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In the name of TDX Transparency



* Now talking on #Terra4
<JoshF_Terradoxia> And to stop others getting involved
<JoshF_Terradoxia> hello
<McMelvin> So can we all work something
<elpinchazo|TEst> others? like BoC?
<elpinchazo|TEst> because they are having interal issues atm
* McMelvin is now known as McMelvin[boC]
<elpinchazo|TEst> plus it will look bad for them
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Yeah we know they have internal issues
<McMelvin[boC]> In all honesty yes, we do
<elpinchazo|TEst> also you realize there are others waiting for that
<elpinchazo|TEst> not sure if that was what you meant
<McMelvin[boC]> Others waiting for what?
<elpinchazo|TEst> 'others involved' I assume josh meant that as just BoC
<elpinchazo|TEst> but there are possibly others waiting for THAT
<elpinchazo|TEst> just to lay things out
<McMelvin[boC]> As far as I know yes it's a possiblity
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Basically we are trying to change now. We started reforming the alliance about 2 days after last was caught since no one would trust Terradoxia again. We made it public to the alliance 07/13/2015 03:54 pm and now we are trying to sort it all out. But this has interrupted it
<McMelvin[boC]> But for you guys to cease fire, what would you want in return?
<elpinchazo|TEst> In my eyes Morgan can not be gov for starters
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Just list what you want and we will look
<Ogaden> hey back
<Ogaden> sorry was afk
<JoshF_Terradoxia> We have already lost most of the members who received money from the exploit. Money, cities and resources have been taken away. What else do you want us to do to get you to stop attacking us
<McMelvin[boC]> Remove Morgan can be arranged, that's all?
<elpinchazo|TEst> no
<elpinchazo|TEst> one moment
<McMelvin[boC]> Ok
<Ogaden> personally Arrgh doesn't really care how Terradoxia organizes your internal affairs
<Ogaden> If we make you guys remove leaders who suck, I mean you guys should do that yourselves
<elpinchazo|TEst> true,members get what they deserve if they stay
<JoshF_Terradoxia> The nomination for new leaders closed about an hour an a half ago. We were suppose to be having a election
<Ogaden> nothing like a war to boost activity :v
<Ogaden> should have a good voter turnout
<JoshF_Terradoxia> to be fair we thank you for that
<McMelvin[boC]> Ok so you guys think we can reach an agreement?
<elpinchazo|TEst> Well then,seems Argh is good with the current state of affairs. who am I to say different?
<elpinchazo|TEst> let BoC do what they must.
<JoshF_Terradoxia> really there is nothing we can do to just end this now
<elpinchazo|TEst> lose faster?
<elpinchazo|TEst> maybe decom mil and make it happen
<McMelvin[boC]> We can make that work
<JoshF_Terradoxia> SO you want us to remove all our military, so we are vulnerable to attack from other alliances. Or we can be more destroyed if you don't stick to the deal
<McMelvin[boC]> Yes, how long would this be for?
<elpinchazo|TEst> i said remove mil to lose faster
<McMelvin[boC]> So nothing to go ahead and end this now
<elpinchazo|TEst> ending the wars TEst is in essentialy removes TEst from the picture
<elpinchazo|TEst> lose faster if you want it to end
<Ogaden> yeah let's just fight to beige and move on with our lives
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Well since this is going nowhere. Bye
<McMelvin[boC]> Wait, money, fame, unlimited virgins?
<elpinchazo|TEst> $100M
<elpinchazo|TEst> each
<JoshF_Terradoxia> you want Terradoxia and BoC to pay you 100m each or Terradoxia to pay both of you 100m each
* Goomy ([email protected]) has joined #Terra4
<elpinchazo|TEst> who is goomy?
<JoshF_Terradoxia> BoC
<McMelvin[boC]> Yeah
<Goomy> im MoF for BoC
<Goomy> hi
<Ogaden> hi there
<elpinchazo|TEst> Make Kastor your MoF and we can end this today.
<Ogaden> back in 5 mins or so
<McMelvin[boC]> ok Ogaden
<elpinchazo|TEst> wife is calling bbiab
<elpinchazo|TEst> back
<Ogaden> me too
<McMelvin[boC]> Ok so is everyone here?
