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  1. We have spoken before of Europe's "Historic Destiny", this is the perceived destiny of all high cultures. It is to conquer, to spread it's way of life to the corners of the globe, to strive for dominance, riches, and power. All High Cultures seek glory, virtue, and honor in order to be remembered forever. For the unique soul of their civilization to imprint itself upon the world. This is our vision, this is our destiny. Europe will spread further, dominate harder, acquire vaster wealth than any High Culture before Her. All this, for the sake of Her people. So that they may have peace of mind through strength of body and the highest standard of living possible. In order to secure Europe's place in the world and to restore Her power and prestige we must resort to total mobilization of Europe's productive forces. How can Europe be defeated when, for the first time we stand together united as one!

  2.      Sprung from necessity during the cold war, The United European Fatherlands had its "humble beginnings" as a bufferstate block of neutral countries. A mere tool of the global powers, but after the violent break up of the Soviet Union we are called to follow our Historical Destiny once more. Free from the Eastern Bloc, those once under the heel of communism joined their brother and sister Europeans. Insurgency of Russian nationalists pushed the Red army back to the Urals. The United States grip on Western Europe has been diplomatically smashed. All Europeans come together now under one flag. Never again shall our brother nations bleed for petty rivalries sake. This rising power, with a rising population, and ever increasing need for resources, must reclaim its former colonies. Europa requires territory to care for its people and to maintain security! This Earth was once ours and so it shall be again!

  3. Nation name: Corendelle Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=15950
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