price first, they would have been absorbed by those undercutters first. and only then if the demand exceeded the supply would it have started to get into placenticas offer. lets say there is a theoretical 5k units worth of demand on top of the undercutter demand. please tell me how placentica is supposed to make more money by offering: 1k @ 1960. 1k @ 1955. 1k @ 1950. 1k @ 1925. 1k @ 1900. it stands to reason that all of these undercutters would be beating this 1900 price - not the 1960 price as well. this entire debate is silly. if you want to talk about the psychology of the market - that is fine. but there is no mathematical or economical merit to your suggestion that smaller cheaper offers will increase the price and make more money. the only way it could is if placentica started from the previous high (1965) and gradated like this (to continue my simplistic example) 1k @ 1964 1k @ 1963 1k @ 1962 1k @ 1961 1k @ 1960 this represents a whopping $10,000 profit. to put this in perspective it is 9.8m in sales compared to 9.81m in sales. assuming placentica makes around 15m a day in cash and resources (probably underestimated - not going to calculate it though) - that represents 0.06% of his daily income. i think he can afford to be 'lazy' here. squeezing lemons and whatnot. i know i dont speak for everyone (or anyone really) but once my daily trading income fell to below 33% of my daily passive income i felt it not worthwhile to put in the hours required. thats 5x higher than the margin gained in this gradation that would require 5x the work. you can scale these figures at your leisure. we arent making advanced derivative markets here folks lol. if you think offering the same number of units at a lower cost average will make you more money than by all means go for it
  11. the price would only 'climb' because you are artificially reducing supply. this is basic econ 101. these markets are true as any other simple market out there where equilibrium is met where supply meets demand. trying to collude with everyone to 'sell low volume' is a fools game. it's also incredibly one sided as offers like this on the buying side of steel establish a price floor that miraculously nobody ever seems to care about lol if you want the money fast - sell it on the buy market. if you want to be patient and get a little extra cash - put a big fat offer on the market and wait. if you want to hustle and trade on volume - undercut by one and flip a lot of small trades. what youre suggesting is for the people in scenario 2 to limit their supply to replicate scenario 3 without having the volume to support it. considering you have an open thread trying to recruit 'traders' for you i find this highly convenient. just because i disagree with you doesn't mean i dont understand you. some people dont want to be bothered with babysitting their offers multiple times a day. the only difference between selling 1000 units 10 times a day and missing out on another 10 potential sales because of undercutting compared to selling 1000 units 10 times a day and missing out on another 10 potential sales because you dont have an offer out there is time on the user. if youre able to spend more time on the game, the needle moves toward the low volume high frequency dream scenario you describe. if they dont, the needle moves more towards the sit and collect model. i was the biggest trader for a long time in this game. i did low volume high frequency trades for a long time. you would be amused how many messages i got that i was 'ruining' the market and that i should just put a large trade down and wait. tl'dr: youre trying to buck the basic fundamental principal of a free market. good luck with that
  12. cool! more complaining about the market! lets disregard the fact that 3 tons of oil can be used to make 6 tons of gasoline. yes lets blame the people that post large trade offers that are currently the 5th best price. if youre so confident in your 3 steps to fix the economy then go ahead and buy out all of these people that are lowering the market and sell it in blocks of 100 maintaining that margin. if you are correct that placentica ruined the market then it stands to reason if you grow a spine and buy it out you would be in line for a massive windfall since they are (in)advertently deflating their value. why make a post about it when you could make some cash money. it seems pretty 'retarded' to me to let this golden goose slip by
  13. could we get an endpoint that has the prices of all the resources for legitimate purposes? something that updates maybe once a day so it cant be abused?
  14. oh dear you are right. well here is my review. the shirts seem to be of high quality. it is a brand of tshirt i've worn in the past and they have held up very well. the tag is an 'easy rip' and the colors are vibrant with a clear image for the picture. the shirt sizes go all the way up to size 5xl which is great since ive been hitting the gym hard lately. you can really start to see some of my impressive gains the shirts held up in the wash with no noticeable defects, fading, or size changes. i would say that they run as expected. maybe slightly on the big size. so if you are between a medium and large, get the medium. if you are a medium, get the medium. i wore one all day and it didn't give me some third world rash or anything. my wife did say that she thought he collar rode a little high for her liking so for all you ladies out there that want a booby shirt you might need to make some alterations of your own. although i was giving her the best sex of her life at the time she said this so she might not be thinking straight. IM A GOD DAMN MAN WITH A REALLY TINY PENIS
  15. What happens if someone fills your slot without you wanting them to? I get phone calls from Jim Beam all the time where he tells me in his heavy breath that he wants to fill my slot and there is nothing I can do to stop him. I really don't want to get in trouble so what should I do?
  16. Just got my first 2 sparta tees. Really liking them. I'll give a more detailed review after they've been thru the wash (which I'm doing now). First impressions of them are great though
  17. do you anticipate adding thongs to the storefront?
  18. Not really. He said it himself 100x he's very busy and not really active. He would have been in vm for a month. He was taking himself out
  19. ive fallen ill plenty of times. if mustering up the strength to check my email and hit a bookmarked website makes me superhuman well hey call me superhuman. im sorry im so foolish though. im simply just trying to understand. i know im nowhere near as smart as you so please use simple words. so when you say things like and and what exactly did you mean? could you please in very simple terms tell me why you are in vacation mode this latest instance. the instance now. because you say you wanted to fight and dont care about your infra. you say you were so sick and gave your account to a friend with instructions to have a 'preference' to fight. and you say your alliance ordered you to go into vacation mode to help with the rebuild so please - in very simple terms - could you please tell me how we are wrong in interpreting your last vacation mode instance as you wanted to avoid damage and nothing more. you say you wanted to fight. you say you told a friend to fight. and yet you are in vacation mode because your alliance told you to not take damage and help with the rebuild. i fail to see how we are wrong for calling you a war dodger in this very last instance of vacation mode. again , and please answer just this one question and remove your history of vacation mode out of your answer - this is limited to JUST this latest instance - how are we wrong to call your latest renewal of vacation mode nothing more than you trying to avoid damage. why are you in vacation mode right now because if i am to take you at your word - that is really the only explanation - because that is what you said. i know i asked the same question three times. i just really wanted to drive home the question of what i request you answer
  20. Im not twisting your words im trying to put them into context So you were willing and wanting and eager to fight a group of people with your friends and allies for reasons you weren't aware of and thats ok; but when a group of people want to fight you its an evil populist system. But (un?) fortunately for you an illness came over you that didn't allow you to get out of bed at all. You must have a really good bladder or really stinky bedsheets
  21. You yourself said you wanted to fight. And this was an aggressive war by your alliance. Does your dangerous thought process not apply to you? You're judging others for wanting to fight you... But apparently it's ok for you to want to fight someone? Hmm
  22. Heres a question... What do you do when you're sick? I don't think getting ill is the appropriate time to start doing explorations and moving houses so what could possibly take so much of your time when you're sick that you were prevented from accessing a casual browser based game? Also weren't you ordered to vm by your gov? Or is there a third excuse you've yet to inform us lowlives that can't understand your pure ways
  23. ok i think we can all agree to reach some form of middle ground. lets just chalk it up that you're a busy guy thats had a lot of bad luck in terms of timing the first 5 times you went to vacation mode and only went to coward mode once this last time. deal? and eesh for someone that supposedly doesnt care about their infra/nation/game you sure seem to go to great lengths to try and protect/explain it
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