* Goomy has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.comajax IRC Client)
<Ogaden> I suppose so :v
<McMelvin[boC]> Ok then I have a proposal
<elpinchazo|TEst> im not eating anything off a cracker
<elpinchazo|TEst> i know where this goes
<McMelvin[boC]> $10M each, Terradoxia decom half military, terra is unable to build missiles and morgan is fired
<elpinchazo|TEst> $10M?
<Ogaden> I don't really care if Terradoxia builds missiles or not, and if you guys want to keep Morgan on that's your business
<elpinchazo|TEst> missing a 0
<elpinchazo|TEst> give henry bank access to either BoC or TDX
* McMelvin[boC] is now known as McMelvin
<elpinchazo|TEst> and TEst will stnad down
<Ogaden> lol
<elpinchazo|TEst> stand even
<McMelvin> How about $20M each?
<elpinchazo|TEst> $200M each?
<McMelvin> Can't do that
<elpinchazo|TEst> give henry bank access to prove it
<McMelvin> You have to talk to Josh about that
<JoshF_Terradoxia> prove what
<McMelvin> How about we disband Terradoxia, give you guys their bank to split up amongst yourselves
<elpinchazo|TEst> is that BoC or Josh saying that?
<McMelvin> Josh
<JoshF_Terradoxia> hi
<McMelvin> So?
<elpinchazo|TEst> one moment
<elpinchazo|TEst> we believe that the first round of wars should be played out
<elpinchazo|TEst> if you want to send us the bank and disband after that is your choice
<McMelvin> Ok, We'll take the one round
<McMelvin> You get to finish the round with Terra
<McMelvin> In exchange for peace afterwards
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Then the war is over and we send the bank and leave
<elpinchazo|TEst> send the bank first
* Goomy ([email protected]) has joined #Terra4
<McMelvin> Une moment
* Lordofpuns[boC] ([email protected]) has joined #Terra4
<Lordofpuns[boC]> So hows everyone's days so far...
<Ogaden> heya
<elpinchazo|TEst> sweaty
<Lordofpuns[boC]> well rape tends to do that
<elpinchazo|TEst> well,90F does too
<Lordofpuns[boC]> no ac?
<elpinchazo|TEst> not in this room
<elpinchazo|TEst> fyi,im naked
<elpinchazo|TEst> might have to remove my skin next
<Lordofpuns[boC]> the head is where most heat escapes from
<Lordofpuns[boC]> decapitation might help
<elpinchazo|TEst> would solve lots of things i bet
<Lordofpuns[boC]> Not this deal, we need you for that.
<Lordofpuns[boC]> So Terra sends you both it's bank, half each, then disbands
<Lordofpuns[boC]> What's the issue
<elpinchazo|TEst> and finishes one round of war
<elpinchazo|TEst> thats it
<elpinchazo|TEst> so who else is leaving BoC after this?
<Goomy> why do u need the war though?
<elpinchazo|TEst> i see one of you are
<Lordofpuns[boC]> Who?
<McMelvin> ?
<elpinchazo|TEst> well,if you dont know I'm not going to spoil that
<Lordofpuns[boC]> Fair, so are you on board (literally) with this Ogaden?
* Goomy has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.comajax IRC Client)
<Ogaden> it's weird so Terradoxia is just going to disband rather than fight one round of war? :(
<JoshF_Terradoxia> We were gonna try to fight but since some of our members were poached by another members we might as well accept defeat. Especially since no one is able to get Last's cheating away from their minds and It is always gonna be associated with Terradoxia
<Ogaden> surely it's not that bad
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Well he poached members. Some are just leaving. Everytime we try to change something happens and the whole of Orbis doesn't trust anyone associated with Terradoxia
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Yeah so it is bad
<Lordofpuns[boC]> Well with PR [email protected]#$, war and low morale it's kinda like why continue is what I'm getting.
<Lordofpuns[boC]> Kinda hard to fight a war when you're trying just to keep stable
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Any chance we can sort this out now
<Ogaden> Let's finish the wars already declared and you guys can do what you want
<Lordofpuns[boC]> This works for you el?
<elpinchazo|TEst> so,you can send me the whole bank then
<elpinchazo|TEst> pirates don't want booty,the blood god will change tactics to compensate
<Lordofpuns[boC]> Sorry, power's cutting on and off. May not be here long.
