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  1. Nation One: The New California Republic Capital City: Sacramento, CA President: George Clooney Vice President: Matt Damon The Flag of the New California Republic Nation Two: The Republic of Texas Capital City: Austin, TX President: Rick Perry Vice President: Mary Fallon The Flag of the Republic of Texas On This Map Claims in Blue are for The New California Republic Claims in Red are for The Republic of Texas
  2. Well - since one cannot add more than a certain number of claims in a day - i figured it would be a safe claim - However - I will recind my request for any portion of Italy. I seek only the small Island nation in Africa called Sao Tome and Principe.
  3. Please note: I have a space based nation that I RP in the Organic forums, but that I do not want to get too involved in Orbis affairs. That nation has no real interests in Orbis III and thus will likely have little to do with my story writing in the National Affairs forum. That said, affairs of The Alterran Empire will be represented in RP through an embassy, based in this Orbis-based nation. APPLICATION Official nation name: The Covenant of Denacio Population (P&W numbers): 7,637 GDP per capita (P&W numbers): 911.51 Population density (sq. km): 381.84 people/sq mi. Form of Government: Democratic Magical Council Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don't have one): Describe your Nation IC: The Covenant was founded by 3 magical siblings whose family is of a rich and powerful magical lineage, the nation is young. It is in line to become a beacon of hope and magic - Describe yourself in OOC terms: I like to RP. I like to have a good time. I spend what little time I have crafting stories for enjoyment. Have you read, and do you agree to abide with, the rules? (Yes/No): YES (You must not have a history of continuous rule breaks in the national affairs subforum!) Where on the map do you want to be located? (Using real-world geography/nations, or a self-provided map): The boot heel of Italy Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you want to be used): The Covenant of Denacio Flag (Map-wise, you're limited to a maximum of 50 provinces. If you go higher than that, I'll personally adjust it down until it's at 50, or ask you to re-do your own example until it fits within the 50 province limit. Note that expansion is allowed, but at a maximum of four provinces per month as to be as realistic as possible. This rule applies to nations under 50 provinces as well. Nations are permitted to own colonies, but at a maximum of 5 with no more than 20 provinces each. Provinces are unable to be moved from one location to another. Gifted land is also capped at four provinces per month. Land gained by a nation as a result of war can be more than this.) (You are required to post at least once a month (no more than a month after your last post) in the national affairs subforum to remain active. This means creating your own topic, not just commenting on someone else's posts. Inactive nations will be removed from the map.)
  4. The Asteroid Belt Bridge of the AIN Piercing The Darkness Commander Duvaine issued the order to prepare AEON for a second round of tactical offensive moves, while preparing a quad layered defense protocol to implemented instantly on the next offensive course. The Commander's tactical readouts indicating a high probability of success in this next strike. Empress Romana - still in the Command Chair - issued the order for the Rift Fighters to execute their next strike. As the Rift Fighters received the order - each seemingly stopped dead in space and the sphere-like shape rapidly altered to create a cone. From the center - a powerful blast of Rift Energies exploded outward into the Naxid Interceptors - enveloping half of the Interceptors in the turbulent and putrid Rift energies - the effect lasting more than 10 minutes - more than enough time to destroy the intended targets. The Rift Fighters each launched nearly 1,000 antimatter torpedos - moving a .75c into the remaining Naxids - a violent barrage. Orbis V Front Bridge of the AIN Spirit of Alterra Commander Derweduwen gave the order instantly upon entering real space, "Fire." The Fleet of ships launched a barrage of trillions of high yield anti-matter warheads, followed by blasts of positron charged plasma beams and a launch of anti-matter drones - numbering in the billions - all aimed at the closest hive ship. The fleet assumed an attack formation and rapidly advanced, closing in on the enemy targets with a micro-light speed jump - appearing in close range almost as soon as the ships appeared on sensors. The Alterrans attacked the Hive's shield generators, weapons, power, and communications systems - all targeted with precision and skill - The Alterran advanced sensors from the Spirit of Alterra and it's fleet providing targeting solutions and assigning fighters - weapons systems for targeting and coordinating assaults. The Spirit of Alterra fleet began to become extremely fuzzy and nearly impossible to gain a targeting solution on for a brief second... Appearing in the space directly next to the second Hive Ship a second Alterran Fleet seems to appear - a fleet that is of the exact same size and composition of vessels as the Spirit of Alterra Fleet. The ships launch a nearly identical attack as the first assault by the Alterrans on the first hive ship - trillions of high yield anti-matter warheads, followed by blasts of positron charged plasma beams and a launch of anti-matter drones - numbering in the billions - all aimed at the second hive ship. On both assaults the strikes meet their contacts with direct strikes. As quickly as the second fleet had appeared - both the first and second fleets seemed to fade into the black on sensors and a single fleet seemed to fade through the darkness near the closest Naxid infested moon. The billions of Rift Fighters swooped into the atmosphere - opening fire on all ground forces and ground battlements - launching antimatter carpet bombing campaigns.
