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"""""""""""""minor hiccup"""""""""""""


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The server crash/lag resulted in quite a few of us missing the window of opportunity for a pre-daychange blitz (despite starting the assault a half hour before daychange). Really sucks not being able to use your rebuild cap on an assault like that, could have some pretty strong effects a few days downstream from the wasted potential.


Oh well.

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I am actively working on refactoring pages to make them faster. Can only do so much so fast, though. When everyone tries to be active at once, it's hard for the server to keep up.

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Can you just increase bandwidth for update this week then bring it back down after the upcoming blitzes? :P


Also if we didn't have a "double buy at update" mechanic, this wouldn't be happening so much.

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Host it with a more scalable service? Most prominent cloud services can spin up incredibly fast. I have no issues with AWS (or Heroku or IBM, but I prefer AWS) spinning up as needed resulting in 0 controllable downtime. The only downtime I don't control has been when they've had issues. Which has been 1 time in my zone.

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