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  1. Could we have these tools default to "Buy Only" and have a checkbox underneath saying "Also Sell Infra/Land if required"? There are very few circumstances where you would ever want to sell infra/land. Yet there are plenty of times (especially in war) when you have mismatched infra and you want to bring all Cities that are under x, back up to x, but ignore those cities that are over x. This would hopefully be a minor change and a quick win, that would make player's lives easier.
  2. So as things currently stand, espionage is screwed up, like majorly. If you have 10 spies and the other person has 60 spies, that espionage operation should have a very high chance of failure, regardless of what you're trying to do. % based damage costs for military units is just plain broken, especially when stacked with Spy Satellite. Spies should not be able to take out 4k tanks or 48k soldiers (using one of the larger nations I know). My suggestions: Each spy you own, gives a small improvement to your defense against espionage and increases the chance of attacking spies being killed. Longer term, allow the player to configure how many spies are operating defensively (for a larger improvement per those spies), at the cost of having a lower chance with attacks. This seems logical, considering they're otherwise sitting around your nation doing nothing. Spy Satellite gives a bonus to defense and reduce the attack bonus. Longer term, allow the user to configure the split between attack and defense (with a cooldown of x days). Spent enough to buy my eyes in the sky, it damn well better be useful. Safety Level should lower damages, the higher it is. But it should (if it doesn't already), lower the chances of spies being killed. Attacks against military should target one improvement per x spies and if it succeeds, wipe out up to 100% of supported units. Less spies you have, less damage you can do. Simple as that.
  3. Sure it would require new code, but the only ongoing scheduled script would be trade expiry, which is a fairly simple check. The other code for handling market transactions is simple and I could write it in my sleep. If he's against it, nothing I can really do, but won't stop me from posting the odd suggestion like this, that can change the game for the better, in my opinion. As opposed to some of the changes that have been made. But that's a tangent from this topic. A race to the bottom is in no trader's best interests. The current market seems to mostly swing between everyone buying up the resource, then people notice the "price" has risen, so they start dumping resources and undercutting each other. Not only that, it's very easy for "Joe" to undercut by a large amount and post a few mill of a resource that he does not have. No one will necessarily call his bluff and try to accept the offer (which would be cancelled if it couldn't be filled), so people will just blindly undercut him and the price drops even lower. I'd say the current system hurts traders a lot more than anything I've suggested. Sure the tax is less than a penalty of getting looted, but there is already offshoring procedures in place for quite a few alliances, which costs the nation nothing. Here they would lose money/resources every time they cancelled the trade, then put up another trade with the remainder that they do not need. Trades are public knowledge. This means that during a war, your opponents will be able to see any trade movements you make and if you are blockaded, no access to the market. I also did not say that other measures could not be put in place, for example: Cap the price, so that it can't be more than x% higher than the average, which stops people putting stuff up for $1 mill ppu. Put a restriction on the number of Trade Offers that can be made. Make Personal Trade Offers expire within 24 hours.
  4. You say my system is overly complicated, yet you propose something that is even more complicated? Having the system adjust everything "magically" for you in the background might sound nice, but it would be a complete pain to program (I do it for a living). It would also probably introduce way more bugs, especially adding on that "turn change" script. I can just imagine it accidentally wiping out all the resources on the market and the game having to be restored from a backup Yes they can drop money on the market, but is that no different to dropping it in the alliance bank and then it getting almost instantly shifted offshore? I remember the last global war that I participated in, nations in general were pretty quick about doing that. So in this case, why bother complaining that people will abuse a new system, when they already have a way to abuse the system? Personally, if you don't blockade the nation and they move resources out, that's your own fault. There's no reason to twist ourselves into a pretzel, trying to think of ways to give them free loot.
  5. No one likes taxes, but they serve a purpose. In this case it reduces the incentive for people to abuse the market as a bank, while also providing a resource sink. Sure it stings to see a "1% of this transaction was paid in tax" message, but nothing stops you from raising prices. Personally, I hate it when I get told "The Player doesn't have the Resources/Money", when I'm trying to use the current market.
  6. I'm sure some people still will, but it'll cost them the market fees. For example, posting a Sell Offer of 10 million Food and then letting it expire a week later, will cost you 100,000 Food.
