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Welcome from the Weyland-Yutani Corporation


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+1 good name/theme - me likey.

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THE Definitive James:

KastorCultist, Co-leading Roz Wei Empyrea The Wei, former TGH warrior, Assassin, and a few more. Player of this game for more time than I want to think about...


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Did I get your attention? Good...come here...
Just a littttttttttle bit closer....
Have you heard about the Weyland-Yutani Corp? (Wey-Yu)
omg OMG you havee!!?
Well, if you haven't - we aren't one of those alliances that will talk your ear off and leave you out to dry. 
Yup, we got benefits to make your head turn.
You want that cash? We got that flow. 
You want that growth? Strength? Girth? 

Dude - we GOT you. 

You heard Lord-a-a-ron is hiring?
Say hello to Kastor/Kylo - not the alliance leader you're looking for?
Seriously - we know - everyone knows! 
Don't join there - don't join anywhere but Wey-Yu! 
Wey-Yu is God. 
Wey-Yu is Life. 
Are you ready to join the fun?

Make your mark in this world here.

Edited by Mad Max
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Max, your Jealousy is showing. I hope it gets you a few extra members though. :)

"If we have no choice but to fight, than I'd rather fight for the good guys. I'd rather burn on the side of justice and morals, than greed and gluttony. Justice must be upheld and order must be given to a broken world. Rose must survive because without Rose than evil shall reign. Rose needs warriors, will you aid the empire?"


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Max, your Jealousy is showing. I hope it gets you a few extra members though. :)

Oh honey that's not jealousy. :( You'd have to be better than me on so many levels for me to even think of spreading any jelly on my white, privileged, toast. ;)

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