<Lordofpuns[boC]> Anyways, if Ogaden's fine with that
<Lordofpuns[boC]> Something tells me he wont be
<Ogaden> alright well
<Ogaden> if you guys really want out right this second
<elpinchazo|TEst> set us up the bank
<JoshF_Terradoxia> SO if we send you the bank and then let all current wars die then this is over
<JoshF_Terradoxia> I want agreements from both people
<Ogaden> we'll want to beige your treasure holding nations
<elpinchazo|TEst> yes
<elpinchazo|TEst> dont think that effects TEst but yeah
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Didn't even know we have treasures.
<Ogaden> you guys have 3 :v
<elpinchazo|TEst> lol
<JoshF_Terradoxia> 2 on mine now
<Ogaden> well yeah 2 now
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Okay. Just to clarify. We sent the alliance bank to you. All wars finish. We then go do what we have to do. But this counts for members of Terradoxia. Not members who abandoned Terradoxia
<Ogaden> alright sounds good
<elpinchazo|TEst> yup
<JoshF_Terradoxia> I just want to say this. You are free to keep attacking people who left us. If you want I can send you a list
<elpinchazo|TEst> sure,if you have it
<JoshF_Terradoxia> let me get it
<JoshF_Terradoxia> https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=13724https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=19435 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=16598 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=8340
<JoshF_Terradoxia> There's the nations that deserted us
<elpinchazo|TEst> ok
<JoshF_Terradoxia> So, Can we get an announcment posted on the forum signalling the end of this after I send the money. Also who am I sending it to
<elpinchazo|TEst> Argh and Test banks
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Half each
<elpinchazo|TEst> yup
<JoshF_Terradoxia> And you promise this is gonna be over after or do I have to look like an idiot
<elpinchazo|TEst> lol yes
<JoshF_Terradoxia> good will send it
<Ogaden> yeah man
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Sent
<elpinchazo|TEst> got it
<JoshF_Terradoxia> So can we end this now
<Ogaden> alright fair enough
<elpinchazo|TEst> so these wars end and we're done
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Yep. I will tell my members to stop fighting and let your guys win on ground attacks, agreed. Can you also post an announcment after this is done ending hostilities.
<elpinchazo|TEst> will add to the original thread
<JoshF_Terradoxia> Already this one http://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7489-arrgh-completes-investigation/
<elpinchazo|TEst> http://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7478-arrgh-launches-investigation-of-counterfeit-dosh/?p=121166

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With TDX now part of BoC government, I imagine things will go swimmingly for them now.



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The untold story:


[12:23] <elpinchazo|TEst> so what do you think?
[12:24] <Ogaden> just got back to keyboard, reading
[12:25] <Ogaden> idk I don't care how Terradoxia organizes their internal affairs
[12:25] <elpinchazo|TEst> lol yes but you cant make it easy for them either
[12:26] <Ogaden> let's just beige them and move on with our lives :v
[12:41] <elpinchazo|TEst> i think he is angry
[12:41] <Ogaden> haha
[12:42] <elpinchazo|TEst> they've already bled out 5 members
[12:44] <Ogaden> we're monsters, attacking during an election
[12:44] <Ogaden> how could we
[12:44] <elpinchazo|TEst> we already know who is going to win
[12:44] <elpinchazo|TEst> MORGAN!
