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  1. Nah ill be banned then. And if i'm not, then the mods are dead and this forum goes up in flames.
  2. If only having a red number under my name made me lose sleep at night, it might be relevant!
  3. I suppose i coulda left it sitting around with its zero infra, land, and military but what satisfaction would anybody get from that? On the note of running from actions, at least i bothered to take one
  4. I should be, but it's not my job to ban those people, you'll have to contact someone whose job is to ban those people
  5. I did want a war, i fudged that part up originally due to some mediocre planning. I'm working on that part though.
  6. Munitions as an example, and this is almost certainly not necessarily whats meant when Micchan says i took 10%, but lets say it is. I don't remember the exact number of muni i took, so ill guess. So we'd be saying, 5 days ago, Pant had.... 6-7 million muni? And just.... misplaced 90% of it? And then i took 10% of it? I know people see em as incompetent but come on now, thats a whole nother level there. Maybe 10% of the cash, if somebody invested it, and then also forgot about it, seeing as how we were trying to get a loan
  7. If that's the case i'd like to ask Sphinx how in the hell we had such a big issue of getting people their warchests by using the bank to help fund it. Part of the issue was that most of the WC resources were actually safekeeping of Tiggera, and even if they weren't it wasn't enough. If we had 10x that, i'm legitimately curious how this problem was even a thing before i made gov, let alone continued to be while i was there designing a program to use the bank to help build WC's. I'm probably right, and those guys i saw that no ones ever seem to heard from in forever, with 300k munitions, is just forgotten bank assets. If so, that's just funny. Who forgets that anyway?
  8. Funnily, instead of continuing to move anyway, you seemed to have the same reaction they did and stopped in your tracks. Not sure why, especially given what you're saying here. If you really wanna give everyone a brown alert, start moving, and this time don't stop.
  9. Total value? Didn't do the math, a few billion for sure, i wouldn't guess higher than 10. Alot of em dont ever talk to anybody or say anything, and last time i did WC checks, i remember one of the guys have like 270k steel. I couldn't imagine why somebody could possibly need 270k steel, so it might be more forgotten bank assets
  10. Just nuke conner I'd tell you to nuke me but that'll be a while down the road yet.
  11. Im not sure where the rest of it was then, i took everything there at time. I'm pretty sure that's most of the money the bank had, cause we were tryin to take out a pretty big loan for a while now. I think Ridcully had some of it with him though? For a while even, cause everybody seemed to have forgot about it til it was important. Plus some of the whales might as well be banks themselves, so, yeah, probably really was a small part of it if those guys all go in. Ah well, everybody always has an awkward first time.
  12. Make it somebody big and important. Nuke TKR, obviously.
  13. So when does Fark start raining armageddon on the inferior alliances who dont have enough nukes?
  14. I did send the money though. Also, they'd better buy that insurance fast, some of the pirates i've been talking to this morning suggest they don't have a large window of time.
  15. As the traitorous 10 piece chicken mca*shole who caused all of this, i support Apeman's bid for Titan.
  16. Yeah i figure by now they've made probably 600ish million in cash alone, at least.
  17. Sadly, i did not think of that. Mostly because the original plan was to delete the alliance, which my conspirators assumed would happen when i left. Perhaps because they were a bit antsy about getting everything done and secured, nobody took the time to consider removing everyone or changing the taxes. However have the alliance is on 75% growth circle taxes anyway XD
  18. If you're counting that based on what individual members have, i know just one of them has investments in banks totaling around 1.5 bil If you're not, well, the only money they got now is from sitting governmentless in taxes for 3 days
  19. Well go on then, demand your sticker from the man himself!
  20. Sorry, they're for bank robbers only.
  21. Coming from the guy so salty over a browser game he tries to have the person who beat him spammed with gore porn and even talks about doxxing them. The salt levels only seem to climb, it's as if my mere continued existence is a trolling you. :^) Yeah, somehow i don't think anybody needs to be too particularly smart or badass to troll you, actually, i'd go as far to say it's picking the low hanging fruit.Both you and madden, get way too salty and make it way too easy. Worth a good laugh though!
  22. Uh, i've been playing this game a little over 3 months, bud. And planned all this, and lied, for 2 weeks. I know it makes more sense to your salt addled brain if i'm an emotionless psychopath who planned it from the start, but reality doesn't add up to that, sorry friend. I'm just an opportunistic bastard of a noob playing a game, and you lost out, it really is that simple.
  23. Err, 700k is a big balance? I got a couple hundred oil and some bauxite too i mean. You didn't think i'd walk around town with 1 billion dollars cash on me did yah?
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