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  1. Offending nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=237210 War link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=753594
  2. Still, your points are irrelevant to the discussion. It seems you lack the skill to understand the subject of a discussion or you just like to act like a troll. I won 7 out of my 8 wars alone. The game became very time consuming for me, so I had to take a break a while (consider this a guerrilla style fighting). You just build cities after cities like a sim city game, so you cannot understand, at most, you attack an inactive guy, that is how you play. You are just upset because nobody can attack me.
  3. The main fool here is the one that making a thread declares war on a small alliance, without even attacking any inactive nation in that alliance after several days. Also, your lovely friend, corpsman announced this in alliance just before he withdrew 50m and the so called coup.
  4. Exactly one hour before the so called coup of firwof, corpsman withdrew 50m from alliance's bank. I have a hard time to believe these two transactions have nothing to do with each other. Most likely, firwof and corpsman decided to rob the alliance's bank together and then run away. Or maybe corpsman wanted to empty the alliance's bank, firwof noticed it and decided to plunder the rest.
  5. We are not weebs. Weebs are in war with us, too.
  6. Your alliance's page, certainly not my taste. Honestly, I feel nauseous, pictures are horrible, not saying this because you guys declared war against us.
  7. The main mechanic of game is war and fighting, flags and texts are just some details. It seems that you only build cities, not fighting (you lose 44 wars out of 64), this game is not sim city. Btw, having default flag and text is much better than your disgusting page, it makes me vomit.
  8. 1. I usually defend myself whether in a game or irl, don't know about you. 2- They never sent me peace, the penguin guy asked his amarr friends to attack us, we defended ourselves. 3 and 4- As I said, being small does not justify sitting doing nothing and letting others take advantage of you.
  9. I'm ahead in all my 8 wars against Amarr Empire, They even had to call for support from some stinky boogalos. They are quite weak as a big alliance.
  10. Your points are quite irrelevant. The op said we declared war on Amarr empire for "no reason", I said we are "defending ourselves" against their attacks and counter-striking. Defending yourself has nothing to do with color or micro-macro or protectorate. Believe or not, you can defend yourself even if you are in a small alliance.
  11. For no real good reason? They (Amarr) suddenly came and asked us to leave our alliance and started attacking us. Dude, at least declare some wars then make a post. For one declaration of war on an inactive person, you are making a thread? Btw, why is your alliance page so disgusting? I want to puke when I look at it.
  12. Your information is totally false. Kono= condom in Japanese, suba=seller in Japanese. Konosuba is about a condom seller and his adventures.
  13. This nation is using Nazi terminology for his war reason and nation's description: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=199829 Sieg Heil is the Nazi chant. Furher is a changed form of [email protected]#$, the title of Hitler.
  14. Ah, our treacherous former leader. Left us to be beaten by imperial thugs.
  15. We, simple peasants of Konosuba, hereby declare that we cannot tolerate the tyranny of Amarr Empire anymore. Peasants are not the brightest bunch, but they are strong. Send foods and sticks to us: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7568 PAX CHRYSALIA! -The Changeling Lands
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