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  1. ATLAS is dead.... the New Prussian Empire is born in its ashes!

  2. Due to a recent..... occurrences, ATLAS will not be terminated, yet. Due to the ALPHA Protocal under section D of Code 483, I have postponed termination This is in part to the Kings Parliament Alliance, who I am indebted to. Explain
  3. And for those wonder, no, Im not joking. I have honestly become fed up. Unless something changes within the next 12 hours that changes my mind..... ATLAS will be terminated for good.
  4. This is ATLAS FIRST, bringing you ATLAS news.... for the last time. The Nation of ATLAS has become a war torn wreck of a nation. After a mere minute of being kicked from ARRGH, Pirates and Vagabond nations attack, even those from the allaince we have just come from. With the banks now depleted, and nations asking for insufferable ransoms, Jonathon Irons gave a press conference, stating word for word of the following: "We gave it our best shot.... A shot at becoming a great PMC nation, a nation literally run by the soul of the ATLAS Military Corporation. However, do to the threats from these Vagabonds and Terrorists, ATLAS has no choice but to execute CODE 483, which will result in the immediate TERMINATION of the nation of ATLAS within 12 hours time. Unless circumstances change to prove that ATLAS still has any worth in this world..... ATLAS will no longer be of the world. From the wars we have been drawn into, to the unruly circumstances occuring now..... I will admit, i made mistakes along the way. I made horrid decisions, such as angering Ronny, attacking that one alliance I cant remember (Because they arnt important), and then apparently having the AUDACITY to be inactive for a week while my nation was having technical difficulties.... and to trusting Arrgh. I screwed up.... and I would like to apologize to all of the citizens of ATLAS, as well as to those who have supported ATLAS from the beginning: Li Long, the GPA, Jacob Hanson, and several others...... thank you for your support. And now, i wish one final goodbye to everyone. I humbly give my life up to you, my people." According to the Capital Cities main CLock, the timer for CODE 483 begins now. ATLAS has 12 hours to live. THis has been ATLAS First, giving you ATLAS News..... as soon as it happens.
  5. This game has brought me nothing but ruin.... why do i even bother checking up on it?

  6. Gentleman of Orbis. COnsider Jonathon irons to be back in the game!

  7. I am a broken man, living in a cracked shell. Thanks for the war, Argh

  8. Well..... this sucks. Cant really think of anything else to say :/
  9. From what I see, the game itself is actually really fun. I honestly think it would do well with fans if they just made it its own game, and didnt put the Battlefront name on it.
  10. I am a huge Creative Writing person, and I have written one or two blogs in my lifetime. If you feel I could be of any use, that would be great.
  11. I know, Im just saying, with the system the new battlefront is being placed into, a CIS faction would really work. Clones, yes. But not droids.
  12. No, they arnt including Clone Wars on the main game, which sucks Hopefully it comes out for DLC, or the next battlefront after this one. THough, we do have to consider some things with the clone wars. How would first person work for that? CIS, at least?
  13. The original Battlefront is by far my favorite game ever. The maps had strategic points implemented into them, there were no heros, and it was just fun. Now, my expectations for the New Battlefront have risen slightly. It is confirmed there will be more than 3 maps. They took out Space Battles for multiple reasons. One, it is hard to work with space battles in that game engine. Two, I feel that there are so many better modes and options for simple dogfights than fleet-to-fleet battles. However, I will miss the Space Battles. Those were the best. With newer and newer things being released, I can only say that I will be praying for EA. Praying that they dont screw this one up.
  14. ATLAS has succeeded in hunting down famed Deserter Luke Skywalker, of the Republic Empire. The Crowds rejoice!

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