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  1. good work with removing radicals but there are still 54 nations with the word communist in there name and with communist symbols. would you like me to make a report and send a few links to you?
  2. https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/9442-crazyface6767/ is using a hammer and sickle on his profile page
  3. its his nation. who cares we have nazis and communist nations in this game and that is what upsets you?
  4. your pretty much asking for international volunteer units
  5. if i may ask what is with the north Oman stamp is that a VIP thing?
  6. ok fine look i get food from them but i just wanted to ask people to not launch nucks for the noobs here in pnw that is all i have no idea why people started to make fun of me i have no idea why people made a bunch of sick jokes and im sorry for my over the top over blown bull ***** i just want to get this message board behind me i hope you can forgive me sir
  7. i do not even know what your going on about and i could care less? if your making this super long letter its prob you just !@#$ing at me i know how this things work.
  8. where not talking about any Alliances. we are talking about food production if you are not going to take this seriously i,m out
  9. what the f**** guys food is 300 per pound do none of you guys care that food prices are going though the roof?
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