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  1. While my time in P&W has been fun, it has also been dramatic and toxic. Eventually all good things come to an end, and the end is nigh for me. During the past few weeks I’ve spent in VM - I’ve had time to think whether I wanted to continue playing the game; and the conclusion is that I do not. My final act: I realize that the actions I took caused harm. I will be directing the assets I have on hand to be used to repay the smallest individuals first. Furthermore, My nation generates roughly $30M per day. I will be putting my nation in a safe alliance that can tax farm my nation in order to help those most affected. I will continue to support the businesses using open stock bot, but my return to the game itself is not going to happen. I may continue to give consultory advice and weigh in on economics to those who desire to listen to my input. Above all; thanks for the memories, thanks for the laughs, and may you find joy in this game. My Best, Deraj
  2. Keep in mind, The Swing was something I “inhertited” to say the least. I was not the visionary and didn’t establish the business model. My thought regarding “over valuation” comes from seeing how the inflows and outflows of TOSE actually happend. I suspect at some point early on, the money was never there to back it up; and the problem exacerbated itself as time went on. Within the environment if I buyer bought a stock from a seller; it did not nessicarilly mean the buyer just funded their account. I have more data I’ll eventually cover which goes in deeper to why this was part of the problem.
  3. Nearly a month after I put Swing down; here is why. Here’s a peak into the company I ran and why rage finally got the best of me. I’m not releasing this to attempt to ease back into the business sector; this is simply my story on what really happend. Appologies for the wall lf text; this was originally written on 5/27. What Made TOSE Fail? Above and beyond the obvious reasons TOSE is no longer with us - (if you aren’t aware I deleted the entire server and VPS hosting the bot.) there were key reasons that it simply wasn’t sustainable long term. Without a doubt the technology utilized for TOSE is unique and purpose built; it functions beautifully for the basic environment of a virtual stock market. TOSE didn’t fail because of the platform it was built upon; TOSE was going to fail because of several systemic issues. I’m likely the only Swing member that understood the entire issue; and it needs to be broken down into multiple parts to really grasp. First and foremost TOSE was built to generate revenue via brokerage fees; this is fairly standard even in real world investing scenarios; but the controlling entity behind TOSE; The Swing had interests in nearly every facet of the business economy. This immediately creates a conflict of interest. The exchange could not operate without bias; it simply was not possible. Take it one step further; monies from TOSE flowed into the Swing; and more often than not sat there for extended periods of time. Swing was also involved in lending, resource trading and several other income producing verticals; and the funds were almost always commingled. While we didn’t practice very good asset management internally - we always had the money on hand to cover withdrawals from the exchange; but without a doubt we were using TOSE money for loans and loan money for TOSE. For the majority of my tenure at Swing we had at least 10 billion in liquid cash on hand at any given moment — until we didn’t. To compound the imbalance of cash supposedly held in TOSE compared to what we actually had on hand was from what I’ll call over valuation. Over valuation came from long term share flipping and heightened investor confidence. Essentially an investor could buy low, and sell high over and over again — multiply that by the estimated 100 Active traders on the platform; some stocks were increasing in value (well in excess of book) without the cash actually being there to back them up. The cash often didn’t need to be there — investors were making profit, not cashing out; rinsing and repeating - over and over and over. I noticed something interesting when running the SWGB IPO - which sold out incredibly fast; but it generated very little - “new capital” in the exchange. This indicated to me there was a lot of “liquidity” in the market that really didn’t actually exist. For the majority of its existence TOSE ran unregulated. Taith and other companies already indexed were free to create as many companies as they desired — and rarely did they bring fresh new cash into the exchange. Without regulation - many of the companies became highly over hyped and over valued in comparison to their actual book value. Take for instance Top Hat; at the time I imploded TOSE I had just taken over Top Hat. They initially raised about 2 billion in initial capital; and at the time I took it over they had a negative net worth and a negative ESV. A far cry from its value on TOSE. A similar situation ensued with Almighty Corporation; it was consistently over hyped and traded at 8-10x its actual book value. The lack of regulation allowed for some of the issues; and a lack of fiduciary duty on behalf of Swing was to blame for the rest. We knew there were issues; we simply did not correct them. The constant share flipping and over valuation most certainly added to the deficit of what truly existed in the exchange and what we actually had on hand. The last time I checked, TOSE had over $11B in liquid cash in the exchange; and Swing had about $5B in liquid cash. There was never a run in the market; which was a huge fear of mine because I knew if a run was timed right the actual cash wouldn’t be there; especially in the final month or so of TOSE. During the peak of Swing’s lending career we had a near constant flow of repayments into the company and a very low default rate: but it grew and so did the size of the loans; which depleted the cash reserves we had on hand. Tie in a couple of huge setbacks and the environment was ripe for failure. I had already dealt with the setback of losing Benj to family obligations; and I navigated Taiths fall fairly well given the circumstances; but that was an exhausting time too. The day the most recent global war kicked off (early May) Galactic Empire was