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Boomers were degenerate. Finding decadence causes collapse implies people weren't decadent before which is wrong. However you have to define decadence.

An empirical study on societal collapse has been done [here](https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0016328722001768). In particular it shows how meaningless the concepts you're using are.

Rome had a population of 1 million. That means 10,000 adults. Of those 100 were in the government. Your sample size is 100 people. There was nothing there so your argument just implies a vastly inflated population. You can talk about individual behavior but nothing existed back then and the question is meaningless. Obviously stack exchange,  being a !@#$ site will assign meaning to the question- but most won't read far enough to read this sentence.

A societal collapse can happen in a limited number of ways. One is resourfe depletion, either physical resources or bureaucratic ones. Another is direct self destruction. This can be personal murder or attacks on infrastructure and wild life that the society requires. 

Another mode of collapse is ideology- specifically an ideology that indirectly leads to the other modes. Vaccination, if it contains graphene sheets, annihilated stem cells. This would be a potential mechanism for social collapse to happen directly, an ideology is created to promote a destructive behavior. The key factor is the result cant be immediate or obvious as it would just result in confusion.

The last way social collapse can happen is through indifference, which overlaps and complements the other mechanisms. The existence of the other problems itself implies indifference and lack of resources to deal with them so all collapses fundamentally result from this process.

Degeneracy implies something that can be represented in a simpler form. Animal behavior, something of lower complexity than human behavior. In that case social collapse by itself would imply such behavior due to a loss of structure.

Assigning for example, unemployment to social collapse is meaningless. Of course people will stop working and commit crime when society is failing, that doesn't provide any useful insight. In order for degeneracy to mean anything it paradoxically has to be made harder to interfere with aspects of the collapse, because if it's a mere consequence of the collapse its meaningless. 

As a result the degeneracy explanation can be limited to certain activities which are unnatural or obstructive to the collapse occurring, as all things collapse and collapse is a natural process. In particular homosexuality is often cited as a cause of collapse, as it prevents reproduction, spreads disease and so forth.

Ironically it is this lack of reproduction which slows down collapses caused by resource depletion. The only way it could help the collapse is by lowering population,  but if you're lowering the degenerate population that defeats itself. 

Homosexuality may occur in prison which would increase as a result of society breaking down, but this is not a very compelling reason, of course normal social structures would fall apart anyway if anything at all was causing them to fail. Hence sexual degeneracy isn't a especially compelling explanation of the root cause of the collapse.

The other types of degeneracy are vague, I've heard libs argue communism is degenerate or something along those lines. The problem is this is still a effect and not a cause, any solution to social problems doesn't explain them happening in the first place. If the solution to the problem is ineffective that doesn't prove anything directly about what caused the collapse. If people adopt communism out of mental illness that doesn't explain the growth of the illness.

It's often argued that leftism is a mental disorder, and a key characteristic of mental disorders is both appeal to authority and detachment from reality. Stack exchange, given its moniker as a "!@#$ site", often appeals to authority, demands citations and so forth despite its own authority being nonexistent.

Climatology is not a science, and appealing to science through the means stack exchange does is a mental illness. There are actual sciences, like physics, that refute global warming easily but stack exchange rejects them. Stack exchange calls itself a believer in accepted science and then prefers pseudo science in every possible scenario.

The point of this isn't merely to insult the users here, but to make a point about degeneracy. The stupidity of this site can't be a cause of social collapse, regardless of how insignificant this site is, because there has to be a reason why something this pathetic can exist in the first place. 

The electrons that power this site itself are the most trivial cause of its degeneracy. Remember that resource depletion is one cause of social collapse, so peak oil will silence this site and prevent its noise and pointless energy consumption continuing. This is just a direct and tangible example of how a part of social collapse that appears to be behavioral is in fact stemmed in a physical basis, in this case peak oil.

It's said that God will reset the universe before capitalism collapses, and the universe is stuck in a loop between 2020 and 2026. I don't care if this is true, it just shows how arbitrary social collapse is- you need a society to talk about collapse, you could never analyze a society after it collapsed. Analyzing the causes of such an inevitable and destructive process is a futile exercise as you would never survive to climb the mountain of liberal corpses and claim victory. 

The old theory of social degeneration was based on cold winters theory. Africa has the most temperature variance of any continent. Skin color correlates with uv and not temperature so cold winters theory is a train wreck that goes nowhere. However it was initially believed that global warming in the 19th century would cause negroidism and renewables were needed to produce white power. As a result, Communism was created.

