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Petition: Make spy counts public temporarily

Should spy counts be made public?  

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The recent downtime has finally forced the dev team to look at spy counts critically. The current system is unusable:

  1.  Spy counts are only hidden for those who are new or unwilling to engage in the spy odds exploit
  2.  Whether maliciously or accidentally, automated spy count scraping has SEVERAL TIMES brought down the game

Sheepy has decided to institute a $1000 cost for checking spy odds. While it remains to be seen if that will work properly, even if it does it unfairly biases towards the top 5 and against any small alliances or lone actors.

  1. Krampus calculated minimum $6 million to determine spy odds for the game assuming 100% efficient data collection. For whales, that is a small cost. But even then, consider $6 million cost multiple times per day as you update spy sheets. 
  2. This cost is prohibitive for smaller nations and alliances

My suggestion: Temporarily (2-3 months) close the spy odds and make all spy counts public. During that time a more permanent solution can be discussed and implemented. 

Hey Krampus, the signature edit is under account settings. Actually, here's the link.


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