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  1. No, by offering individual nations a way out individuals who disagree with the actions of their alliance can avoid further bleeding for them.
  2. It's up to everyone to define for themselves and usually the majority in any given situation will determine the validity for that specific situation.
  3. Whatever you're smoking, I want some too. The membership is responsible for the actions of its leadership. You tolerated them when times were good so you'll face the consequences of bad times.
  4. Only if said attack wasn't a pre-empt to proven previous attack plans.
  5. Despite his phrasing I think he wanted to direct his point more to the greater group of people complaining rather than Mensa who as you said haven't complained as far as I can tell.
  6. Alternatively you could have an option in the member rosters to show or hide vacation moders.
  7. You weren't in on coalition considerations regarding terms and are simply wrong. Indeed, I never did launch a NoCB war.
  8. If I launch a war without any kind of justified case and end up losing it I deserve to pay.
  9. Yes, because making it clear unprovoked aggression results in more significant punishment than a regular war is truly a horrible thing to do.
  10. It's been a good fight, enjoy peace Mensa.
  11. Likewise, I am definitely enjoying the tango with some of your members
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