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Jan Orwell

New city build timer

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I have found a bug in new city build timer. The timer should be eliminated for the first 10 cities (update 5/19).

The problem is that I still have it although I have just 5 cities. This is because I have built a national project (ironworks) while having 5 cities. Considering the wording of the change in the log, this can lead to a confusion for new players, as timer should have been fully eliminated, but the projects still counts into it. Therefore, I believe this is a bug.

I understand that projects usually count into the new city timer, however it would be worth considering to eliminate the timer for *both* projects or cities until they reach together the number 10.



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i also think this is a bug just judging from alex's response on my question about this situation in this topic.

though i think if there is a way to code it to were the projects and city timers are not connected until you reach ten cities that might be a better solution than removing the project timer completely before 10 cities



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I'll see what I can do to fix this.

It will go live shortly, but I have updated the code to stop this issue from happening. Building a project will not prevent you from building a new city if you have less than 10 cities.

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