  5. Bridge of the AIN Piercing The Darkness Duvaine read off the results, "Empress, I'm picking up more than 20 times the number of incoming interceptors than we sent out - We've got about 8,000 incoming - plus the larger vessels." Romana was thinking as she studied the holo-interface. Hearing the results read off by the Commander, the Empress smirked, "Localize AEON to the Rift Fighters and prepare to have them come together for target strikes." AURORA spoke, "AEON is prepared. All Rift Fighters report capable for union. I am detecting an incoming wave of plasma and kinetic weaponry, gaining on the Rift Fighters. I am calculating that without AEON intervention, there is a 74.321% probability that more than 35% of the fighters will be destroyed." Romana inquired, "With AEON?" AURORA replied, "98.1402% probability that less than 5 fighters will be lost." Commander Duvaine ordered, "Activate the localized AEON." The Rift Fighters seemed to redouble their efforts, joining together in a tightly woven flight pattern, the ships swirling and swarming like insects. As they all fell into formation, the space around the fighters began to buzz with a strange energy. Thousands of pinpricks of light flashed for less than a second and suddenly intense gravometric distortions began to form, bend, flex, and change it's own shape randomly, altering the courses of the kinetic and plasma weaponry that had been targeting the Rift Fighters. Due to the motion and movement of the distortions, some of the bolts of plasma and slugs managed to break through and still catch up to the back of the Rift Fighter formation. Three Rift Fighters took slugs and bolts through the tail - each one taking heavy damage. On two of the vessels, the impulse drives were badly damaged and on the other the ship's engine driver had been directly punctured with a slug. Within moments - each of the ships exploded. The remaining 397 ships seemed to alter their formation to resemble a sphere - the strange energy that was forming seemed to be emanating from the interior of the sphere-like formation - putrid Rift Energies were detected forming on the interior. The Rift Sphere Fighters redoubled on the Expeditionary Fleet - all vessels opening a full fire barrage on the Naxid interceptors - with a goal of taking the fight to the larger mother ships in the expeditionary fleet. Hundreds of thousands of bolts of ionic energy, plasma bolts, and rails of hassium-ossium - a droplet of antimatter suspended in each for release on impact. In addition, hundreds of antimatter torpedos were fired into the Naxid interceptor fleet. The AEON distortions seemed to bend and flex, providing cover to the Alterran kinetics and improving the probability of striking intended targets. Bridge of the AIN Spirit of Alterra Commander Marc Derweduwen sat in the Command Chair of the vast Alterran Warship and asked, "AURORA - Time to arrival?" AURORA replied, "We are preparing for entry into the Orbis System, Commander. We are scheduled to descend in the heart of the star. The Piercing The Darkness reports FTLi clearance upon arrival for travel to the Jovian Moons." SubCommander Paris reported, "All stations report ready, Commander." "Descend." The Commander ordered. The Spirit of Alterra and it's Capital Fleet of 1,275 ships descended from The Rift with a very smooth and elegant transition - though as it was done on the central interior of the star - none could see or observe. As each ship appeared in the heart of the star, it seemed to almost instantly appear in very close proximity to the Naxid Fleet nearest the Europan moon. The Spirit of Alterra Fleet: 1 Warship - 25 Battleships - 25 Battle Cruisers - 224 Destroyers - 400 Cruisers - 600 Corvettes The 2,400km long behemoth Warship entered the Jovian System, surrounded by it's fleet - each ship equipped with hundreds or thousands of fighters and an arsenal designed for both ranged and close proximity warfare. As the Alterrans arrived - they immediate began to deploy defenses and prepare for the first volley against this foe.