couped and multiple parties laid claim to their small 1 Billion dollar offshore. Among the drama from that a Swing employee mistakenly sent three $1B dollars payments to inactive nations. That distribution was supposed to send out $1B in total to 15 nations; instead we lost two billion (we got one back) That same day The Alliance was blitzed, causing over $1B in damages and we had to negotiate our way out of the war; which obviously wasn’t cheap. That same day Benj stepped down and appointed me as his successor. The following day Epi tried to lay claim to the same Schrute Farms offshore; losing us another cool billion. We survived that day by the skin of our teeth and decided to reinvent ourselves into a real alliance. I believed that the Alliance could possibly help us to turn more profits and make up for the large losses we had just incurred. But that venture was one step forward and two steps back. With a sudden influx of people in my orbit and a war on the horizon I secured our assets at BLUM; what a horrible choice on my part, because my credentials fell into the wrong hands. A former raider who was brought into the fold to “help” Gabe with Internal affairs wiped out nearly $10B of assets most of which were all marked for investors and safekeeping. This situation was the straw that broke my back. I had been fighting an uphill battle for months now and was not getting much support from my circle. In a moment of rage and disappointment I decided to put The Swing down for good. In my eyes I’d fought enough to keep up this never ending cycle. I may never know the motives of the party to swiped our bank. I have my theories; but they are just that. At the end of the day - I know an exchange can’t operate as a profit center with another multi-dimensional corporation. Centralization of assets poses a large risk to all parties involved. Be it an internal bad actor plotting to swipe the bank, or lazy corporate executives commingling and dipping into funds which they don’t actually own - the risk of loss is great. Combine over valuation and stock flippers; you’ve got a cocktail for disaster. TL;DR: There isn’t one.
  4. I think it might be very prudent to get a prot for alliance in vacation mode. what if we got blitzed?
  5. We have VODKA Bottles (airplane sized) perfect for VACATION MODE!!!
  6. “That girl is a real crowd pleaser”
  7. I would call the statement about my “authority” to forgive loans false. Until yesterday the better majority of Swing staff never did anything. The company was handed to me, and I chose this. Collect what you want, but I see that as no means to solving any issues. At best it helps — some people.
  8. This needed to happen. Even if it hurt, even if you lost your “life savings” this needed to happen. People experience setbacks in life, grow a set. The business sphere of this game is without a doubt flawed and corrupt. I’m okay with being a martyr, it’s a game. The concept of TOSE was nice, but after running it for more than half its life, the issues with such a system are clear. The overall mechanics of the system are off, and to put it in laymen’s terms — an exchange like this is without a doubt a Ponzi Scheme. I noticed this during the IPO of SWGB, and then the subsequent public offerings. The majority of the money within the exchange was FIAT currency...it didn’t really exist — only on paper, only within the confines of the exchange was it real. It was like this when I came on board. Quasai mutual-funds exacerbated the issues: these mutual funds raised capital either inside the exchange or outside the exchange; then invested in indexed companies or attempted to share flip. The mutual fund concept is simply stacking a Ponzi scheme on top of another — run and hide from them. There is no actual way to get a net return of 15 to 20% a month this way; if a mutual fund manager tells you this; they are Lying. Lys the great ran a mutual fund right into the ground; of course he blames me for its downfall because he couldn’t read nor balance his own books. Ironically I met Zurg though that mutual fund mess. If you take one grain of wisdom from me...be it this: Don’t invest in Orbis companies. The majority of them are cobbled together piles of garbage, engineered to benefit themselves. Real world investing does not pay dividends every month, and the mere notion that this is to be expected within Orbis companies is why you see them all implode, eventually. They eventually piss away whatever capital and profits they had. Couple that with the fact that the majority of business leaders can’t do basic math or keep a ledger - failure is imminent. Why did I burn it all down? Without a doubt I could have continued to keep this machine running as it was for another few months, probably longer; had I done that the damage would’ve only been worse; probably twice as bad. Above all - I was tired of being the guy running The Swing. The days of it being a team effort was a distant memory. I didn’t create any of this, but I did hold the keys to absolutely all of it; had I not imploded it all; someone was going to build investor trust and burn them yet again - thats the only way business economics works in this game. I killed Taith; you didn’t wake up. Hopefully you are woke now. My Best, Deraj (the scammer according to Krampus) <— that should give you some insight too.
  9. But Alan....Battalions was an amazing concept. Or was it Le Grenadines idk
  10. I love how Preacher Dan always passes the buck, and shifts the blame. Lets be clear - by a very rough estimate by our professional analyst (not TOSE aligned) you were asking us to force Taith Shareholders to lose between $7 and $10 BILLION via your buy back plan. Fair? Equitable? Absolutely not. Don't pass the buck on us, your inability to face confrontation head on is the reason this happened. OR you planned for it -- thinking we'd follow your marching orders. I've got news for you Reverend....there is a new Sheriff in town; and he doesn't bend the knee to your smoke and mirrors. ...to all the potential warriors; have fun!
  11. "It was cool to be a Rhandelliad " -No one ever. Anywho off to Church.
  12. The Taith Ethos is Gaslighting Whatever response they manage to come up with will be a well orchestrated charade laced with delusions of grandeur and victimization.
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