  7. So the current market is completely broken, in that I can have 500k Food and the system will allow me to post a Sell Offer for 10 million Food, providing I can be bothered creating 20 new Sell Offers. This means that you cannot trust what any Nation is Buying/Selling and makes it possible to manipulate the market by posting spurious offers, that shift market opinions. My suggestion is simple. When a Sell Offer is posted, the Resources are immediately withdrawn and held by the system in reserve. When a Sell Offer is accepted, the Resources are deposited in the Buyer's Nation and the Money (minus fee) is deposited in the Seller's Nation. When a Sell Offer is cancelled, the Resources (minus fee) are deposited back into the Seller's Nation. When a Buy Offer is posted, the Money is immediately withdrawn and held by the system in reserve. When a Buy Offer is accepted, the Resources are deposited in the Buyer's Nation and the Money (minus fee) is deposited in the Seller's Nation. When a Buy Offer is cancelled, the Money (minus fee) is deposited back into the Buyer's Nation All Trade Offers will expire after a certain time period (I suggest 1 week, real time), after which the Resources/Money will be returned (minus fee). Whenever a Nation is Blockaded during war, all existing Trade Offers are frozen and cannot be accepted. While frozen, Trade Offers cannot expire. The fees are to make it less feasible that people will use the Market as a bank and act as a small resource sink. I suggest 1% as a small fee.
  8. Actually, the worst affected would be the middle tier, as they would have to choose whether to buy it now (or take loans to buy it now) or to wait. The top tier, if they're anything like me, wouldn't care too much about the slightly higher cost. I mean I personally bought Moon Landing on a whim, cause I was bored while saving for my next city.
  9. Just a random thought. If a nuke happens to take out a Nuclear Power Plant, the resulting explosion should do bonus infrastructure damage
  10. Quite simple, have the costs to purchase military (Soldiers/Tanks/Air/Naval) increase as the amount of units killed goes higher globally, over say 5 days. Have it cap out at like twice the price, with a suitably high threshold. This means that in times of global crisis, as a particular military unit is used (and therefore casualties increase), it becomes more expensive to rebuy.
  11. Yeah that was my next step Wanted to try and get the foot in the door first!
  12. Add in the ability to actually select what cities you want to mass copy a template to (instead of forcing people to use a single template across all) Allow more military improvements per city, give each unit a cap based on population (like soldiers currently has) Give military improvements a bonus the more you have in a single city (like the production improvements) This would allow military based or raiding nations with lower infra to specialise as many cities as they can support, as military cities. Any remaining cities can then be purely production based, to bring in any necessary resources.
  13. Nice to know (thanks!), but the wiki is not a solution to fix broken or half-complete ingame UI.
  14. It'd also be nice to have some indication of what other achievements are out there. I mean anyone who has ever played games on Steam or GoG would be able to implement a better UI. Sure there are some that should stay hidden, but it could be listed as "Secret Achievement" or "Secret Naval Achievement". It'd nice to also have some idea on the screen as to how rare the achievement is. Are you one of only less than 100 people who has it? Maybe that's one you should be proud of and pin to your nation page. Also, the whole three achievements to pin on your nation page, if I did something like that for work, my boss would fire me on the spot. What it really needs is 3 spots at the top of the page, with a button saying "pin" next to each achievement. If it's pinned already, the button says "unpin". Simple, efficient and a whole lot more user friendly.
  15. Another random thought of mine, as Land is mostly useless except if you have Farms. A nation should have a pool of land that is both separate to and includes the land that is currently assigned to cities. This pool of land would (as always) have an increasing cost to expand. In your city page, you no longer buy land, you assign (or acquire) it from the nation's pool. If the nation doesn't have the land, you can potentially buy and assign it within the same action. In order to build an improvement, you require both x infrastructure and y land free and once you build that improvement, that land cannot be unassigned and sent back into the pool, unless that improvement is sold. In order to build some projects, you require x land from the nation pool, which would then be locked and unable to be assigned to a city. Some projects are just an evolution of existing buildings, therefore there would be no need for them to be built on any land. Each city has at least x land that is always assigned and in order to buy a city, you need at least x land available in the pool.
  16. Tech usually gets cheaper the more it's in production (Apple phones don't count), so what if Projects got cheaper, the more nations that buy them (even if they destroy it afterwards). I'm thinking like 120% of current prices initially, but once 500 nations have bought it, it's 110%, 1000 it's 100%, 2000 nations it's 90%, 3000 nations it's 80% and then it gets capped there. It'd help become a money sink for those rich bast nations with too much money on hand, then over time become more affordable for the rest of us plebs.
