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Tourism for your country

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I thought of a tourism mechanic for the game. You would receive earnings from tourist. It would include four new city improvements and one national project

Beach Site: Would cost $10,000 15 per city Would boost tourism by 5%

Fair ground: Would cost $30,000 5 Aluminum 10 steel 10 per city would boost tourism by 10% boost commerce by 5%

Hotel: Would cost $100,000 30 Aluminum 70 steel 7 per city boost tourism by 15% boost commerce by 10%

Casino: Would cost $300,000 80 Aluminum 50 Steel 5 per city boost tourism by 20% boost commerce by 15%

The max tourism you can have per city is 100% but with the International Airport project it would increase to 120%

The International Air port project would cost: $10,000,000 2,000 Aluminum and 1,000 steel 1,000 Gasoline

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Mechanically, I think Tourism is easily lumped into commerce. In the end it serves a similar function. 

I doubt we'll be getting new improvements any time soon though. With the current low-infra meta, improvement slots are already at a pretty high demand. Even with 3000 infrastructure, it would be hard to replace many parts of my current build given 20 occupy farms.  

Do you guys know how to edit the signature field? I can't figure out where it is.

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actually instead of making tourism into what's basically another commerce section id like to see tourism effect the rate of population increase in a city over time, so that nations with high tourism have a higher population growth rate.

however this would require a overhaul to city population growth in general, tweaking the base formula and adding some things to function as populations sinks. perhaps things can lead to population decrease over time (bottom-capped at base amount) at low tourism such as having low commerce or low infra to improvements ratio or crime & disease.. something like that, and nukes wiping some of the non-base populations when used. etc.

if fleshed out in a balanced manner it actually could be a worthwhile and dynamic feature, with some people effectively having young cities with old city populations and vice versa.
but as it has implications in economic power and warfare at low infra due to population it really must be tested thoroughly to see its short and long term effects and shouldnt be published live until it is safe and wont effect a major conflict.

both tourism and population growth/decay could also be a new source of projects related to them, adding more dynamics in project builds & economic planning as well

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