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  1. Wrong Provence’s for me, I was the first post with the blue annexation
  2. Over the past week, the Xibei San ma and the Japanese created a treaty to insure peace between the two nations. The treaty stated that the Japanese puppet state of manturia would be annexed, and the Xibei San ma would be given 3 heavy battleships. This jumpstart to the navy was wel received by the Chinese United front and its members. in other news, a protectorate was created in Mongolia to be a defense against Siberian tribes. The Mongolian Constitutional Republic is now a new part of the Chinese United front.
  3. I also just found out the ryan1 just quit. It’s very sad when people leave the community. and then there where 4 5, if you count Eva
  4. We need to start advertising, I think that might help. I think one good discord/reddit post could bring in a lot of new players
  5. A message was sent to Antarctica from the Falkland base- “we are doing everything we can to stop the fleet” what the Dragons didn’t know, and what terrified the alliance, was a bomb. The bomb, code named Keizerreich, was one of two prototype thermo nuclear weapons developed by Brazil. The weapon is 25 megatons, and could vaporize any life on a 10 mile area. The bomb was a force to be reckoned with, and was therefore kept on the battleship LPS Chile, which was part of the small fleet. The captain of the LPS Luckie decided to send a scout team to shore and to set up a makeshift base. The Dragon Alliance desperately tried to contact the fleet, but all messages were ignored. another message was then sent tho the Dragons- “do NOT shoot at the small battleship in the fleet, you will probably regret it.” they also stated why they where in defcon 3. It wasn’t because of Fama, but because of the fleet.
  6. A message was sent to the fleet from the station, “DO NOT GO TOWARDS THE DOCKS, ARE YOU CRAZY!?” then a message was sent to Antarctica. ”please ignore the advancing fleet, we are dealing with the situation, sorry.”
  7. A message was sent from the Falkland military facility. ”we are sorry for the inconvenience. Our leaders are paranoid, we are not at war.” then, a message was sent from the lps luckie. ”Dragons of the South, your nation has been quarantined on behalf of the human race. Surrender your fleet now.” the luckie had no idea that the station had sent a message, so the captain thought it was the best course of action. The station then sent a message to command for next actions. The luckie sent a message to rest of the fleet to advance inland, without instruction. This would ether be nothing, or war.
  8. I think that it would be like a revolution, or just nations going together. It would be like some states don’t like there current nation and just leave.
  9. The radio chatter was “prof” to the Dragon Alliance that the dragons of Antarctica where dangerous, and had to be contained at all costs. In wake of this diplomatic nightmare between to superpowers, the alliance decided to mobilize a small navy force to spy on the Dragons and there guests. An accidental run in with the mog(Corp) main fleet was nerve racking, but the small fleet didn’t leave. The fleet stayed only 1 kL from the coast of Antarctica, knowing that a fight might brake out. The LPS luckie watched for signals of any sort, while its main guns pointed towards the alien harbor. On the ship, 17 year old Fama Ming looked at the small fleet in disgust. His father was the constitutional emperor of the Xibei San ma, a position he would one day be in. He was pro dragon, he liked the fact that life outside earth existed. He never wanted this and asked his father many times to do something, but his father would always say “I am a figurehead, I have no power in this nation, you will one day understand.” He hated democracy, and wanted a government where the emperor made decisions and had power. The only reason he came was to try and make peace with the Dragons, but the captain had locked him in the brig. He wanted to get out, so he got on a small radio in his room and sent a message out- “Fleet on the coast of Antarctica, prepare for a fight. I’m the son of on of the leaders, willing to make peace.” the radio men on the bridge heard the message first, and told the captain. Fama would be court marshaled when they got back to Argentina, till then he would stay in the brig. The fleet got into battle formation, aiming all guns at the coast, yet not firing. They would only shoot if the Dragons became hostile. A message was sent out to all available ships in the area to head 3 kL from the Antarctic coast and stop any ship, or mer folk from leaving that area. Antarctica was on quarantine. And the Dragon Alliance was on death-con 3.
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