  6. Bridge of the AIN Piercing The Darkness Commander Duvaine looked toward the Empress and said with a small chuckle, "I was resistant, at first to holding all of these additional ordnance, given the nature of this ship's mission, however I agreed because you were due to be on board. Now - I can see why the High Guard was so insistent." Romana smirked a little, "Death and I have danced this dance for all of Time's Cycles. It never hurts to be prepared for such encounters." AURORA reported in, "This appears to be the bulk of the Naxid forces concentrations and based on the types of vessels here and the number of forces, there is a 99.97% probability that the Naxids intend to colonize the moons. A beachhead, so to speak." Romana asked, "What forces can we engage with this ship's limited capacity?" AURORA calculated, "We could not engage a Hive Ship - we would be taken out without support from either our own or allied forces. We could realistically engage the small expeditionary force in close proximity in the Asteroid Belt. I calculate the Spirit of Alterra Fleet will not arrive for another 5 minutes." Romana thought for a moment. "Use the stealth systems to decrease our fabric profile - send the Rift Fighters in to engage the Naxids. Let's test their strength before full engagement." AURORA activated the Ablative Armour's stealth systems and the vessel seemed to blend into the background radiation on sensors - it's movement nearly impossible to track as the vessel's dispersal pattern was directed in multiple directions, designed to create false readings and blend into the background levels. The Rift Fighters broke away from the vessel as it continued to move. The fighters locked on to the expeditionary force and found the vessels that they could test for strength. Not quite the smallest and least armed, but also not quite the largest and most advanced ships to engage first. 200 of the craft zoomed through space at speeds between .25 and .99998c - depending on what maneuvers they needed to complete. The ships locked weapons on the target and opened fire with a barrage of ionic plasma and mid-yield antimatter torpedoes. After completing the first wave, the first 200 ships broke formation and fell back while the second wave prepared to engage. In the meantime, Commander Duvaine sent out a message to the Pords - the message was sent on an encrypted UMS channel - The message reads: The Empress of Alterra wishes to express her salutations to our esteemed allies. This is Commander Na'tan Duvaine of the AIN Piercing The Darkness. Only a single ship presently, however we have a Capital Fleet, set to arrive in five minutes. We request FTLi clearance for the fleet upon arrival - from the Star's Core directly to the moon known in MS-1 as Europa. Please confirm.
  7. Full Nation Name: The Alterran Empire Nation Lore Link: http://sites.google.com/site/thealterranempire Short Summary of National History/Lore: Founded after the nation of Alterra departed Earth in the MS-1 Universe more than 12,000 cycles ago in most modern timelines, The Alterran Empire was instrumental in the defeat of the Ashen in the MS-1 Universe and later in the eventual purge that saw their race exterminated from existence. The Empire found it's history and it's place in the Multiverse in many battles, diplomatic forrays, and cooperatives with other nations. The Alterran Empire grew in strength, power, influence, and responsibility as time has gone on. The Empire along with allies and former enemies alike found enemies greater than nations - dealing with the losing "war" between Darkness and Light - Energy - Matter - all things. Alterra was forced eventually to abandon it's holdings in it's home Verses of MS-1 and FB-1, creating a vast Empire based in the NS-1 Verse, but also creating colonies and holdings across many verses in the multiversal structure. The Neveris still follows us to this day - but we have found ways to hold it off - at least for now. Map Claims: None on Orbis IV. Alterra will found a colony in the Jovian Moons. Do you agree to abide by the Organic Ruleset?: Yes
  8. Bridge of the AIN Piercing The Darkness The Alterrans had been in the PW-1 Verse for less than two hours when they had picked up high levels of incoming Rift and VOID activity on the interior of the system that they had emerged next to. The Empress made the call to disengage from their own mission and divert attention toward the inner system, noting that the signatures found on the other side of the asteroid cluster belt were those of allies and enemies of many centuries past. Commander Duvaine had issued the order to make a Rift jump to a set of coordinates. Lt. Commander Murcia stated, "Sir, I am detecting FTLi fields ahead." Duvaine nodded, "Good thing AEON was already active, otherwise this trip would be a long one." He chuckled to himself. "Make the Rift Jump, pulse AEON with our temporal frequency." The Lt Commander nodded and made the necessary command inputs. "Ready, Commander." "Engage." Empress Romana said firmly. The ship's shields began to swirly with intense energies, forming a cloudy mist of the putrid Rift energy that allowed the ship to vanish from sensors, almost appearing to cloak itself, the ship vanished into the Rift, slipping in with elegance and grace. As the ship entered the Rift, a pulse of energy resonated throughout the AEON system, previously deployed (see other thread [Temple of the Dark King] for deployment). All throughout the Orbis System, septillions of pinpricks of light illuminate for exactly .00000912 nanoseconds, a