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  1. Such a meme considering CIO had ex TBD leadership members
  2. You shall not find me for when i come back I shall be in deep cover, balls deep.
  3. I never said I was leaving, just restarting under a new name, new face. I see my mistakes and I shall work to fix them to improve myself.
  4. I regret it all but Its time to set the records straight, Firstly, I was forced out of my position as the "Leader" to be used as a scapegoat to put the blame on. Secondly, I was leader only in name, I was the message boy following the theme of being some kind of meme alliance doing reckless stuff and upsetting everyone following the plan to become Bloc Party 2.0. Thirdly, Yes I fell for Sketchy's trick. I was stupid and was too desperate looking for a way out of this mess. I came back to being told that a friend called Skeletor had emptied another alliances bank and put it in ours. I was told by the "Council" to put up a "meme" post and so I did as instructed. I made deep mistakes and so i will atone for them by leaving the Bloc Death and learning from other alliances in my quest to reclaim The Bloc Death back later as an alliance truly under my control and committed to peace and prosperity. I shall move forward to a better tomorrow and in some respects this was an eye opener. Its not easy being a leader of an alliance and im not ready for it
  5. So we sent the rest back. GG to Rose for a good meme. Tbh this was a success as we got good laughs at both Ragnarok and then our own expense.
  6. To be honest this is most likely a one off. We had a guy from Bloc in their alliance leadership but he said he was going to be kicked from his position so hes gonna go out in glory. And then I posted on the forms in true Bloc style (with less memes)
  7. I shall take you up on that offer.
  8. Lol true but it was funny so worth it.
  9. It is for us micro alliances and you have to consider the other loot too
  10. Well forget that then, oh well I guess we can man fight it to the death then
  11. Is cerberus willing to be our protector for alot of cash
  12. Today at roughly 1pm GMT an elite deep agent placed in Ragnarok activated and emptied their bank and put it into ours. We have looted the mother load of loot. Thanks P.s. Looking for a friend, will pay a ton to them. p.p.s If Ragnarok attacks us we shall off load our bank to a random afk
  13. Well I do look into things, just because I did not see that the guy I was talking to was the leader (as I did not memorise the leaders name or checked that guy's nation) does not mean I make rash decisions. And to be fair I have assistants to help point out my screw ups so the Bloc Death is in safe hands I can assure. I mean look how much were growing!
  14. Basically yes, i knew i was talking to the 2nd in command about the peace deal but not who the guy was on the forums because I don't pay attention to who people are.
  15. Thanks but you may regret that if our future endeavors collide with your own
  16. I spoke with Beowulf who is second in command or something and he passed it on apparently. Not my fault if cornerstone doesn't have their stuff in order.
  17. The Bloc Death could protect you if you want. I mean we wont protect you well but hey we can both go down together
  18. Well this was not random but part of some quick talks with your leader, after we internally voted to end the war, and that we both quickly agreed to peace. The loot we got from your bank was not worth the effort tbh.
  19. The Bloc death was told and listed on your alliance page that we have an MDP with you. But here its listed as a ODP...
  20. I would like to announce that the short war between the Bloc Death and Cornerstone to be over, ending on a white peace. All hostilities have ended and The Bloc death considers its ODP with The Fighting Pacifists to be fulfilled as Cornerstone was pretty beat up between all the alliances at war with it. Peace in our time.
  21. Really starting to see those benefits, getting hammered by kt.
  22. True but that's what happened because then if we had continued attacking that guy we could end up in a 2nd war since GDA members were poking in wars that don't involve them.
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