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  1. Can we have a master list of all achievements implemented so far? Thanks
  2. I'm not sure exactly where to start with your bad maths. Yes you might have 15 api endpoints, but those endpoints are not all equal. There are ~260 Alliances, ~10.7k Nations and ~61.9k Cities that are accessible from those endpoints. Calling all those, even once per day, gives you a maximum of 73k potential calls per day. Which is the root of the problem. It is impossible to get the information required for even the most basic of stuff, without delving into the individual API endpoints. If you want to a proper short term solution, merge /alliance into /alliances, /nation and /city into /nations. Sure they'll be massive, especially in terms of nations, but hopefully no one should be fetching it more than once per day (and you can possibly rate limit it when you have time). Good luck with your degree and if you ever want to discuss the API, feel free to DM me on Discord or tag me in #api
  3. If you screw up a trade, it's your own fault. I've done it before, myself (twice yesterday even). Just message the person and if they decide to return all or part of the trade, bonus. If they don't, well it's a lesson learned. Just remember when messaging people, be polite. I find dropping a message of "Nice catch of my screw up " with a subject of say "Steel Trade", will get the nicer people offering to return all or part of the trade, without even asking. It really doesn't matter how they noticed your screw up. Whether it be by a trade bot notification or they just happened to load the page at the right time.
  4. Was thinking recently, Politics and War is missing consequences for if you're unable to cover your nation's expenses. This could then be used by the "banks" that are already available, offering loans at obscene rates to temporarily cover a nation's expenses. In order for this to work, I'd setup an order of things to be paid. So for example, Military is always paid first, then Power, Resources and Improvements. Within that you could have an order of things. Like Hospital is always covered first, then Police, then other Improvements. Depends on how far you want to go. Potentially customisable by the player. This way, it's not just a matter of whether you can pay all your expenses or none. You can choose to cover some of the expenses long term, but not others and deal with the consequences. If for some reason your income drops, then I see two things happening. Power, Resources and Improvements, I see them just flat out not working for that turn. Military, it gets slightly more complicated. Soldiers, Tanks, Aircraft, Ships and Spies: Each consecutive turn expenses are unpaid, there is an increasing chance of desertion, between x% and y% of your current forces. Missiles and Nuclear Weapons: Each consecutive turn expenses are unpaid, there is an increasing chance of failure of x% and y% of the current stockpile due to lack of maintenance. For simplicity, I'd initially just "remove" the Missiles and Nuclear Weapons. Though ideally, I'd have them more as a ticking bomb and upon use, they may explode (taking out more of the stockpile) or just simply not fire.
  5. There was a war? Congrats on the peace, guys
  6. Just want to point out, that when you favourite messages, while the message might stay in your inbox, the individual messages sent within, are deleted over time. There's been quite a few times I've favourited a message, because I've been sent information that I want to refer back to, only to find out after a month or two, that it has been deleted. Please fix this.
  7. Personally I liked all of the trial changes and especially the Econ one. So I'm glad you kept that one
  8. Then he should have apologised to those nations he accidentally spammed and not just simply continue on as if nothing had happened. If he doesn't have an audit trail, so he knows what messages were sent, then he should get to coding one. Block only solves the issue for myself. It won't solve the issue for all the other nations in the game. Also, this time it was only a few messages. What if next time a spam bot screws up, it's a 100 messages or a 1000 messages? I'm not saying you should do anything in this case, I reported it to raise exactly this issue though.
  9. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=64069 Ruler Name: Bw55555 Nature of Violation: Ingame message spam, see https://imgur.com/Dx1ynh3
  10. I figured I'd link my previous posts about the API, and then include some extra stuff below. Other notes: All API pages should have the header media type of "application/json" All date/times should be in the format "1990-12-31T23:00:00Z". Dates are fine as "1990-12-31" Date Founded for Alliances API should be called "founded" (this seems to be standard), not "founddate" Alliance API is missing Date Founded Versioning: Should accept the HTTP Header "X-PNWAPI-Version" (or similar), which should just contain a simple version number, eg "1.9.0". If there is no header, it defaults to the latest version. Authentication: Should accept the HTTP Header "Authorization", which should contain "Bearer: <api_key>", eg "Bearer: 6ecf12cc109d9a". If there is no header, it should return the json "{error: "Not Authorised"}" or similar (this allows you to rate limit all API requests then). Result Filtering: Allow the results to be filtered, example "api/nations/?filter=id:lte:1000" (all nations with a nation id less than or equal to 1000) Field Selection: Allow the fields to be altered from the default, example "api/nations/?fields=id,name,leader,alliance_id" Of course, these can be both combined into "api/nations/?fields=id,name,leader,alliance_id&filter=id:lte:1000" Alternate suggestion for API endpoints (as opposed to my above posts). Might be overkill. api/orbis/ - current game information { orbis_date: <date>, //eg 1990-12-31 server_time: <date/time> //eg 1990-12-31T23:00:00Z season: <string>, //one of summer/autumn/winter/spring radiation: { global: <decimal>, africa: <decimal>, ... } } api/orbis/nations/ - all nations, default to the fields listed in my above post api/orbis/nations/<nation_id>/ - specific lookup for a nation api/orbis/nations/<nation_id>/cities/ - all cities for a nation api/orbis/nations/<nation_id>/cities/<city_id>/ api/orbis/cities/<city_id>/ - specific lookup of a city api/orbis/nations/<nation_id>/cities/<city_id>/improvements/ api/orbis/cities/<city_id>/improvements/ - all improvements for a city api/orbis/nations/<nation_id>/improvements/ - all improvements for a nation (to save having to loop through the above API endpoint