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Tang Dylan

Ban Appeal

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User Name: Tang Dylan 

Punishment: Ban

Date of Ban/mute: 12 February 

Reason for Ban/mute: Nazism

Length of Ban/mute: 90 days

Banned By: @Alex

Reason for Appeal: My account was created as a Mock-German Empire, not a Nazi wannabe account. I never spread any messages of hate or bigotry, nor did I spread the evil Nazi ideology to anyone. 
My nations flag is that of the German Empire, which was dissolved in 1918, not the Nazis. My in game name is not of a Nazi, but my irl Name. And my countries name is the Imperial German Reich, which refers to a German empire, which the word ‘imperial’ suggests. In fact, I ensured that my nations name was never historically used to refer to the nazis.

If you feel that my nations name/flag/other things were inappropriate, I would have changed it immediately upon receiving a warning/strike

please look into this ban please. Thanks

Additional info: my nations id is 191648

Edited by Tang Dylan
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Your appeal has been denied.

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