These older theories of social collapse make little sense in light of the fact that temperature is sunspot lagged fifty years. It's proven through trivial heat capacity math that it takes fifty years of sunlight to heat the oceans so that easily explains the warming trend. El Nino is a three year cycle, with 2022 being a hidden event from the falling temperatures.

When temperature falls the air freezes and dries and the warm ocean surface didn't cool, which allows warm rain to raise temperatures. This lasts for about a year and in another year the temperature will go down, then the last el Nino will happen and then temperature will utterly crater.

The point of this side track into temperature is that although climate is assigned as a cause of social collapse, it happens in a fractal manner such that solar cycles and other processes can predict the collapse and this undermines the other explanations. It just shows the universe was designed for you to die and the hockey stick graph just ignores confidence intervals or fails for trivial reasons.

Temperature alone can only operate if society has already developed, and only if it's resources in other areas are constrained. In order to destroy things you have to have things, which is why this becomes a circular explanation as the things that built up society caused it to collapse. Resource use caused collapse because society existed in the first place, many of these explanations are circular.

The question why Rome collapsed is a good example of why liberal ideology meaningless and attempting to assign causes to events is a waste of times. Things collapse for multiple reasons, and nothing as pathetic as capitalism can exist without fine circumstances. These prove the universe is designed, and all leftists must commit suicide immediately as a result- you never will, because you're npcs. Instead you'll die when capitalism collapses, as it's the system you created to prolong your existence. 

It's important to note the difference between constructive and nonconstructive concepts. Capitalism defines a property it must have, private property, but not a way to achieve it. A nonconstructive statement defines the proximate goals of an action or a desired result, and not the substance of the concept. 

An example of a nonconstructive ideology is "I support good things". You've defined something you support, and the aspects that appeal to others and make your opinion appear valid, but you've avoided actually making any substantive claims. Likewise private property is a nonconstructive concept as everything is stolen anyway and there is nothing to defend. A nonconstructive concept is related to the concept of an oxymoron as you defined something that is syntactically valid and appears to have meaning, but has no actual meaning; your statement, instead of defining a ideology or goal, is world salad and mental illness. Capitalism is a mental illness, as is the ideology it leads to, which is leftism. Making statements like "private property exists" is a small step in mental illness below completely illogical statements like the temperature is increasing or men are women. The temperature is in fact increasing but only because the universe is trying to kill you, it does nothing to make your existence less worthless. 

The relevance here is that asking questions like why society collapses, any sort of question that implies hypotheticals or things that don't exist or have alternate outcomes, is a waste as those are nonconstructive questions. You cannot àssign a cause to social collapse or anything but the most trivial events. All you can do is define the conditions that allowed it to exist and how those conditions change.

In the case of capitalism those conditions might be trivial, like the Basel capital requirements. Capitalism will collapse on September 17, 2026 as a purely mathematical exercise due to bank rules. However, a society implies a deeper infrastructure or cause behind these absurd situations, which is the real issue in social collapse. As a result the collapse needs to be analyzed in a greater level of detail and with care taken to understand the state of the system and how it got to this point, the conditions that sustain it and how those conditions changed.

The better question to ask is that how capitalism began, and it began as jews mental illness of moving numbers around. The specific rules of how numbers are moved around necessarily require it to collapse.

Capitalism is zero sum. A pays b 100, b pays a 99, a pays b 98 etc. Capitalism is a pointless ideology as it can never be anything besides zero sum, as you're just circlejerking money and it goes nowhere. As stack exchange is a !@#$ site it generally assumes there is someone in power who knows what they are doing. In reality any !@#$ed toddler can see capitalism will collapse, and the fact leftists can oppose capitalism without noticing this problem proves leftism is !@#$ed and you all must commit suicide immediately- and you never will, precisely because you'll die anyway and your actions achieve nothing regardless. 

You're too dumb to find an eviction before 2015. Private property didn't exist before 1950. In general capitalism is a pyramid scheme centered around tech companies that jews created a few years ago. His is a !@#$ board and argues cops existed in the middle ages. In reality an early form of capitalism was destroyed in the thirties, it began again under warfare keynesianism and capitalism is just the government being too incompetent to control prices.

The average wage in 1950 was three thousand on rent of five hundred. Today the average wage is forty on rent of twenty four. Given taxes of forty percent this means capitalism will collapse.

As you can see there are multiple reasons Capitalism collapses. Besides the aforementioned Basel issue there is also the basic issue of income to rent. Boomers setting price controls in the fifties set the growth rate of rent at five point five percent. They set wages to grow at three and two thirds. These arbitrary numbers, which had momentary deviations but converged on a fixed amount, ensured that capitalism would collapse just after boomers died.