  17. Thanks, I was made aware after I posted that there was discussion on changing it at some point in the future. I wasn't aware of the suggested amounts though. Why it isn't changed asap though, I have no clue. When they actually get around to implementing those changes, I'll be quite a bit happier. I just had a spy attack take out 3,060 tanks. That is like $8 million in Steel in a single spy attack and potentially $24 million across 3 daily spy attacks. Why the hell this ever made it past the test server, I have no idea. And don't talk to me about missing spy attacks, because the way things currently stand, you can take out a nation's spies within a day or two and then they have no chance of ever defending.
  18. I couldn't care about maths or RoI, as quite a few people in t$ will tell you (I bought Moon Landing on a whim, just because I could). I couldn't care less about who's winning or not in the war either (for those saying that I'm only posting because I'm "losing"). What I do care about is the fact that it is absolutely shattering to see weeks of daily logins to buy spies, evaporating in an instant because the game is not properly balanced. The fact that a single spy attack can kill more tanks than is supported by a single Factory (are the spies using pocket nukes?!). The fact that for all the billions that are invested into getting a Spy Satellite, it does jack all to protect you from Spy Attacks (I was being nice and not adding that to OP). The fact that protecting Beige nations from war declarations means jack all, if they can have their money stolen and their military destroyed. Espionage as it currently stands, is not balanced properly and needs a discussion.
  19. Beige Nations cannot spy or be spied upon, except for Gather Intel Isn't the whole idea of Beige, a safe harbour for nations to rebuild? Seems really odd to me then, that you can basically destroy a nation via repeated spy attacks, while they are Beige. Lower the cap for attacks I'm sure quite a few players have Spy Satellite now, which adds +50%. Even accounting for that, Espionage attacks do way too much damage. - Sabotage Tranks should not be regularly killing off almost 2k tanks. At most, they should be killing off 500 tanks (base, 750 with Spy Satellite). - Assassinate Spies should not be killing off over 1/3 of the maximum spies. This means within a single day, you can go from max spies to nothing. It should maybe be killing off at most 5-6 (base), per attempt. - The others likely need similar changes, but as I haven't seen them myself, I can't comment (and the Battle Sim seems to be outdated). Repeated espionage per day should decay Once an episonage attack is used, it should make subsequent espionage harder, until that nation's military reset. Put it down to the nation going into high alert. The only time this should not happen is if gather intel is used and no spies are caught. I'm not saying it should be much, maybe a +5% (for a total of +10% after 2 espionage attacks). EDIT: It seems that that are some changes that are already under development, so I'm happy to cross out the last two points ...
  20. So as things currently stand, radiation (and Food production penalties) is pretty dynamic, in a war it can literally change every second. For a game that mostly revolves around turns, I think radiation needs a little love. What I'd first like to suggest is that radiation is updated only at turn change, as one of the first things before processing Nation income. The radiation page should also be updated to show not only the current radiation, but a table of the past 50-100 turns (and maybe some pretty graphs). This will give players an easy way to track trends in the radiation and plan accordingly. The second change I'd like to suggest, is that radiation affects more than just Food production. High radiation levels should affect all production and nation income (a lesser version of having a city nuked). Your citizens aren't going to necessarily want to work and some of the weaker ones may end up dying. This will add another aspect to wars, as heavy nuke use will affect the entire player base (and may cause friction with alliances that heavily use nukes in war).
  21. The screenshot is of my script that I made before Bulk Import was added, just to display the functionality. Personally I'd love it if the city list included Name/Infra/Land at a bare minimum (I'm just too lazy to scrape the extra information myself). Yeah no. The whole point is to make it so that smaller nations can diversify their builds.
  22. Could we please, please have an update to choose what Cities we should apply the template to? At least then I can stop having to maintain another script <.< Given that we get resource production bonuses for specialising production within a city, the idea of having a single Econ template for all your cities is not an optimal solution. Being able to more easily utilise those production bonuses and specialise some cities for Food, others for Oil, others for Gasoline, etc might make for more varied Nation setups.
  23. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=197220 Nation Name: Covid 19 Leader Name: Kung Flu Another person with poor taste, like the one I reported a few months ago.
  24. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=214601 Nation Name: COVID19 Leader Name: CoronaVirus1 Some people might find it funny and maybe in a year or two it might be. But not at the moment.
  25. That response is a good way to start a flame war. Wouldn't it be better to just ask people for a few links and you'll look into it, at some point? Even if it ends up being 3 months down the track. Just to keep things on topic, the special characters I use for my city names (eg Falkonéra) are fine.
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