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  1. I'm glad to see that at least somebody here still has a clear head! Unfortunately I can indeed understand how that might be interpreted. Unfortunately I really am as busy IRL as I said. I thought I could continue playing and helping out my alliance as I was able, logging on every few days, but apparently that's a crime. I've provided what proof I can, there is no more I can provide and I know now that whatever proof I gave would be ignored anyway. I know this might be a challenge as many of you are deeply intrenched in the echo-chamber you've created here but try and imagine that I've been telling the truth in everything I've posted. Now with this in mind, rather than dismissing everything I say try reading back over this thread and imagine you are the person who is being targeted by the comments. This is what I've had to go through. I've tried to continue playing this game as I've been able to with my RL pressures but all it has led to is ridicule and abuse. I had hoped to continue helping my alliance out but as has been pointed out if I really am as busy as I say I should delete. As such however the responsibility for my doing so lies with those who have posted in threads such as this given my continued level of activity doesn't reach their standard and they deemed me not worthy of continued playing. You can continue to fool yourselves into believing what you wish but it doesn't change the fact that I have remained honest in every post I have made. The reasons I have given are still the truth of what happened regardless of how many of you choose to believe them. I'll admit the lack of a smartphone has probably been the biggest problem for me but that shouldn't dictate eligibility to play a game or not.
  2. I've no idea who she is nor do I care. All I know is she came up more often on a quick search with her abuse, doubtless there were many others such as yourself would also have been worthy. I didn't even know this thread existed at the time. Age and gender are no excuse. In hindsight there may have been others more suited for the post but I lacked the incite into quite how far the poison had spread here. In terms of quitting, nothing I say or do will change any of your minds (do you really think me fighting would change it? I did last war and the lies still stayed. If I were to allow myself to be rolled as many of you wished then these lies would still be around as well with the added boasting of how you took me down (honestly not a hard feat to accomplish if you have the numbers on hand). You seem to have created an image of what you think I'm like and stigmatized me so much over the last few months that you actually believe your own lies. Unfortunately I haven't been around to defend myself until now due to RL. I see no reason to continue putting up with this abuse. This community has turned pretty sick and toxic. I wish no part of it.
  3. 10% for me, I really wasn't well, still feeling a bit weak from it :/
  4. Well you must be superhuman if you never fall sick You must be a fool if you think what you're posting. I prefer not to fight without a good reason but at least the reason I had heard seemed just. That said I was willing to help out my alliance in whatever way was deemed best. In terms of people attacking me, I can understand their reasoning for wanting to. I was the largest nation in the game, of course people are going to target me. What gets me though it the reasons aren't so much that but based around lies which have been fabricated by yourself and others.
  5. No, you're just twisting my words as usual, you seem to have a skill for it Try looking at the dates where I gave the reasons rather than making false statement such as this. I did fall pretty ill during the end of my exams (ended up losing around 7kg over a couple days) which lead to me not really able to do much at all besides resting in bed. This included checking up on an online game, its pretty hard to do anything when you're badly ill (I'm still recovering a bit from it now). In terms of my alliance, I've no idea on what happened or why we attacked besides a couple alliance explanation messages. I haven't kept up with what's happening internationally for a long time now. Your logic doesn't flow at all as the post I was replying to had nothing to do with fighting.
  6. Look at any form of populist system which has ever existed. An enemy/target is created for the masses to turn against. Does this mean that the target is wrong just because the majority act against them? That is a very dangerous thought process.
  7. Maybe it says more about what the community has become than it says about CS members. I've not spoken with Restius or read through most of this thread so I can't say.
  8. More the point that I was sick and fed up of all of those who have been acting in this way and your name came up a lot in the more recent posts. I know nothing about you besides how you've been acting but based on those you've come across as fairly toxic. It really says something about how far this community has fallen that people gang up against an individual they don't know in the slightest to rip into purely for their own amusement. I'm sickened by the lot of you. @Thalmor, Probably never, things will only be getting busier from here on out. I've been putting off quitting as I still have some good friends in this game but if doing so is causing them problems I'll just quit. @seabasstion, Pretty much on the ball, however this last time wasn't really my will. I ended up getting a bad fever during the end of exam week and as such had a friend keep a look on my account until I was well again. They were given instructions to do what they wanted in terms of fighting or vacation mode with my personal preference being to fight (however I also understood that it wasn't really fair asking somebody else to do so for me if they didn't have the time given I knew there was a coalition of people ready to try and ZI me as soon as I left). I have no proof to back this up as I can not think of any that you would accept. In terms of having time, I do have a bit more time now that exams are over (although I've still got work to do). In the past I have let these accusations go largely unaddressed as I've been too busy and lacked the motivation to deal with them but clearly this was a mistake as they have grown out of proportion to how they started with little to substantiate them. In terms of why I'm defending them now, its more that I'm just sick of the constant slander than anything else. I wasn't even aware of this thread's existance until today, almost a month after it was created.