Government price controls ensured a precise growth path, which continued after those controls were lifted, that ensured society headed toward total collapse just after where we are now. You'll die at last, and it has been planned precisely despite using more or less arbitrary numbers and guess work. There is no way to stop your death as societal collapse is guaranteed by a mathematical process.

Some other societies have to some extent used price controls to time societal collapse, but boomers have done it exceptionally well. Stack exchange will of course ignore this, it ignores anything it reads until it dies from the consequences. It is clear that societal collapse happens for varied reasons, but basic mathematics is a good enough explanation. 

Due to this post being written on a mobile device, which easily evades any attempt at internet port address bans, you'll notice the punctuation is varied. There are many typographical errors, as your time is worthless and all I have to due is use it up. However, the message is clear that capitalism will collapse.

Amusingly libs sometimes babble about this. In reality leftism and capitalism are identical. Because your pointless retail job, IT subhumanity or whatever will die its the same. So there really is nothing there for you to brag about, it's not about sides or winning, you'll just die. 

Pest equilibrium human extinction would be a good way to end humanity faster, but as his is a !@#$ board it will not care. This post is addresses to varied internet communities, but none will get far enough to read this. The point was made clear many times. Despite the meandering nature of the post there are a small number of points made, that are returned to as the character limit is used up.

The first point is in response to the original question of the causes of social collapse. The conventional explanations are simply thrown out and ignored, and the real reason given, peak oil. Peak oil is simply a shorthand for various obvious reasons societies collapse like boomers mathematically designing the entire economy to collapse at an exact time.

This boomer explanation not only shows their nefariousness and intelligence, it also shows the absolute lack of sentience of millennial NPCs in allowing such an obvious mathematical trend to continue. You can see temperature going up, which is meaningless as temperature is sunlight lagged fifty years, but you fail to see the obvious degeneration of purchasing power inexorably creeping as a continuation of the values set by past government price controls, mindlessly replaced by millennials pointless retail jobs enforcing these price relationships, and furthermore the inability of Indian programmers to change the relation in price algorithms written in cobol. 

It's as simple as whatever supplier hardware written decades ago in arcane languages pricing in some kind of relation that impliesa continuing trend upward in prices and downward in wages, based on government controls that existed at the time, continuing until capitalism utterly collapses at the predetermined date at which the failaids bioweapon kills boomers anyway. The failaids pandemic is merely the last gasp of boomerism to remove the ones that stayed too long.

It is impossible to predict the future because the universe is in a time loop that resets before capitalism collapses. None of you will die, if your ideology worked then the universe would continue to exist and you would die. Capitalism is a form of hexagonal fas-cism which replicates itself to sustain its existence. 

The universe isn't a simulation, it's just a consequence of a brain copying hexagons. When an event happens, it carves a path through the ether. After that, it has to be hacked in quite a number of ways to arrive at where we are now, and I'll ignore all the problems with cosmology as well.

Evolution fails because mutations are too high, and too low for humans to evolve, and simple reasons of that nature. Another one is protein scaling. Humans require fat. Mammoths are extinct. 

Megafauna have fat and have to evolve before being made extinct. The order in which humans evolve is illogical because megafauna would die first and humans would have to use small game with inadequate fat and thus would never have the diet needed to exist. Because megafauna are extinct humans require agriculture. 

This dependency on agriculture ensures that would die easily if I simply used bugs to kill all the food, and humans cannot revert back to any pre agricultural state as all the species to allow that are extinct and humans are locked into their current civilization. Of course you'll reject any solution like this and instead prolong your existence, but you could die easily by destroying agriculture, and the universe and eternal recurrence would end.

You here of course means nobody, because although this could be posted on innumerable forums it never will be. Instead it will rot away in a Google doc somewhere and never be read by anyone but snooping Indians looking for anomalous use of the word !@#$. Nonetheless if it was read, understood, and implemented by the hordes it was posted at this document would be the end.

But the original question was if societal collapse was caused by degeneracy, and that has a definite answer, which is that the question is flawed. Some causes of collapse lead to degeneracy regardless and thus mean nothing. Any process that happens in any complex system is irreversible, there is no way to stop degeneracy without utterly destroying the system in the first place thus rendering any question like this meaningless.

The only way that a question like this would have any meaning is if there was some kind of mathematical way the collapse process could be tracked and related to some other value. In that case any other cause falls into insignificance compared to this mundane and tedious progression of the wage and rent equation set by antediluvian cobol code in some supply chain management software, set with the bare minimum of awareness to track some arbitrary round number that leads to wages becoming inadequate at some implied, unknowing, inevitable date.