api/orbis/nations/<nation_id>/military/ - military information and stats for the nation { soldiers: 1000, ... stats: { soldiers: { casualties: 200, killed: 500 }, ... } } api/orbis/nations/<nation_id>/projects/ - project information for the nation api/orbis/nations/<nation_id>/wars/ - list all wars for a particular nation api/orbis/alliances/ - all alliances, default to the fields listed in my above post api/orbis/alliances/<alliance_id>/ - specific lookup of an alliance api/orbis/alliances/<alliance_id>/members/ - list of all nations in the alliance (as per api/orbis/nations/ defaults), including those on vacation and leaders/heirs/officers, excluding applicants api/orbis/alliances/<alliance_id>/leaders/ api/orbis/alliances/<alliance_id>/heirs/ api/orbis/alliances/<alliance_id>/officers/ - list all nations with only the specific roles api/orbis/alliances/<alliance_id>/applicants/ - list of all nations who are applicants to the alliance api/orbis/alliances/<alliance_id>/members/resources/ - list the resources of an alliance's members { { id: <integer>, //nation_id coal: <decimal>, ... money: <decimal> }, ... } api/orbis/alliances/<alliance_id>/applicants/resources/ - list the resources of an alliance's applicants api/orbis/alliances/<alliance_id>/bank/ - list of all bank records - use filters to restrict to just tax records api/orbis/alliances/<alliance_id>/bank/resources/ - list the resources stored in the alliance's bank { coal: <decimal>, ... money: <decimal> } api/orbis/alliances/<alliance_id>/wars/ - list of wars for the alliance api/orbis/market/ - summary of market information for all resources api/orbis/market/<resource_name>/ - summary of market information for a specific resource api/orbis/market/<resource_name>/buy_offers/ - all buy offers currently available api/orbis/market/<resource_name>/sell_offers/ - all buy offers currently available api/orbis/treaties/ api/orbis/treaties/<alliance_id>/
  11. All your current trade offers should be listed here and will stay there until removed by you or filled by another player, with one exception. That exception is that any trade whereby you cannot provide the goods or the money at the point another player tries to fill the order, will be automatically removed. Example:
  12. Do the announcements in question have no replies?
  13. Looks like Sheepy is updating the look and layout of the military purchase pages. I assume Spies is the first one he's updated, hence why it doesn't look like the other pages.
  14. Requested a limit on the number of buy/sell orders per resource back in April and for the most part it got ignored. Good luck
  15. That implies I'd actually want to take over Personally, I wouldn't have the time, with my work (as interesting a task as it might be). The little bits I do on the side for my own personal development, I do them over the course of months. Also, while I've had years of experience at website development, I'm more of an ideas person by nature and therefore better at scratching up designs, for someone else to implement.
  16. Just my take, but quite possibly because he wants to build on his previous experiences and redesign from the ground up. Here at work I wish I could do that, some days (joys of dealing with code that is over 10 years old). My own personal stuff I've redesigned from the ground up, half a dozen times over the years.
  17. Which is basically what I've done ... https://politicsandwar.com/city/manager/n=The Lost Isles
  18. Dropping from 11 to 8 cities isn't too bad. I'd hate to lose my current cities though (I'm at City #22), as they're a decent investment. The question of deleting cities always comes up every couple of months. Maybe eventually Sheepy might add an ingame mechanism for it.
  19. Known issue, reported in the announcement thread. Guess Sheepy wasn't paying attention though
  20. The current infrastructure cost formula is pretty much general knowledge. (0.01 * ((Current Infrastructure - 10) ^ 1.95)) + 300 If we're changing the cost though I'd go for a simple method: $500k for the first 500 infrastructure and then the next 500 infrastructure is double the cost. Would come to a total of about $511 mill in order to buy 5000 infrastructure, with it costing $256 mill in order to go from 4500 to 5000 infrastructure. Or some other factor, maybe 3 times the cost. That would be $60 mill to reach 2500 infrastructure, $546 mill to reach 3500 infrastructure and $14.8 billion to reach 5000 infrastructure. The point is, make sure it is something that people can easily understand. Players shouldn't require knowledge of calculus to work out whether or not they can afford to buy the next 500 infrastructure.
  21. Two potential thoughts, both meant to be separate ideas. One, throw it in as a Project, that requires 'Center for Civil Engineering'. Have it cost be like $50 million + 5000 Oil/Iron/Bauxite and only give a 5/10% discount on rebuilding infrastructure. Have another Project that requires the first and have it cost triple for another 5/10% discount. This option would be a large resource and money sink for those 'whales'. After the latest update, as resources will be likely getting scarce quickly, people will have to think about whether it's worth it to buy the projects. Second, have the discount on rebuilding scale, depending on how much you are rebuying. Your first 1000 infra rebuilt will cost 20% less. Your next 1000 infra rebuilt will cost 10% less. Your next 1000 infra rebuilt will cost 5% less. Anything after that has no extra discount. This option would help out smaller nations and mean that any 'whales' would still have a potentially hefty rebuild, if they get nuked or otherwise lose alot of infrastructure.
  22. If you wish to improve it (and make my own personal tool redundant), having the ability to select what cities you apply the template to, would be useful. Thank you though for finally implementing this feature.
  23. 50 mill in my bank, along with an ingame message stating what resource(s) you wish to generate (in order of preference) and what military improvements you require and I'll send you back a template that you just have to put into the bulk importer
  24. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/projects/ ... missing an update here, with the new resource production rates. https://politicsandwar.com/pwpedia/ ... missing updates to each and every resource page, with the new resource production rates. Thank you for finally updating the information on the city page though. At least I'm able to confirm some details from there, as opposed to guesswork, in order to figure out how to redo my whole entire nation.
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