second, shorter illumination would occur exactly 2 seconds later. At the time of this second pulse, a ribbon of light drew itself across the darkness of space at a location precisely equidistant between Orbis IV and Orbis V. As the ribbon drew itself, a fog of Rift energy began to emerge - as if were attempt to escape into the nothingness of the space around them. The bow of a vessel appeared to emerge from what would appear to be a cloaking barrier. As the ship entered normal space, the ribbon of light drew itself closed as the Alterran Research vessel began to stabilize and absorb the residual Rift energies that had deposited the vessel here. An encrypted message was sent on a secure UMS channel, identifying the Alterrans to all allies in the system. AURORA, the Alterran AI began to assess the situation that they had emerged into. "Commander, I would suggest moving all non-essential systems power to the defensive systems. Our signature is about to be targeted." AURORA did not wait for the command, she began isolating systems and transferring power to the Hadronite Shields as well as preparing the Ablative Armour systems - while they were not meant for combat, specifically, they were meant to withstand the immense pressures of the interiors of massive stars and even blackholes - thus giving the ship a decent survival quotient. The vessel's AVI began calculating firing solutions of Naxid forces and did not wait to be invited to the fray - but powered all weapons systems and obtained locks. Commander Duvaine ordered all crew - "Red Alert. All hands to battle stations." The Empress sat in the Command Chair and linked with AURORA to decipher the threats presented. "AURORA, how long can we hold out in a fight here?" "If the Naxids have not had significant alterations to their technology since our last encounter - which based on a low level sweep, they have not - then I calculate that we can hold our own until the Spirit of Alterra and her fleet arrive." AURORA replied. The Empress nodded. "Prepare the drones and Rift Fighters." AURORA instantly reported back, "I anticipated your needs. They are both ready for launch." Romana nodded. "Launch." Four shielded ports opened and nearly 400 small fighter-like vessels flew out of the ship, surrounding the vessel in equidistant patterns, flying around the vessel in an almost swarm-like fashion. "Tactical thrusters are engaged." Duvaine called out. "Give me military thrust - let's head for that mess directly in front of us." Romana stated as the vessel began it's movement at sublight toward the Jovian moons. En route, incoming missiles were detected. In addition to the Rift Fighter swarm, the AIN Piercing The Darkness activated it's point defense systems and prepared to fire at any incoming missiles.
  9. As the scans began, Romana made her way to a Command Console and began analyzing data as it came in, inputting search parameters, sorting points of interest, and configuring spectral and temporal frequencies to identify specific variables. She had something in mind, but wanted to be sure to keep an eye open for anything of interest. A tone was heard coming from the temporal flux station, another from the helm. Lieutenant Commander Murcia turned from the temporal flux station to the Empress and said, "Majesty - I am picking up several temporal signatures, each emanating from a point approximately .7341 nanoseconds ahead of our present time frame. The signals are all coming from a point approximately 200 AU from our present location." The Empress nodded, "Do we have any context on the signals?" Murcia shook her head, "I'm afraid not. I am not sure what each signal represents, however I do believe that we could effect the time shift from this distance safely and potentially use the IRIS system to get better readings." Romana looked to Duvaine, as if to ask his opinion on the matter. The Commander nodded in agreement, "I believe the Lieutenant Commander is correct. We could potentially get a better read with IRIS." Romana turned to the helm and asked, "I heard something from your area. What is happening?" Lieutenant Solis replied, "I'm picking up an inordinate number of VOID and Rift signatures within the Kuiper Belt boundaries - most emanating near the star and several others further in the system." Romana turned her attentions to the tactical scans coming from the helm. "I wonder what the situation is." Commander Duvaine gave the order, "Flux Station, identify target coordinates and store them for a future incursion. Once you've secured your targets, identify." Turning to the Tactical station, he continued, "Prepare to engage the Cloak and Helm - be ready to enter the Rift on my order." Romana studied the signatures and cross-referenced them with the ship's database. She shook her head in disbelief. She stated wryly, "Well…it figures." The Commander cocked his head, "Ma'am?" The Empress replied, "I'm picking up Pordish, Mri, Triskel, Brotherhood, and Kressnian signatures in the system. And Naxids." At first the Commander looked relieved to hear that it was the signatures of allies in the Orbis sytem…until he heard the word "Naxid". He instantly took a battle stance, "Empress - we must return you to The WellSpring." She shook her head, "Your concern is touching Commander, but unwarranted. What you will do is direct our helm to bring us closer to the Earth of this system and make contact with our UMS allies. You will also contact The High Guard. Request the Spirit of Alterra fleet, specify that I require Supreme Commander Derweduwen." Duvaine turned to the helm, "You heard Her Majesty. Bring us to the Third Rock from the Star. Upon arrival - make contact with our allies." "Comms -" Duvaine continued, "Contact The High Guard. We need back up." [This thread is on hold until after The Grand Entrance story]