Hypotheticals become meaningless here. If you prevented the proto-indians from initiating the math game they call numbers and set those numbers differently, then whatever force caused such a change would be so traumatic as to destroy everything anyway. The collapse of capitalism is a mathematical inevitability, not for any complex reason but simply because of the so called "!@#$boomer alliance" implied by mathematical relations in mundane accounting software that leads to economic relations that hurtle society toward collapse. 

Once the collapse is complete, using notional time we can only imagine as the universe will end anyway, nobody will have any awareness. None of these questions will exist. When Rome collapsed, there was nothing there anyway. It did not destroy anyone's desire to replicate their system as the resources to repeat it hadn't been used up.

Now that the world is so thoroughly overpopulated, both in a physical sense and in the landscape of ideology, every idea has been done. There is nothing left to do and this collapse is final. There is nothing left further to collapse as everything has been done and then died as a result of a key press on a compute decades ago. No more will anyone care to rebuild. Even in the notional time being used here there will be pyramid schemes and attempts to create some kind of substance, but none will go anywhere.

Npcs are generally hard to offend due to their lack of awareness. There is a board on the chan called his, full of npcs spamming Hitler and black !@#$. Race spam is constant. The sentience of the board is zero. This is however the only attempt anyone has made to understand how anything works at all. The race spam ended up going nowhere. Peak oil has somewhat gotten their attention.

Npcs are in general able to comprehend peak oil as a cause. It's remarkable that no matter how many pages I write they will find some random sentence they can relate to race and fixate on it. Skin color is environmental.

Because race is what they reply to, and what stack exchange nominally cares about, i can discuss that. Blacks are a coat hanger. They lay the proteins of other organisms without creating their own. They are not apes or insects. If any analogy worked they are a synthetic being, like cyborgs or zombies.

Melanin is truncated chlorophyll. It is just a plant protein that formed wrong, and they have no collagen and especially elastin. They have no ability to make proteins and because the creator of the universe has protein autism, he has no interest in blacks. He wouldn't bother to fake evolution if only blacks resulted, he wants organisms to replicate proteins, defecate to sustain agriculture and cause more disturbance. God is a !@#$got.

If there was an event that caused whites to go extinct this would reduce the incentive of the universe to create humans at all. A good outcome to be sure, but you don't care anyway. If capitalism collapsed whites would die as well.

This is where liberal ideology comes in because for once humans have some sort of easy discretion over the outcome. If the race was made extinct this would give you some kind of bargaining power to interfere with the universes goals, and thus you would have some power over the outcome. 

Calcium deficiency causes mongoloidism. This also relates to collagen. It's worth noting that metallic elements which are not directly involved in protein formation provide chelation that aids in structural formation. This is why silicon helps in bone formation and pasta helps bones. It is furthermore why calcium aids in proper collagen formation which aids in hexagonal copying which further disturbs the ether to create capitalism, the process by which the universe exists at all through geometrical exponentiation.

So, given the parts of the world that are utterly incapable of collagen formation or follow a non calciated process are numerous, the areas of the world which the universe bothers to preserve are rather limited. Besides PEHE all you have to do is kill all the white people, or something along those lines, and this would utterly destroy the amount of processed biomass in the universe and send the copying process that structures axions into the trash. 

This is about ten pages in and nobody will ever make it this far. Had you in fact made it this far, and you are on a chan, you've surely seen a large number of jidf interjections which ensure the post count is zero. The posts that are replies that is. You'll notice the meandering and evasive writing style both serves to waste the time of the Jewish internet defense force, waste electricity, make stack exchange think this is a more important post than it is, and get his to think it's an intellectual post as they measure that by word length.

The final point I can see after the past three fourths of the character limit being eaten through is that there is a fine point at which the universe might be terminated through the death of a small race of people. This will never happen, it wouldn't fail that way. Instead of we could assign odds to such meaningless events the greater chance would be PEHE.

We here simply referring to the assumed shared reasoning process of the reader, as surely you wouldn't make it this far without understanding a few words. Perhaps since you aren't interested in the entire universe ending we can go back to the original issue which was just capitalism collapsing.

Peak oil is one reason. Ninety percent of oil in the world is fake. In general any statistic about energy infrastructure can be ignored. If you do some basic analysis like saudi getting a new field every twenty years and apply the hubbert curve, it's obvious what is happening. 

There's no real time left before capitalism collapses. The collapse of long distance airline flights took a lot of loss. Aircraft cannot fly because of all the fake fuel. This was a big share of the diesel. Gasoline is a fake fuel and everything is Flintstone cars.

After airlines die then the grain mills that produce goyslop die. This kills restaurants and goys use alcohol and die of drugs. Supply shortages are the main reason why stores die and the rise in minimum wages is just another reason as companies aren't making any effort to reverse this.

