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  1. Inconnu

    7/9/2017 - The Great Deflation!

    Many thanks to you Alex !
  2. Inconnu

    7/9/2017 - The Great Deflation!

    So we all produce less and sell it for more now. Alex next time you do something like this PLEASE, PLEASE add a way to change all cities at the same time! (That would also be a great gameplay improvement by the way.)
  3. Let's wait to see further details, but it seems to me that on a large scale, the losing side will still get major damage while the winning side will get nuked. Will it change who will win or the strategies to win ? Not really. It will only change how Nations get damaged. Also : Cheaters should pe prevented by other means than Captchas...
  4. Inconnu

    Handshakes and Handjobs.

    Was a pleasure to be fought by gentlemen such as yourself. o/ T-Est, you gave us the hell of a fight !
  5. Inconnu

    Sparta announcement

    Good luck wherever you go Seabass.
  6. Inconnu

    hello i am a feminist

    Feminist... never heard such a thing.
  7. Inconnu

    Early Communists

    All the same ;-)
  8. Inconnu

    Greetings to all !

    Greetings everyone, I am an Inconnu hailing from the free land of Inconnue ! I'm looking foward to have a good time here !
  9. Nation name : Inconnue Nation link : https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=21897

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