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  1. Well, I'm pretty sure that if YOU check the logs ( you can provide them I'm sure) you'd see that you started it earlier in the discussion. Which is probably why you won't post the logs. #Clapped
  2. I understand that such a reference might be a little old for a youngin like you, but the adults in this thread will get it.
  3. Big talk for someone who got zeroed the first day.
  4. So what you're saying is you aren't winning?
  5. Do you really want to talk about how you assumed that your 4 month old untested treaty superseded a bloc alliance that had been around for 9 months and in multiple wars together? Ignoring the fact that the Obsidian Accords tied our alliances together in a way that made it impossible to declare war on one another?
  6. Yet another example of allies making inherently hostile moves therefore prompting a response. If the opinion of commie scum was relevant to this discussion I assure you that your presence would have been requested.
  7. That's right, what was the point of OO then? To act as a cover while drumming up the support to stab your bloc mate in the back? I'm pretty sure that by all accounts that's a shitty way of valuing your allies.
  8. You are literally accusing us of not placing OO above other treaties while attacking us for placing OO above other treaties. I said something earlier about self awareness......
  9. Oh yeah, that's right, we went to bat for our closest and greatest allies because it was explicitly stated that that particular treaty superseded the others. But then again, that treaty was with people who we actually respected like Yosodog and Lordstrum.
  10. The complete lack of self awareness is astounding.
  11. I just read 19 pages of this crap and all I got from it is that commies gonna commie and Roquentin's tears could end California's drought.
  12. I'm not entirely sure how you want us to defend NPO without attacking our allies and violating our pact not to attack our alllies.
  13. All I'm getting from this thread is that NPO doesn't understand the difference between a treaty and being allied. trea·ty ˈtrēdē/ noun a formally concluded and ratified agreement between countries. al·li·ance əˈlīəns/ noun a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations. We have a TREATY with npo, which we did not break or dishonor in anyway due to our NAPs and alliances with t$ and bk. Y We have an ALLIANCE with BK and t$, via our bloc with bk and former protectorate status/formal alliance with t$. You wanted us to declare war on bk in defense of you, when we are formally allied in literally the closest way possible with bk. And thats ignoring the fact that our NAP made us literally unable to declare war on them. A declaration of war is an inherently aggressive act, whether its in defense of another or not. It would be us attacking them. If you had communicated properly and asked us to help in some way that didnt break our NAP, such as resources or money, we might have been able to work with that, but you didn't and instead got immediately salty we didn't completely forsake all our longterm political ties for you guys, who have only been on orbis for 6 months and we have never even fought a major war with. A treaty is basically a business agreement between nations and/or alliances. It does not make us allies. In fact, by promoting diplomatic relations with LITERALLY EVERYBODY on the other side of the fence from us with treaties, you made yourself an enemy. If you had wanted to become an ally, you could have communicated more, worked with us and asked to join the obsidian order. Or even asked for an NAP or some other form of more concrete declaration that we were allied. But you didn't, and now we're here. And thats not even mentioning that you're all dirty commie scum.
  14. Nation Name: Best Korea Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=12814
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