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So who else was extremely happy when Sony announced they would be helping out in bringing it over here? I've kept away from anything related to Yakuza 5 just in case they did one day do just as they are now. I'm very happy Akiyama is still a playable character as I liked him the most of the new characters in 4, hope he does more tests of character when he loans people money (he is a loan shark essentially, though a nice one).


I wonder if in his older age Kiryu will be less invincible... na, he'll likely wipe out another army of Yakuza/Triads/CIA with his bare hands. 

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Oh man oh man oh man, this is the best news I've heard all week!

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It's my birthday today, and I'm 33!

That means only one thing...BRING IT IN, GUYS!

*every character from every game, comic, cartoon, TV show, movie, and book reality come in with everything for a HUGE party*


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So not knowing it came out abruptly I've now finally downloading Yakuza 5, but that isn't the best part. I also learned that Yakuza 0 will be coming over to the west too... I am thankful the below gif at least for 5 and 0 will no longer be relevant. 



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Played a bit already and wasted a good 20 minutes beating a guy at Shogi as you start the game right next to the guy. It's like chess but with the pieces being marked by Japanese symbols instead of the recognizable image of a rook, knight, and so on it's a lot harder to get my head around. Some pieces are real odd too like a Knight that seems to only be able to go forward and backward (no to the sides movement).


Part 1 of the game seems to have a lot of content with from the looks of it 40 or so driving missions. I've noticed many new heat actions like the bike one where instead of simply smashing the guy with the bike, he sets it down, rides it, upper cuts the guy with the wheel, and then while the bike is in the air he smashes it on the guy. Best heat action thus far though was when I was doing a subquest where you have to save a little girl from a group of gangbangers with help from her adoptive father who is just ordinary guy who works at a cafe. The final gangbanger he put in a full nelson and when I hit the heat action button I was expecting like a punch to the full nelsoned enemy... instead the father guy hit the thug with a sit-out powerbomb and then Kiryu stomped the thug's head.


Not sure if anything will ever beat my favourite though.



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Well I must say I'm impressed with the amount of enemies they are putting on screen now. I remember the other games when doing an "army" of enemies they'd do it by having you face a certain amount of enemies and having the rest in the background, and as you defeated guys in combat those ones in the background would become "active". In this you just face all the dudes at the same time which combined with the more aggressive AI you might think would be a concern... well it ain't. Kiryu's new ability makes him invincible, gives him access to more powerful/faster normal strikes, and allows him to flash step towards enemies all until his heat mode runs out. Saejima also has a new ablitity that helps in such fights but it's a lot less flashy though considering Saejima has super armour in his attacks he doesn't even need. 


Saejima's part is a lot more cutscene heavy and I suppose to compensate it gives you some big fights early on which is fine as Yakuza 4 established Saejima was basically on Kiryu's level while the other two characters 1 man armies as they were definitely weren't. 

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