Ironically libs doing their job and enforcing wages undermines other jobs. Thus the idea of laziness and slack is found meaningless in another way, not only because it's caused by the despair of collapse because the process of capitalism working undermines its own existence through its own rules. 

The distinction between public and private is arbitrary. A company decides to raise wages at a rate that a franchise can't do and the rules being followed by capitalisms own process destroy itself. The end result is that you die either way and there isn't any way to stop it.

I have after all said that a lot of times now so hopefully you understand it. I really have no interest in the outcome either way, this post might as well be written by the Indians at the ai company. Stack exchange routinely totally ignores absolutely any post by just saying it was written by a bot. That's a valid enough reply but the left is the one that created ai.

The left also supports mental illness, so even that sort of explanation doesn't help anyone, it just undermines your process. The point is nothing will shut you up until capitalism collapses and you die at last. For some odd reason leftists like to distance themselves from capitalism despite being the same ideology. 

Capitalism is your pointless retail job, it supports equality because it ensures all of your existence is equally pointless. It aligns with all your goals and you don't oppose it in any way. You require it to survive, because anyone who isn't a !@#$ annihilated. 

As the phone I am typing on was programmed by Indians it has a lot of autocorrect so you're fair enough in saying this is a bot reply. However that's an adequate refutation of capitalism already if Indians are too dumb to program. 

There are two pages left to write before stack exchange runs out of characters. Amusingly the post limit, if applied to the million or so posts made here, would fill the feeble hard drives of this site. I cannot post the mutt trans cop Pic. No physical evidence for battle of Stalingrad. 

As an added fact, related to social collapse, the depravity of the functionaries of capitalism is great. No blond police exist. This question has been asked in abundance and nobody has been able to find a police officer with blond hair. You can Google for more information. You can search any part of this post for more information. It will cause npc confusion. 

Rather than ask why societies collapse, which is a boring question, try asking why the universe is locked in eternal recurrence. This at least has a physical answer. It was given earlier and if you don't understand then it's a waste of time to explain again. This includes the start and end of everything as well as the intent behind it so that pretty handily either answers or makes uninteresting any other question you could ask.

Humans cannibalized Neanderthals. Wikipedia had a edit war to hide Yamato sinking itself. These are just more words that if stack exchange actually read and understood would cause mass suicide of the user base. Many of you have already died and the user activity has plummeted. This is true for all boards. All of you are dying.

Stack exchange attracts a certain demographic. The Indians as well as morons. 4chan is just morons. In both cases many of you die. Let's get back to the main topic of social collapse before I run out of characters.

Social collapse relates to degeneracy in multiple ways. It is a cause and consequence. Chasing the causes is a waste of time as it is a inelastic concept. Anything you do to stop people that are doing things inside a system simply weakens that system. Stopping degeneracy does nothing, if you kill degenerates they don't pay their mortgage and the banks collapse. It has no meaning.

The degenarcy argument itself implies a high degree of independence and functioning to npcs. It implies there is a choice in what they do and society isn't so accidental and integrated that you can change part of it without the house of cards collapsing.

In reality there is just nothing there besides the outcome it is able to achieve. There is no way to make society more efficient by changing the behavior of anything and often the degenerate behavior is saving resources and other parts of the system need it.


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On 1/11/2024 at 5:52 PM, R.E.P said:


79 paragraphs,  3-5 were off topic but we'll count those, 4857 words so we'll use math and word count to determine how many letters were used and the answer would be 24084 meaning this could probably go for 9 pages on and good grade on an essay test but then again, who's going to read all of that? in one paragraph i think he was just trying to use all the characters it would let him, so yes, we're not reading all of that

Pet me, do it, i know you want to UWU

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On 1/9/2024 at 1:34 PM, zigbigadorlou said:

wow tl;dr

TLDR:Society is failing and will collapse.....Capitalism will collapse on September 17, 2026 as a purely mathematical exercise due to bank rules.

Roq is back.


Former Manager t$ and Director of R&D
Former Director of Finance, Security in e$
Founder of The Prate Syndicate(test server)
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On 1/14/2024 at 7:41 PM, MonkeyDLegend said:

TLDR:Society is failing and will collapse.....Capitalism will collapse on September 17, 2026 as a purely mathematical exercise due to bank rules.

Roq is back.



On 2/18/2024 at 9:45 AM, Leafry said:

I ain't reading allat

Tldr is posted above. ;)

Former Manager t$ and Director of R&D
Former Director of Finance, Security in e$
Founder of The Prate Syndicate(test server)
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