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  1. 10 seconds of Keno: $25,000,000,000 (Elijah) 120 days of raiding $5,000,000,000 (just in Pathos' cash loot) 5 years of literally obviously cheating in baseball and being reported 30 times for doing so $10,000,000,000 (Galerion)
  2. Then remove the timer and aids captcha, make all games 10% or 25% earnings with 0 games at the old max Current baseball is really unplayable, the captcha only kicks in when I go get a drink or go to the bathroom, so I'm encouraged to stay and spam for as long as I can which is even less healthy than it used to be at a reliable 10 minutes between captchas Edit: player testimonals
  3. Revert the previous baseball nerf which made aways terrible to play and created the necessity of tipping. Previously playing aways basically gave you about 25% of the home revenue if you won.
  4. ITT: Ideas to fix baseball as suggested and implemented by people who have no idea how it works or is played (despite one of these people having created the baseball system)
  5. ... no one is going to play away games, meaning no one is going to get any games
  6. I sleep, so assuming anyone plays for 24 hours a day every day is stupidity also no, I didn't win every single game so I didn't get win revenue also, getting 1 mil an hour for actively playing aways is terrible As one of the very very few people who've managed to make running aways bearable (imagine playing homes and how annoying it is, now add 5-10x as much clicking) baseball was already marginal at best
  7. There's just no way I can justify running aways for people given these stipulations Rip my noob homies, I hope your leadership provide some good raid guides for the coming months
  8. The reason its important is because 1. aways don't make money 2. if a home player has to wait for an away player to clear a 5-10 man queue you won't even be playing a game per minute
  9. Is the 5 second limit for both homes and aways? If its for aways as well baseball is unplayable
  10. I've been watching the Dota qualifiers and baseballing every day for the last 5 days or something, I'm was going to have to start doing stuff starting wednesday anyway if you also want to waste your life https://www.twitch.tv/beyondthesummit
  11. t. has never played baseball and still complains about it The way it works is away players get to see the detailed screen of who you're playing what the score is and how much people earn. If I see someone new I check who it is, if its someone who's had a nation for over a year I embargo until they accept a tipping agreement, if its a noob I just keep playing them because they need the money
  12. Full disclosure: The three people who have complained so far are all people I've embargoed for not tipping
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