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  1. Fasting is a way to lose weight, but it's both unhealthy and not ideal for it ? I'd personally suggest just running or doing yoga or other light exercises. That way you're losing weight and improving your overall health. (I've only recently got back into working out so im not sure if im the best person to be giving you advice). Either way, good luck and stay healthy my friend!
  2. That was more in the sense of "i have no idea what i'm doing but if somebody who does joins i'd be grateful"
  3. Kept you waiting, huh? Welcome! Soldiers, XOs, and Rulers of Nations above the United States! We are the Ancap Dogs! An alliance without allegiance to any one nation! An alliance meant to service those who need it, and those who can afford it! I wish to bring the reality of a long-lasting PMC to this beloved game of ours. We're all Ancaps. A shining light to our brothers on orbis. Alliance Affairs and such can be done at our Discord server: https://discord.gg/hJjr3wP Orbis is a big place... Not that I would know though. I still haven't been there yet.
  4. WELCOME potential Ancap Dogs! Im the leader of this ragtag PMC. And when i say ragtag... well... i mean its just me and i have no idea what im doing alone BUT with the aid of you all, the lovely potential Ancap Dogs! I may be able to learn a thing or two about owning my own PMC and the game as a whole! Lack of professionalism aside, the main quest of the Ancap Dogs is to attempt to be the first (i know there were a few before us) long-lasting very powerful Mercenary alliance. It is a long shot, especially with my newbiness, but i do hope that together we can make
  5. In essence, yes, but with less uncalled for booty plundering
  6. (This is my very first post so i apologize if it sounds very mis or uninformed or is in the wrong place) Do you think there'd ever be some form of mercenary type alliance (that's successfu) where they'd essentially be paid to help aid alliances or nations in/wanting to go to war, but wouldn't sign a pact or treaty? It'd almost be like Arrgh but with a few extra steps and a few regulations as to who and when they'd strike. I imagine the hardest part would most likely be managing resources and finding "business" that would yield good profits because A) You'd have multiple people in the
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