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  1. To be fair, this is another narrative I’ve been seeing, that I sort of chuckle at. Clock isn’t upset at all, nor are we frustrated. Not directed at you, Pre, but giving criticism, former examples, other ideas, isn’t some form of toxicity, at all. It’s just as simple as we had four major blocs, and losing one of them, any of them, isn’t what I personally think anyone wanted. Yeah, sure, “GG/TKR/TI”, but, I’d rebuttal with “Do two wrongs make a right?” Obviously not, and I’d be as humble to say that no one has to follow the logic and narrative that others hold to heart. Good luck, Celestial, hopefully the alliances you’ve recently signed and cut, hold the same value in these moves that you do. And hopefully the issues that Shiho addressed (nice reply, if I’m honest) are somehow addressed with this route (adding more numbers), instead of working on the things that actually improve fighting.
  2. I like the theme, and how the DoE was written. Sue me
  3. I love this. I also love practicing and managing a heavy centralized style of economics, where this time, I do know what’s best for you and your nation. Please fellow nations, abandon your personal desires, motives, goals, and join something bigger. Join the collective strength that a centralized system employs, embraces, and provides a never ending reassurance and a sense of “being part of something bigger.”
  4. Incorrect from what I was told; Epi told me and many, many others that UP/AUP are purely “catch up” projects; I trust his opinion and am positive his take on it is *not* because of a personal struggle with econ nor because he has a larger training alliance. Please enjoy the sarcasm, and also please make a third level of UP
  5. Yet no one on earth seems to have anything where Borg gives any instruction on this grand plan he made. It's amazing that everyone knew what to do and what their part was, yet, not a single person has a DM from him, instructing them on what to do. Using "evidence" that literally is just people talking amongst themselves, and doesn't actually come from Borg, is seriously what you consider to be factual?
  6. Borg routinely makes dry jokes. Him deleting a group chat because he was threatened to have it leaked, only to have a massive portion of it remain, is nothing. Deliberately ignoring signs that point otherwise isn’t the way to “catch” someone.
  7. He has a seemingly good talent with talking to people with a superior accent, as well as if handfuls of us aren’t adults, with kids, jobs, etc. I decided not to reply after he addressed my response, in a similar manner to you.
  8. You didn’t mention that Spanky is leader ingame, nor did you share these screenshots that beg to make your narrative questionable. Also, why is everyone ignoring the guy saying that Borg didn’t exploit, that he was hitting super rich targets?
  9. Hey, you did the thing this time, the 72 hour thing
  10. If you have 13/14 Project Slots, and then purchase Research and Development Center, you gain *an additional net slot*, meaning, you now have 14/16 slots. Or, for a more clear example, if you are maxed on project slots, you could destroy a resource project, put this new project in, get your resource project back, as well as another project.
  11. If this isn't the most accurate and well written post we've had in ages, nothing is.
  12. Alliance of the Year: CataclysmMost Improved Alliance: GATOBest Rookie Alliance: IKEABest Alliance for New Players: RoseMost Likely to Succeed in 2022: IKEAMost Likely to be Rolled in 2022: CamelotMost Honorable Alliance: The AmpersandMost Immoral Alliance: The ImmortalsBest Fighting Alliance: The Hand of FateWorst Fighting Alliance: FarkistanBest Alliance Growth: CataclysmBest Foreign Affairs Team: CataclysmBest Foreign Affairs Move: Clock formationWorst Foreign Affairs Move: 1 Day MDP Oasis-MincAlliance with Best Propaganda: AuroraMost Missed Alliance: Error 404Best Alliance Flag (please link):Best Holiday Flag (please link):
  13. Player of the Year: @KeegozMost Influential Player: Most Likely to Succeed in 2022: @PikaBest Alliance Leader: Decagon / @TigerFire @PikaWorst Alliance Leader: EpiBest In-Character Poster: @PikaBest Villain: @Codename VNicest Player: @HannaHMost Controversial Player: @Lord TyrionMost Missed Player: @TRMBest Fighter: @PigoopiBest Nation Page: * will edit/finish later on
  14. This goes to show who here knows any sort of history lol.
  15. You’ll survive, unless this is hitting your emotions that much.
  16. Best nation based on a zealot/heretical shape
  17. Good fight, Rose, and good luck going forward. I’m sure you’ll be teasing that 1m score again 🙂
  18. Some aren't "intended" to be part of this. Glad to see those who aren't, aren't included. Good luck on the rebuild mates
  19. It was maybe 2am when I posted this tbh, and I definitely didn’t divide it incorrectly (definitely did). Yeah, it’s just about dead even on 5%
  20. Funnily enough, opinions on things such as numbers, just don't work. Anything beyond 0.0 net, is indeed a "win". If you are magically going to use 50% as some form of a metric, why wouldn't you be saying, "Imo anything less than double the net dealt is a rose victory"? Where do you even pull 300-400b from? There was a 200b net from ClockWater vs MysOasis, and you think that we should have a larger net against Rose? As in, MysOasis was a harder fight, thus, the net would obviously be lower? Come on man. Also, 357 fighting nations vs 339 nations isn't 50%. It's 0.9%. Less than 1% more nations. Edit* If you add the recently banned multi ring, it was almost dead even, as far as fighting nations is concerned. Math edit; thanks SRD. I divided incorrectly (super late night). Not 0.9% more, but, actually 5%
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