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  1. The longer this goes on, the more your future is being punched. Over and over.
  2. I was perfectly happy, just another player living under the shadow of giants like Resvernas, that was, of course until I checked his nation page. I was shocked to discover that I actually outranked our despotic overlord! Why? I asked myself, screaming my anguish to the clouds. Then I suddenly realized, he had just spent more on this sham than I had! Even though I have many very important projects and will drastically stall my national development in doing so, I now had a point to prove! Long story short, I'd like to add 32 million to me team.
  3. The Solidarity of New Finium - https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=536- 10 Cities Strength - 100 Form - 0 Capacity - 210,000 I would also like to add 100 strength, I believe that makes a total cost of 1,020,000. I do not see an official registration fee on your front page, but 20,000 seems to be the going rate. Also, I am not sure if you have thought about sponsorships, but there's more money in the kitty if you need more funding sources for your world cup.
  4. DER SCHUH VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 THE MAELSTROM Uncanny, is it not, that just last month, Brand Affinity Technologies Inc. went bankrupt without so much as a soul noticing? The single largest media firm in the western United States--with contracts from Snapple Computers, Verison Wireless and financial heavy-weight Stanely-Oakmont--filed bankruptcy in an Irvine, CA Court this June according to court records. Not a single article was published on BAT Inc. because for all intents and purposes, the company never existed. The average consumer never saw a BAT Inc. logo, the small bus
  5. I think there should be "I love the ads" option, because, in spite of my quibblesome associates, they are great. They have information relevant to the game or generally amusing content AND they have no function outside of the aesthetic. It's a simple, user-friendly, user-supported, fund-generating feature that produces laughs or activity. For those complaining about how 'intrusive' they are, get a life. If your day is legitimately ruined by a small banner-ad on your FREE game, then go outside an enjoy the ad-less sunshine.
  6. Nation Name: New Finium Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=536
  7. Have you considered developing a Peace & War Index as a supplement? It might provide some interesting correlations.
  8. I demand that these modes actually get a name and will not be called "nodes." With this demand I must ask if these are to be political centers, resource centers or financial centers etc.?
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