[12:45] <Ogaden> haha
[12:45] <elpinchazo|TEst> this wil backfire for BoC
[12:45] <elpinchazo|TEst> they really dont want to get involved
[12:45] <elpinchazo|TEst> else they would have just attacked
[12:45] <Ogaden> pretty much
[12:49] <elpinchazo|TEst> i just like to give them terms they cant fill
[12:49] <elpinchazo|TEst> if they do have $200M ...something is still wrong
[12:51] <Ogaden> let's hit their bank and find out :v
[12:51] <elpinchazo|TEst> lmao
[12:51] <Ogaden> oh my god lol
[12:52] <elpinchazo|TEst> i think looting banks no longer gives cash
[12:52] <Ogaden> it does just a little bit less
[12:52] <Ogaden> or wait I think the bank formula is the same
[12:52] <Ogaden> sheepy re-enabled bank loot
[13:21] <Ogaden> you know, BoC has lost more score than TX has
[13:22] <elpinchazo|TEst> ahahah
[13:23] <Ogaden> ikr haha
[13:24] <elpinchazo|TEst> if they try to declare war with their shit going on more of BoC will leave and faster
[13:27] <Ogaden> Yeah man, I wonder what's going on in there
[13:27] <Ogaden> I mean these guys negotiating on behalf of BoC, aren't BoC high gov according to the gov sheet <_<
[13:27] <elpinchazo|TEst> making pushing their buttons interesting
[13:28] <elpinchazo|TEst> the gove sheet on their AA page isnt updated
[13:28] <elpinchazo|TEst> still has kadin
[13:30] <Ogaden> McMelvin is literally a deputy minister
[13:32] <elpinchazo|TEst> i hope his last comment was sarcasm
[13:34] <elpinchazo|TEst> well shit
[13:36] <Ogaden> yeah wow
[13:36] <elpinchazo|TEst> what now? lmao
[13:36] <elpinchazo|TEst> i didnt actually meant to force that
[13:37] <Ogaden> <McMelvin> How about we disband Terradoxia, give you guys their bank to split up amongst yourselves
[13:37] <Ogaden> lol what
[13:37] <elpinchazo|TEst> i mean,that is always their option
[13:38] <Ogaden> yeah but what kind of peace term is that lol
[13:38] <Ogaden> I wouldn't demand that of my worst enemy
[13:38] <elpinchazo|TEst> if we say no they are probalby going to just all move to BoC
[13:38] <elpinchazo|TEst> along with the bank
[13:38] <elpinchazo|TEst> because if they are ready to disband,they've already decided
[13:39] <elpinchazo|TEst> &#33;@#&#036;
[13:39] <Ogaden> that's their move, suicide? o_O
[13:40] <elpinchazo|TEst> it appears so
[13:40] <elpinchazo|TEst> 'nothing left to ose'
[13:40] <elpinchazo|TEst> lose
[13:40] <Ogaden> All I can say is lol
[13:40] <Ogaden> this is literally the same day we declared
[13:40] <elpinchazo|TEst> so if we dont agree they probably do it anyway
[13:41] <elpinchazo|TEst> wow,&#33;@#&#036;ing paper tigers
[13:43] <Ogaden> let's beige them anyways
[13:44] <elpinchazo|TEst> i say give them the option of sending us their bank and disbanding
[13:44] <elpinchazo|TEst> after the first round
[13:47] <Ogaden> not sure I want to be on the record saying I demand they kill themselves lol
[13:48] <elpinchazo|TEst> lol so i just said 'thats your option'
[13:48] <Ogaden> yeah pretty much
[13:48] <Ogaden> I don't get why they're so desperate for peace
[13:48] <Ogaden> it hasn't even been one day
[13:49] <elpinchazo|TEst> because it robs them o the fruits of their cheating
[13:49] <Ogaden> I mean jesus, nut up guys
[13:53] <elpinchazo|TEst> lol they must be having some panicked conversations
[13:53] <elpinchazo|TEst> and we are just trolling them
[13:53] <elpinchazo|TEst> poor bastards
[13:53] <Ogaden> haha
[13:56] <elpinchazo|TEst> &#33;@#&#036;
[13:56] <Ogaden> they're actually going to send us the bank wtf
[13:57] <Ogaden> lolol
[13:59] <elpinchazo|TEst> if they send he money now,i cant fight their willingness to give up anymore
[13:59] <elpinchazo|TEst> its too strong
[15:26] <Ogaden> man
[15:26] <elpinchazo|TEst> their will to give up is stronger than your will to make thme fight
[15:26] <Ogaden> haha
[15:27] <elpinchazo|TEst> we can just declare defeat and take their money and let them disband already
[15:27] <Ogaden> I want their treasures
[15:28] <elpinchazo|TEst> demand those too
[15:35] <Ogaden> the beatings will continue until morale improves
[15:36] <elpinchazo|TEst> that is a losing battle
[15:36] <elpinchazo|TEst> you're trying to tell someone to let you kill them while they are slitting their wrists
[15:37] <Ogaden> haha
[15:45] <Ogaden> alright let's end the war I guess :/
[15:45] <elpinchazo|TEst> yeah
[15:52] <elpinchazo|TEst> we get what we want and the bank
[15:52] <elpinchazo|TEst> im too paranoid for something to be this easy
[15:52] <elpinchazo|TEst> lol
[15:53] <Ogaden> I don't get it but who am I to stop them
[16:33] <Ogaden> is this real life
[16:33] <elpinchazo|TEst> very strange
Session Time: Mon Jul 20 00:00:00 2015
Session Close: Mon Jul 20 01:15:15 2015
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