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  1. News coming in right from Azel city in Forentia! It's been a long time since anything came out of Forentia, news wise, and that's for good reason! President Stratos found out that his vice president, who took his place for three months, was a traitor! According to the President himself, Helios was a part of the terrorist organization that destroyed a city block way back in 1990. He was fired and taken to a maximum security prison, and is now awaiting trial. But that's not all thats happened. Very recently, Stratos sent a ship abroad in the great seas, to survey islands for resources. While this ship was a survey ship, it doubled as a cruise liner. Stratos didn't care how long the survey took, and wanted people to have fun, so why not double up? Well, after surveying our last island, our ship was finally heading home. Once it reached a certain point in the Great Sea, something terrible happened. March 1st, 3:27 A.M, 1992. That was when the Maelstrom opened in the middle of the sea. There were no warnings to it, there were no signs. It just appeared out of nowhere, and the ship was caught in it. The captain tried to put all power forward, to try and jump the loop, but to no avail. According to the captains last radio transmission, there was something about "A powerful whisper, lulling me to sleep". It's clear that whatever happened, this was not a natural occurrence. 5000 lives were lost, all at once. Be warned world, stay away from the Maelstrom Zone. Well that's all for today, Azel City will officially become Forentia's news source, and our next issue will be under our official name. Stay safe, people of Orbis!
  2. Banned for referencing Quentin Tarantino in your profile pic.
  3. Greetings one and all! I have returned, I'm back in office after being out due to an assassination attempt 3 months ago. While I was away, my Vice President, Helios, was acting president. In this time, he spoke many controversial words, and tried to make Forentia despised by many. I am here today to right one of the wrongs. Helios sent a letter to one Guardian Applicant, and was trying to Extort and Poach them. The letter was thankfully brought forward to an officer, and then to the President himself. Helios is currently being tried right now as I speak, for what he's done. I, President Stratos of Forentia, do formally apologize to every member of guardian, as well as every applicant, for the deeds that my Vice President have put forward. He is not what Forentia stands for, do not judge us all for his misdoings. I will ensure that No official in my office ever does something of that caliber again, and we do hope that you get along safely. In short, we would like to say: We Are Sorry.
  4. I believe Jodo is being fair here. And the argument against paying reparations because the defending nation did way more damage, is like saying theres no need to apologize to a guy who kicked your ass because you punched him in the mouth. President Helios
  5. With the new shopping malls and homes built, rioting has ceased to peaceful protests against lesser things now. We thank McMelvin for the aid package, it has helped Forentia greatly. President Helios
  6. In the past 540 million years, theres been about 5 mass extinction events.
  7. Dear Sheepy, We despise you, like a flower. Your new, smexy volkswagen is on my cat. I sent it across the void into abbas. But my crocodile converted into MLGism and abbas blew skinflutes at dawn. So blow our sails through the open potato pudding sea of poop. Wieners roasting Jodo wants a big potato pancake. So cooked children are amazing. Plus, you eat Vlad the registered hippo immediately before stepping
  8. I realize that, but the reports alone are enough for me to restrict any further Emmigration to the UKF. I'll let Stratos decide on it when he gets back in office November 1st. Until then, I can't let any more Forentians to move there. President Helios
  9. Recently, I've received reports from some Forentians who emmigrated to the UKF that they were mistreated while working at factories, and subject to "terrible and unsafe" workplace. President Helios
  10. Is this because I raised a glass to the GPA getting rolled?
  11. Woah woah, hey now, that term is a bit unnecessary.
  12. Dio should be the only thing you need in order to drink. If not, you got some problemmms. Get a therapist to sort that shit out.
  13. Raise your glasses in cheer of the GPA getting rolled! Raise them in cheer of Dio! Raise them in cheer of my new Motorcycle! And raise them high and mightily in the air in the name of Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll!
  14. Its just that, the way you worded it basically sounded like you were preying off of the weak and unfortunate who have been scammed by kastor.
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