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Fortify - options for what to fortify against, & stronger

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It's easy to clown on this because fortifying is a meme as is but I'm all for more viable choices in wars even if they aren't actions I'd personally choose to take. (This solution does seem kinda wordy/overly complicated)

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On 6/16/2022 at 12:41 PM, Integrated Regions said:

...Maybe also add an additional type of fortification, against missiles, that increases the success rate of Iron Dome and Vital Defense System.


Missiles don't need a nerf 😠

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Yeah I just re-read it, it's messy. I'm a software developer, was in a... mode I guess lol


Rewording to a simple:

- Fortify should ask the user what to fortify against (air, land, sea). If user fortifies against air, and opponent uses air-strike, then the attack will be severely nerfed.

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