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IM back!!!


now to those of you wondering who the frick I am, dont worry and just look away. anyway, what did i miss these past 6-12 months? pfft what ever. making this post rn to see if ppl can still down vote and if alex is still up to his reg activities, oh you know... ruining the game... removing down votes so i can post random shit.... what is alex doing? also lets see if this post gets taken down by alex cause i said frick 2 times :3

hahahahhah alex added a filter cause he still hasn't hit puberty and cannot stand pody words :(

Does anyone accually use the fourm still or did alex kill it?

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39 minutes ago, Salamander said:

hahahaha the fourms are dead, looks like alex is dumb after all!


eh ban me! idk ill jsut go to wiki


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