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Arizona Robbins

Nakamura Shogunate arises! Japan reborn!

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The Nakamura Shogunate is a militaristic government, its main goal is to unite Japan under the same banner, and remove imperalism inflicting it's lands. The British Internationale and the Holy Britannian Empire have started to divide the people, who hold the true capital of Japan from its own people. With that, many flocked towards the Nakamura Shogunate faction in hopes it will protect them from further imperalism on the main island. With that, large factions from Chinese coastal areas have arisen and asked to join the Nakamura Shogunate for protection against the British Internationale and the Koreans united under the Nakamura flag. Today, the asian people unite against its oppressors and follows its destiny of self independence!



Asami Nakamura


Council of the Shogunate 

Kaneshiro Tokiyo
Keikain Kahori

Chikanari Keishi
Takahashi Taro
Tsukino Takuboku

The Culture of the Nakamura Shogunate is primarily Japanese, Korea, Chinese and Philippines. The Empress Asami Nakamura does not enforce a Japanese culture on those that signed up to join the Nakamura Shogunate and most of lands with Korean, Chinese and Philippines people carry on with their lives and are semi independent. They pledge their allegiance to the Shogunate government and follow all Federal laws, pay appropriate taxes and provide manpower towards the Shogunate's military in times of war, they are mainly left alone. The Chinese, Koreans, and Philippines are allowed to handle their own Internal and Economic policies as long as it does not conflict with the Shogunate's policies. 


The Nakamura Shogunate promotes a mixed economy, where vital industries to the Shogunate's survival is under the Government's control. Healthcare is Universally provided and labor laws protect the associates from unfair business practices. The State allows and supports the formation of Unions to give the workers higher negotiation powers over the businesses to ensure that every worker gains the ability to the pursuit of happiness and independence. 

Military Doctrine:

The Shogunate's military primary objective is the protection of the people under its banner and will do everything in its power to ensure it. Through honor, they will fight. The Shogunate has ordered the modernization of equipment, as the Shogunate believes that superior and higher quality firepower over Mass Assault doctrines is preferable as she believes all lives are essential. The less loss, the better. 



Active Personnel: 1.2m

Reserves: 450k

Tanks: 6,500

Armor Fighting Vehicles: 2,245

Air Force:

Number of Total Aircraft: 5,640 

Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II: 650
Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor: 400
Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit: 12
Boeing B-52 Stratofortress: 600
Boeing EA-18G Growler: 200
Boeing AH-64 Apache: 1250 * Used to Support the Japanese Troops on the ground
Boeing CH-47 Chinook: 600 *Used to transport Japanese troops
Boeing C-17 Globemaster III: 1,200 *Used to transport Japanese troops long distance or para-drop infantry
General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper: 438
Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey: 300

*These equipment were bought from the failed business enterprise Masrani Global



192 ships

carrier Groups: 8

Ship Per Carrier Group:

1 Carrier, 5 destroyers, 3 cruisers, 2 arsenal ships, 8 drone ships, and 5 amphibious assault ships

Total Ships per type

8 carriers, 40 destroyers, 24 cruisers, 16 Arsenal ships, 40, 64 drone ships, 40 amphibious assault ships


*Drone Ships used to destroy Ballistic missiles and fry Aircraft. Arsenal ships will have stashed tomahawk missiles.




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Firstly, the Internationale greets the new player to the chess board of the world and sends a basket of everything, cigars, alcohol, fruit and more to the leaders and they can divide what they like and not however they like. Harold Alexander, commissar of foreign affairs has made a statement about the British involvement in Japan.

"I think I speak for all the people, that after all of what Rokkenjima did, the elimination of all its followers was justified, and helping the mainland Japanese island after the Rok occupation, to get back on their feet shall be stopped, and a long-term drawback of Internationale Personnel is under progress so this new Japan can have their own land back. We are holding talks at the moment about the crisis of leadership desire between the people. Those that want to stay under Internationale rule will be transported by either our or Japanese expense, or it shall be divided. We shall bring open free travel between us and Japan, so those that want us will come to us and those that don't will leave. The expenses of managing these lands and its improvements and institutions will grow slowly towards Japan, but the profit from those lands will go to Japan as well. Seeing as there is no necessity to have a carrier in that area, it is moved to our Shandong province. We also will discuss the topic of China soon with the new Japanese state. These talks will be very important for the future of East Asia and maybe the world"

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A diplomatic aircraft containing several bottles of alcohol and various other gifts, notably a tablet device that would allow for a discussion to take place between leaders.

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Nakamura's Kyoto Palace


"Empress, we have received diplomatic gifts from Mog Corp and The British Internationale, and the British have left a message for you. Shall I read it out to you?," the Advisor asked Asami Nakamura. "No, I can read just fine. I have taken an English course after all." She says nonchalantly and takes the note out of his hands and reads the note. "Hmm, very well, inform the British we will meet them in Kyoto Conference Room A. Inform them that they can only have one representative and only 1 guard with them. If they refuse to meet with us with 1 guard, I wont he able to attend, and I havent set up the Council of the Shogunate yet. Now, theres tablet in the Mog[Corp] gifts, have it set up so they can contact me. Make sure they know the tablet is on and ready to be used when you get it set up. Anything else?" She asked, then jumps on her king size bed. "No ma'am, I'll get to work immediately," then the advisor left the room to get to work

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