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Question about Alliance taxes


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Asking about a small line in the description of Alliance taxes
So if for example I produce a very small amount of excess lead and the resource taxes are raised. Making me lose lead per turn if I was taxed would that make it untaxable or would I lose lead? I ask because without the taxes I still gain lead so which way would it go?

Discuss/Answer please:

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Say you produce 50 lead and use 40 lead, giving you 10 excess lead. If your alliance taxes you 10% on resources, then they receive 1 lead (0.1 * 10) and you receive the remaining 9 lead. If it changes to 20%, then they receive 2 lead (0.2 * 10) and you receive the remaining 8 lead. It's just taken = (tax rate) * (production - usage) IF (production - usage) > 0 and then you're left with production - usage - taken. Taxes can never make you go negative in net, only usage can.

Jacob Knox

Federation of Knox

Service Coordinator of Foreign Affairs, Aurora

Former Chairman of Military Affairs and Advisor, Aurora

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