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  1. moetrain79

    Nation Score 1,000 Support

    hey i like to show my Support of the alliance change of 1,000 points from a month to 2 months ago "not a suggestion in any changes to the game" Alliances are turning into corporate alliances nations don't have to Donate to the game great deal Alliances are dropping up to 15 million on 1 nation in part of being a loan of the alliance buying off these great nations with Nation score 1,000 points Thank you For changing the 1k Points for Requirement to Create an alliance
  2. moetrain79

    Diplomacy Visits

    Thank you!!! Diplomacy Visits should be added to the game lets get more Support for this Measure, let the debates Continue there are alot of ways to doing this remember if you want something added to this Don't be shy in stating what you want i look forward to presenting this to the site you can look back on what you Supported and say my nation benefited from this measure ~Moetrain79
  3. moetrain79

    Diplomacy Visits

    Nation Visits when it comes diplomacy, this could be really critical role hammering out a Friend or foe this suggestion could be debate anyway my idea presents that you being outside of an alliance too ensure or tighten bonds between 2 nations hammering out foreign, economic policy's or any policy's not listed for those "not being in an alliance" for an example if selected a foreign policy, a message would be set to those who made a foreign policy agreement with that nation if any of the 2 state been attacked ,this could be an alternative to joining an alliance while you have agreements at nation level "Nation to Nation" while a Diplomacy Visits could mean a economic boost to the hosting nations to throw out game cheating you could have Diplomacy Visits every 150 Turns" you don't see leaders of the same 2 nations meeting everyday!!! While one nation is getting an economic boost, the host nation has to reward the visiting nation With a Military parade or State visit diner, present the visiting nation with a Trophy of friendship, or just reward with with the money no Larger than $100 like i stated in the beginning this is a great thing to talk about things gotta be worked out. Let talk about this Everybody!!!!

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