  9. Worth noting that I did try to take part in the last two wars when it wasn't during exam period. I fought as much as I could during the last war and tried to fight during the one prior to that but there were no nations in range... @Tywin, you were one of those I fought during the last war so you should be well aware that I can find the time when RL pressures are low. I will however not put a game above exams.
  10. @Kyubnyan I would be fighting now if I could. I didn't want to go into vacation mode once exams were finished however I had no control over it. I've given you the reasons, its just very annoying that the timing of major wars tends to be in line with exams. I can't change what I can't change. I do have a bit of free time now that exams are over (although still reasonably busy) but unfortunately can't do anything until vacation mode is over (believe it or not, which doubtless you won't, I actually didn't want to go into vacation mode again)... I really don't care a bit about how much infra I have, I enjoyed fighting last war and actually tried to get more folk to declare on my back then as I was out of range for declaring... The only reason I play is for the community with my alliance and before all the abuse started on here as well whenever I actually had the time to check. In terms of the smart phone, its true, I have a Samsung B2710 brick instead. I do quite a few outdoor sports so need a phone which is hardy and doesn't cost very much. I've been planning on quitting for a long time and probably won't be around for much longer. This game just isn't very fun given the community seems to have been hijacked by a bunch of jerks. I'm not sure what's happened while I've been inactive but things really do seem to have changed a lot! I was more than suprised when I found out who we were fighting this war but after some of the posts I've read I can see that either t$, TKR and co. have changed a lot while I've been inactive or we misjudged them when we originally signed.
  11. Doubtless this will be of no use as by now it seems everybody is already pretty set in their mindsets but this is the only proof I can think of providing. I don't lie. One of the main problems is I don't own a smart phone which means unless I have access to my laptop I can't do anything online. That coupled with how busy I tend to be IRL and orders from alliance leaders at other times has made it quite hard to be around. Doubtless I should have quit the game years ago when things first started getting busy but everytime I've been thinking about quitting various friends in my alliance have persuaded me to stay. Until now I have done so as I value them as friend. What I didn't expect is how may !@#$ this game seems to have attracted lately. I couldn't care less about infra, I just don't see the point in letting my nation go undefended if I'm not actually around to do anything just because some kids want to get high off hitting an undefended nation. Unfortunately in the case of my most recent vacation mode I caught a bad virus half way through exams and so had to leave my nation in the hands of a friend who I actually said could fight on my behalf if they wanted (no idea if that's in the rules or not, feel free to ban be if it isn't allowed as I'm pretty sick of this game by now). I will note that if any of these images are used or edited then you are violating the law in doing so. 1) 2) For this one I was stuck in the trauma theatre most of the daytime working on a quality improvement project in order to improve outcomes with most of the evenings spent until late focusing on the theory aspects and a hospital redesign project I was a part of at the time. 3) 4/5) Well I'm obviously not going to provide a copy of my lease here but here's a copy of our timetable (I was just entering 2nd year) so you can look over the timing Unfortunately it took around a month to set up the internet in the flat which means the only way I was able to access the internet was by going down to the library which wasn't always an option. Just prior to that I was away for a holiday with a few friends (they organized it so I'm afraid I can't share recipes for the trip) after which I left for my new flat pretty much straight away. 4) Here's a screenshot from my cybernations account. I stopped playing almost 2 years back now due to my activity decreasing but I revived it today. If anybody fancies a war please hit me up over there as I have a few billon left to get rid of. There is my reply, I'm not going to apologize for having a life outside of this game and equally I've not once lied about my reasons for entering peace mode. A few of these times I've asked my alliance leadership for their advice as I was happy to help out in spirit even if I wasn't able to log in every day but was ordered not to so that I could help more with rebuilding afterwards. If any of you still have a problem with what I've done then you have some serious issues which you might wish to think about addressing.
  12. Yes, I fought in the last war in case you don't remember @Spaceman Thrax, assuming there's a war that would be the 1st May I'm happy to fight for my alliance then @Harry Potter & Seabasstion thanks for your best wishes! You're right Seabasstion, I really shouldn't be checking on here so this will probably be my last post for a while Apologies for the delay in replying to any messages in-game
  13. Sorry guys, 3rd year exams in just over a week so they have priority for now with the overall war threat I'd be happy to fight in any war after they're finished though I should probably give advanced notice as well that I'll be away for roughly 2 months in the summer (my alliance leaders know the dates) visiting SE Asia so I will of course be staying in vacation mode then as well
  14. Agreed, any alliance would have a graph like that with the number of nations they're fighting! You're doing well TEst!
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