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  1. tEcHnIcAlLy nO ruLeS wERe bRoKeN Quit nitpicking the wording. It was obviously a ridiculous exploit to gain an unfair advantage. The rules were written in such a way to encompass a variety of exploits while remaining comprehensive for the average player. If I list an ad on ebay showing a phone for sale but include in the fine print that it's a picture of a phone Im selling and not the phone. If I charge the price of a phone, I'm still a scammer. I TECHNICALLY told them it was a picture, but that doesn't hold up. Anybody's bullshit meter would blow up, and in court you would be called a scammer. You exploited a game mechanic to gain an unfair advantage. If you fail to see how the practices you engaged in are against the rules then you are clearly not clever enough to be pulling that pedantic bs talkin bout "technically" Alex's case is pretty damn solid, I'd bet it would hold up in court. You were caught, it happened, quit whining and move on.
  2. I mean, sure, but if you're receiving reinforcements you're not really in a position to send them are you?
  3. So we add Balance tweak #2 from original post so that you can't supercharge a 15 city nation with 3k planes, this sounds good to me. This is an excellent point. So perhaps instead of simply having in-alliance reinforcements, in order to make it easier to code for Alex, the mechanic lets you reinforce any other nation regardless of affiliation, provided that the aforementioned conditions are met: The nation that is reinforced cannot have military exceeding their military improvement cap (a 23 city nation cannot exceed 2070 planes (90*23) for instance) A nation cannot receive more than 3 reinforcements per day Nations being reinforced must be within your declare range/spy range (some range, can be determine at a later date) You may only send out 20% of your current military as reinforcements What about the first balance tweak I mentioned where the nation that is reinforced must supply gas/muns/food to the units they are reinforced with, this is super tiny, but code wise it would just require reinforcements being added to the defending nations unit count. With all of these adjustments and limitations I feel like abuse of the mechanic is severely limited, if even possible. The double-edged sword of giving up part of your own army to defend another nation is made worth it because war slots exist, for instance if I'm 3/3 defensive slots and 5/5 offensive but I've zeroed my enemies military in all wars, then I can still back somebody up, however I risk having all my wars flip in doing so. While this is true, defensive slots exist, and maybe the attacker has all 3 defensive slots filled. In that case the only way for you to help your buddy would be Spying the enemy's army which is not always effective Or you reinforce the person who you would counter for if slots were available I think the potential of this mechanic is very real, and I thoroughly appreciate the criticisms so far.
  4. That's a good point. Do you think limiting who you can reinforce by score range similar to declare ranges would be enough to prevent something like that? And when I said ally, perhaps I should have specified I meant within the same alliance.
  5. I have an idea to share with you all with the hope of getting your input, and hopefully having the mechanic eventually implemented into PnW. In this post, I will outline how the mechanic will work, its intended purpose, implementation into the game, limitations and balances, and why I think it would benefit PnW. How does it work? You can reinforce an allied nation with military units directly from your own army. These reinforcements are exclusively for defensive purposes, and may not be used offensively. An example of its use: Say someone is getting countered, I send them 400 of my own planes to help protect their nation. Now their army has an extra 300 planes when they are defending against an attacker. What's the purpose of this mechanic? It encourages camaraderie, promotes strategic thinking because the trade-off of sending reinforcements is you are weakening your own army. It's a balancing act. How can Alex add this to PnW? Initially, I thought the addition of a new project called The Embassy would be a neat way to add Reinforcements to the game. However, given the recent addition of 2 new projects, perhaps adding another would be a deal breaker for nations with lower cities and infra. Perhaps simply having "reinforcement slots" on a nation with a maximum of 3 would be a better implementation. How is this balanced?!?!? Through few simple rules, reinforcements can be a strategic double-edged sword and not some overpowered game-breaking mechanic. Nations can receive 3 waves of reinforcements at most Only 1/5 of a nations army may be sent out as reinforcements. Reinforcements cannot be pulled for 1 day after sending them. During this time, they can all die. Additional potential balancing rules: The nation housing the reinforcements must supply them with food/gas/munitions. The nation housing the reinforcements cannot house reinforcements greater than what their own Military improvements can sustain. (If you have 22000/25000 tanks, you can house a total of 3000 tanks in reinforcements) Why does the game need this? It's perfect the way it is! Don't get me wrong, PnW is fun, but the best part of the game for me is the coordinating with allies, and Reinforcements would add more of that to the game. If you have any suggestions on tweaks, or any concerns with my idea, please feel free to lmk, I'd like to get as much feedback as possible.
  6. Haha, thanks man you're too kind. DtC pretty much ran last war though I hope I can fill his massive shoes
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