  10. Naked, she sat perched on a stone in the center of the pool. Suspended in mid-air above her head, a single flame with an emerald green glow danced gently while she meditated and focused her mind and her energy, illuminating the chamber. She had spent the last three weeks on this journey, going from one marker to the next - spanning nearly 12 galaxies and 4 universes - following the directions as laid out in the sacred scroll. One of her hands brushed the water and a spark of emerald fire danced across the surface of the liquid. Her hand touched it a second time and the entire pool ignited, the flames coalescing before her into a frame of sorts. Romana opened her eyes, looking into the frame she could see them - the stone and the tablet. She opened her hand and the flames drew into her palm forming into a stone tablet - similar to the one seen in the frame, but this one had different markings. She read carefully, over and over. "Abaddon placed the key in his treasure box, concealing it in the time before now, but after this. The key, [this portion is too damaged decipher], and the alter lay open, awaiting the Light and the truth that comes with Truth Evermoure." She waved her hand over the stone face and the tablet vanished in the same green fire that seemed common place around the Alterran Empress. Romana took a deep breath and stood to her feet, seemingly without effort or difficulty. She stepped out on the water, walking across the surface until reaching the marble floor on the other side. As she left the room, the fire, seemed to withdraw itself into her body - almost as if her skin absorbed it. She entered her bedroom and prepared herself, putting on fairly casual attire and then walking out into the hall on Deck One of the AIN Piercing The Darkness. She entered the turbolift and called out, "Bridge." A few seconds later, the doors opened and the Empress stepped out onto the bridge of the advanced temporal research vessel. Commander Na'tan Duvaine was seated in the Command Chair, checking read outs of the ships sensors and monitoring for temporal fluctuations. As Romana stepped up to him, the Commander smiled, "Empress, you'll be pleased to know that I've identified a unique signature, like the one you had shown me last week and with your command, we could emerged from the Rift in moments." "Show me." Romana said, excited to hear the news, but careful not to sound overly so. Duvaine accessed a file and pulled it up on the holographic interface, allowing Romana to open the file and view it, which she did - watching the readings - and isolating one specific one which had a path that lead to Specific Fabric. "I'm showing PW-1. Confirm?" "I confirm, your Majesty." the Commander replied. Romana nodded. "Set course, Commander. Prepare for entry to Sector…" She stopped and checked the exact coordinates before continuing, "Sector 001, 745.145.654.010" The Commander called out, "Helm. Set a course! 745.145.654.010, Sector 001." "Course entered." the Helmsperson replied. "Engage." Commander Duvaine ordered, as the ship began it's journey to it's destination. EDGE OF A SINGLE YELLOW G-TYPE STAR SYSTEM A ribbon of light is drawn across the fabric of space time as the bow of a vessel almost elegantly begins to emerge from beneath layers of subspace. Were it not for a few cloudy fumes of putrid Rift energies seeping outward - attempting escape - one might think that the vessel were decloaking. The ship seemed to ease into normal space-time, stabilizing as the Rift fissure sealed itself, almost as if the ribbon of light that opened, were retracted, closing the fissure. The shields of the ship, still swirling remnants of the putrid energies about. "Location?" the Commander asked. "We appear to be at the edge…of the Sol System. The universe is labeled as…PW-1." The Helmsman replied. He then continued, "Per the coordinates entered, we are at the edge of the Oort Cloud, but still within it." Romana looked out the viewer at the open expanse before her, she quietly stated, "Orbis. They call it the Orbis System." Commander Duvaine looked at her quizzically, "Ma'am?" The Empress smiled, "As this verse's energy and mine touch and interact, I learn bits and pieces about it. I learn my limitations and my allowances. In this case, some knowledge. The natives of this verse call this system "Orbis"." Romana touched a few keys on the holo-interface and stated to the Commander, "Begin temporal scans." "Do you have a specific marker to look for? Or should we go with a broad band scan?" Duvaine asked. Romana thought for a moment. "Begin broad - we'll isolate more once the data comes in. In the meantime, deploy AEON in the local vicinity and use it to amplify your scan strength in all temporal flux points and frequencies." She smiled, "I feel it. This is the one." The Commander set to work on implementing the Empress's orders. As he tapped keys and interfaced with the ship's computer - septillions of pinpricks of light appear for a microsecond all around the system. If one were to be monitoring for such disturbances, they would appear evenly spaced, but holding no discernable mass nor having any discernable effect. No readable matter. The lights flash - each so small that it would not be noticeable by the naked eye.
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